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  1. I’ve ridden CF MTB extensively & at the more advanced end with carbon frame & wheel rims and not had any major issues in 7yrs. If you purchase mainstream manufactured products (not cheap knockoffs) you will be okay. carbon wheels have been amazing in how they stay true. Almost all major bicycle brand new purchased carbon frames now have 5yr+ No fault warranty. Santa Cruz and a few others have lifetime warranties for original owners. I have zero issues purchasing a new CF MTB. 2nd hand - bit harder unless you know the history & rider.
  2. I can’t wait to retire later this year to do more riding. Looking at a new trail bike to help me along. All 2019 Santa Cruz HightowerLT out of stock, 😢 Kona Process 153 CL/DL - will get a demo ride, Rocky Mountain C70/90 - will get a demo ride, Intense Primer Factory - will get a demo ride. Too many choices.
  3. My SME / Lyra boogieing to James Brown - time to get out the vinyl flat!
  4. You can now have a 13 sprocket rear cassette from Rotor. There is an entire groupset with hydraulic shifting. Spreads are 10-36 up to 10-52. https://www.bikeradar.com/features/rotor-1x13-hydraulic-groupset-weights-price-specs-details/ we are going to have new wheel sizes soon if this keeps going. 😂
  5. Get the cable of your choice on a pay and return basis and see how you go. If it makes no difference or not enough difference then return and get your money back.
  6. StereoNET will publish its full review of the HAL350 soon.
  7. Here’s something just cropped up on stereo cameras as pseudo-LiDAR - interesting. https://www.greencarcongress.com/2019/04/20190424-cornell.html also there is still a lot of discussion whether LiDAR is the way to go. As you said @andythiing time will tell. This is a good overview from McKinsey https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/automotive-and-assembly/our-insights/self-driving-car-technology-when-will-the-robots-hit-the-road
  8. You can use the search function. Go to the classifieds forum (audio, av etc.). Then select “search” at the top, select “in this forum” from the options and search on NSW or VIC or QLD or even put two states in. I tried and the search returned 1,900+ for one search and 4000+ for another. It should capture most.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. If you push them too hard, too often you may have problems. The protection circuit is okay in this model but don’t ignore it. If a speaker cuts out because it’s being pushed to hard then immediately dial back the amplifier volume and don’t push it back up there. I’ve had my 2905s for 6yrs and so far they are good.
  10. Good news @andythiing I'm hoping that companies like SolarEdge, SMA, ABB and Fronius will also have V2H implemented / approved in the near future.
  11. War audio, Perth might be your 1st call.
  12. @Stump - yes. I have to amend my choice , male - Bowie, female - Mitchell
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