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  1. Just calibrated my N7 with spyder5 pro last night, took me nearly 2 and half hours. then hooked up with madvr beta for projector on GTX 1080i. the picture is ....the best I have ever seen. it looks like in real theater , that feeling I don't have any words to say it. I watched planet earth and fast and furious presents 2019 last night. It's not output HDR, it's done by MADVR from HDR to SDR. But the picture is far better than my SONY TV。
  2. I just pulled another two sets of ugreen HDMI 15 m cables in through thr down light hole, also set up Madvr with tone mapping, it's a amazing. I ca't watch anything without Madvr HTPC now.
  3. Google is the best answer, I have found tons of information about Madvr. Just set up the computer, need time to figure out what to do for the best results.
  4. Just build another computer with Gtx 1080 last night, still figuring out what to do. Another restless night as well. Can't settle down.
  5. Just download new 3.1 to USB then plug it in and select the update it, wait for another 25 min. Don't worry about it. I have done mine for the first thing I have received
  6. Congrats on your new toy, won't regret it, I love my N7, another difference experience of watching movies, really enjoying the details.
  7. Just download the software from jvc website with meters they suggested. Haven't tried it yet but I bought them already.
  8. For someone like me who does not watch that much of 3Ds, what a waste of money to upgrade RF emitter and glasses. The most of time is for kids during the family gathering once or twice a year.
  9. I did read the manual which says you have to move it to good position for reception.
  10. Just called Samsung service center who confirmed that all 3D glasses from them are IR. So I guess I can buy some from eBay then.
  11. Confirmed it's PK-EM1 IR EMITTER , so I need old IR version glasses.
  12. Thank you very much, love this place just like family. Really appreciate it.
  13. Thank you very much for those information, really appreciate it. Definitely I will check it out when I get home. Thx again
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