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  1. Hi-end carpenters use Sikaflex, construction? variant of the stuff used to hold on automative windscreens. $17 a tube. Very impressive
  2. Ukraine is a second world country, average wage is US 200/month. They very happy for you to buy lots and they make very nice profit.
  3. Brian, Thanks for your hospitality and doing the dishes. And thanks @jasonphilip for great BBQ skills. It was a pleasure to meet Anthony and hear his opinions on amplifier design and his emergence onto the world stage as a boutique HI End manufacturer . Build quality, fit and finish are as good as it gets. Brian's amazing speakers are always a joy to hear but swapping out his regular highly regarded amp for the Holton 500 Supreme I was taken aback by the increase in clarity, freedom from harshness on dynamic peaks and far better bass detail and control.
  4. If you don't get at least 5/6 sell your gear or upgrade. I always find mp3 has lumpy bass and bad distortion. Tidal do 6 months mp3 for free if you want "normal" service it costs, do they know something?
  5. No, wall to wall people, free entry never seen some many out in winter, not wanting to queue went to Jack Greens(pic) then kicked on at Hobart Brewing Company, had free entry courtesy of the cruise tickets.
  6. Great pics of lights mate, will have a sqiz from the ferry tomorrow night on a 4 hour river cruise with some Moo Brew Stout to keep warm.
  7. Welcome, more info on your project please.
  8. 4 x 4.5 Bass is deep and powerful, sound stage not as good as larger room. In process of building much larger room in a modern house. That said I could certainly live with what I have now.
  9. I have theses in a room of similar size and they work fine, but work better in larger rooms I have found. If you are considering purchase Vaf are very helpful with their advice.
  10. Once your upgrade bug is scratched when next Audirvana update is released you will forget cables and Dac upgrades, it's that good. I've been using the same Dac for last 4 Years and keeps getting better with every upgrade . Saved me a lot of money. Audirvana uses the 64 bit processor in the Mac to bypass most of your Dac functions so the Dac is irrelevant.
  11. You need to know if the Hugo tt requires USB power or whether it uses it's own power supply. Buying the 2 leg version offers more flexibility such as using better power supply to the dac or not connecting if not needed.
  12. The 8gb of Ram is useful if you are using SoX to upsample, and you should be IMHO.
  13. Ncore now being used by Legend, Kyron,DEQX, Belcanto, Merril. Marantz, Nad, Mola Mola, ATI, Acoustic Imagery, Nord, Jeff Rowland, Thelta just to name a few. And many more to follow.
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