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  1. I’d say it’s also because ME have not been in production for 15yrs so many units on the market are up for a rebuild and many Original (or perhaps 2nd, 3rd ) owners don’t have them rebuilt. Also, ME build quality was a bit hit & miss so a re-cap (Energy story matrix and PS) often leads to finding a number of other issues that then need to be fixed. The new ME from Winnovate is different of course but it’s not the original design by Peter.
  2. Hi @ninjagaijin, look to a stone supplier like the ones that came up on an internet search. They would likely be able to cut to size at a modest fee. mid the bass speaker is causing distortion or even causing the stylus to jump the groove you may also need further isolation.
  3. If the finish is metal then unlikely a speaker service agent will be able to help as they are mostly woodworking/cabinetry. can you push/smooth the damaged section reasonably flat again? Then use something like JB Weld to fill in the bumps? Otherwise if the damaged section is in a “base” corner perhaps put an ornament in front of it and forget about a cosmetic repair. Also try contacting MF (or the distributor) and ask if a replacement panel is available??
  4. I think you mean FGPA not R2R. what about Denafrips Terminator- that is R2R.
  5. Our water is heated from either the grid or our solar system, the hot water gets heated up from 10am onwards. If there isn’t enough power being generated from PV it will use the battery or if not enough in battery it pulls from the grid. We can override to always use the grid during winter or if there is prolonged weather issues.
  6. Solar is great if you don’t have a mortgage
  7. Bugger....... the good ones go early. RIP.
  8. Agree with all the above.
  9. It’s impossible to answer “across” the board as everyone’s price point is different. I’d say $40K for 80%, double that for the next 10% and double again for the remaining 10%. yrmv
  10. @Warwick Robson did you find that some components benefited more or were the improvements somewhat equal across all pieces?
  11. If you are a member of the RAA you get a 10% discount for WOMADelaide tickets.
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