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  1. frankn

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Not wanting to derail the thread but I don’t think anyone thinks you are. You are just posting your experiences which have just as much validity as Max’s. We all hear differently and as many posts I see from Max praising the Grob I see many more praising the vanquished products (he says) against other high-end gear. e.g https://darko.audio/2019/01/chord-dave-vs-ps-audio-directstream/
  2. frankn

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I look forward to the next comparison @scumbag
  3. So for me it’s easier nowadays; speakers : 🇬🇧 - 🇨🇳 Quad2905 amplifiers: 🇺🇸 PSAudio BHK Mono’s pre-amp : 🇺🇸 PSAudio BHK pre-amp : 🇦🇺 ME25/MC Transport: 🇺🇸 PSAudio DMP DAC : 🇺🇸 PSAudio DS-Snr tt : 🇩🇪 ClearAudio arm: 🇬🇧 SME-V cartridge : 🇯🇵 Lyra Kleos phono-cable : 🇯🇵 Furutech phono-amp & stepup : 🇦🇺 GA Ref phono amp-preamp cables : 🇦🇺 Aurealis Audio Dac-to-preamp-pre-to-power & speaker cables : 🇺🇸 Belden Iconoclast speaker cables 🇦🇺 Lenehan Audio FoilTek power cables : 🇦🇺 Audio Principie & 🇬🇧 IsoTek
  4. frankn

    One sub or two.

    He does if you pay the airfare and accommodation (or provide room & board as I did). I think nowadays will do remote service. You set up 🎙 and follow prompts via webex / vid-conf.
  5. frankn

    Any Shahinian users?

    I had a brief home audition of the Arc’s. I was using ME25 + ME850. I didn’t rate them at all. However I went to another persons house who owned Obelisks, can’t remember the amplification but it wasn’t ME and they sounded very nice. What’s the takeaway - not sure. Perhaps they need particular pairing? Room treatment? btw : ME850 has huge current, 70amp continuous. Wide bandwidth, inherently stable, 120W @8ohm, 200/4, 360/2 etc. Discontinued manufacturing in 2005ish. New version currently produced by Winnovate is ME580.
  6. Lots of updates to the website http://www.iconoclastcable.com/
  7. frankn

    Hi from SA

    Hi Dan, i heard the Elisnore speakers at Joe's House a few years back. Very nice sounding speakers. I’m sure the system is very satisfying (Rod Elliot’s amplification). What part of ADL do you reside in? Check out Grizzly GTG for the 26th Jan for a chance to catch-up with folks from SNA and take in a live concert. Enjoy SNA. cheers. Frank
  8. frankn

    The null tester

    There are parallels between wine and audio. The ‘general public’ often do not have the ability to discern differences in blind testing. However it is not the same for trained people. Same in audio.
  9. frankn

    I2S Cable

    Hi @Bronal my understanding is that not HDMI cables are necessarily wired the same for I2S connection. Seems like the old adege ‘we have a standard’ with lots of variations. Most ppl I’ve read say try a generic “cheapy” 1st or one by a well known manufacturer like Belkin before jumping on the expensive train.
  10. fork, flock, folk, freak, flick, flapjack, firework, Frederick, flask, frisk, frock, Funk, framework, flashback, Frick, flack, footwork, flintlock, fallback, feedback, fleck, flank, fishhook, flak, fatback, fink, fieldwork, fullback, futtock, fastback, flunk, fiddlestick, firebrick, flyspeck, foreshock, forelock, futhark, fetlock, fretwork, firebreak, forepeak, foretack, fenugreek, fingermark, fogbank, forethink, fastwalk, finback, and foredeck happy new year and happy listening btw
  11. Pop in to your local library and read the Choice magazine reports / tests of NBN providers - they have breakdowns of customer satisfaction, plans, speeds, response times to fix issues. Lots of info.
  12. frankn

    currently drinking

    Just cracked this, beautifuly spicy and fruity, in great balance. Very enjoyable once the temperature dropped this evening, along with some steak & Caesar salad.
  13. What’s wrong with this??
  14. Perhaps MSB has already researched this and decided it wasn’t as good as their active version? You should contact MSB and offer them your idea/expertise - they might engage you in conversation.
  15. frankn

    electric cars

    This next year; https://www.hyundai.com.au/cars/blue-drive/kona-electric