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  1. I don't think it's the focus issue, because I have seen one display in Selby with same issue, even the young guy who tried to adjust the machine, said exact same thing. The picture is not crystal clear as Sony and JVC, even my wife said it's not good as my 6 years old JVC. I think it's black level issue.
  2. Went to Big picture people in Cheltenham yesterday, there's Sony 570, Epson 9400 and Jvc N5. Sony 570 is fantastic projector, clear and very detailed, very good black, N5 also is very good projetor, but Epson 9400 is not clear, like you watch it thru haze. don't mention the details and black level. But the price is nearly half of N5 and 40% of 570. So, I will definitely go with SOny or JVC, questions are: should I go with 370 or 570, N5 or N7? will the differency justify the price gap? also should I wait another 2 mon-3 months to Xmas ? maybe some other companies will joint the True 4K war? David is very nice guy in big picture people, he showed me the three pjs. I will definitely order from him in future.
  3. Www.ebcelectronics.com This is the website, you can email them through the website.
  4. It's about two months turnaround time.
  5. 240$ standard service plus 90$ delivery. Us dollars. Costed 80au$ to send it.
  6. My baby just came home from Us, as per the photos I have taken, which showed couple of capacitors have been replaced as I am expected. Just show someone else who has the same issues in future.
  7. Thank you for the info, I will send it to US for repair. The rest of sub is perfect condition, what a waste to throw away.
  8. I definitely know it's caused by one of the capacitors, it works perfectly for the first 1 min, I then making this disturbing thumping noise every couple seconds.
  9. Thank you very much for all ideas. But they require me to take whole box to the shop which is too much to move. I don't understand why I cannot just take the driver and amplifier board? Regards the cost, they didn't mention it's the whole board replacement cost, she only checked the repair history for the same sub.
  10. Both drivers are in perfect condition as you can see in the photos.
  11. Just little experiment, as I have DD15 and DD18, and the amplifier part are identical. What I did just now, to swap the amplifier board. DD15’s amplifier board is working perfectly on DD18 driver which is expected, but surprised, DD18 amplifier is also working perfectly on DD15 driver, there is not any thumping noise whatever. But, the DD18 board on DD15 only last for 2 min, then the thumping noise comes again. SO, the DD18 board is faulty on some small part, only when it’s warm up to certain tempter. Maybe it’s the resisitors , not the capacitor I thought about before.
  12. Regarding JLS melb, I have a few contradicted opinoins . Rang them just a few minutes ago, not surprised by their service and price, they request 140$ to open up and assessment , then the lady on front desk told me, according to the last repairmen of DD 18, most likely it will cost 1500$ to fix it. But there should not be that hard and that costly to fix it. I will send to US EBC electronics for repair, they only charge a flat rate, 240$, Plus the delivery which still much cheaper than what local shops asked. What a shame, even I want to support local business.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, I have rang the local JLS electronics, only issue is the weight, hope I can just bring the driver and electric board to the shop. Otherwise it's too much to move it around. I have another DD15, which works perfectly fine. Finger crossed.
  14. Anyone caomes with this issue? and how to fix it ?thanks Or , can I use external amplifier to push it ? otherwise, it's a waste.
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