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  1. Thats a nice list of speakers. I've heard 3 of them. I would go for Legend Kurre with a Keces E40 intergrated. 3k all up, new with warranty. You will need to add stands. If you went Legend Kama no stands and similar footprint.
  2. I can see 2 USB ports facing the hard drive. I have a Nuc and heard a difference between USB 2 and 3. Mine are external. Roon were considering offering a linear power supply when they launched. Guess that would have increased the cost significantly. I found a substantial improvement with a linear power supply, but cost more than the Nuc. YMMV Still cheaper than a Roon box.
  3. Really good to see another system being put together. I think you will be happy with the March Purifi monos hooked up to your I93's. Likely give some Magicos a fright. Nad licence the tech from Purifi and develop their own modules and power supplies. Others like VTV, ATM, Nord, March etc buy modules and power supplies are assemblers with the case being different. Really like the ATM version. Have you considered the DEQX PreMate + as a pre, it does streaming, has very adequate Dac and does room correction and sub integration.
  4. Use Big Flat Gliders under 60kg speakers and 60 kg subs. Makes moving easy, certainly eliminated the resonances of having subs on wooden floor. Haven't tried the Bunnings furniture sliders.
  5. You could avoid all the expectation and delays and buy Big or Small Red Red Actives from Dr Rod. Cheaper and better I would suspect. Just My 2cents worth.
  6. The main consideration is your 5x10 room. That's big. You need speakers that move a lot of air. The March amp suggested above should drive these to satisfying levels for your music preferences.
  7. Hi Ron, A pair of these sold on here some time ago. The asking price was 1k.
  8. Do you believe there are audiophiles out there who pay for your idea.
  9. The world is now a marketplace. Buy whatever you desire. Sometimes you pay GST and import duty, allow 15%. I recently bought item for $1378 USD value from US it went straight through customs. The Au online seller was asking 1000 USD more. Shipping was 144USD. 3 days from Ohio, 6 days from Melbourne to Hobart. lol He has been in business since 1999 on the bay. Use paypal lots of protection for the buyer, if you are sold a dud. Within 5 years we will order and delivery will be droned in Go in hard.
  10. There is a lot to take in from this interview. Bruno claims that he has mathematically solved the feedback that is applied to his design. This has the effect of making the design load invariant. A first for class d. His work with solving distortion in speaker drivers has seen Dr Rod Crawford replace the Seas Magnesium upper bass driver with Purifi in his Tikandi Grande BE. We may all be like Darko soon, room full of Bruno"s work.
  11. Thanks for the tip, agree that software can be as much of an influence as buying new hardware.
  12. I've been a happy user of Daphile, decided to install the rt. version as reports are it sounds "better" The install starts normally and then I get a message "waiting for network" Tried to install the original version and same result. Any Linux expert out there who could help trouble shoot this. My son works in IT is lost, not much info out there to help. PC is i7 Nuc.
  13. They use Ghent style cases. Haven't opened them up. What can go wrong, just amp module, input board and power supply. Look good sound even better.
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