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  1. They used to send it with a 240v power pack for Australia purchases. Has that changed?
  2. Welcome Paul, a picture or two would help. Also the model of SME arm, if a cartridge is included what make & model and how many hours use on the cartridge (if you know). Did your Dad own it from new? Do you know if it has been serviced? Does it look like this?
  3. Whoops you’re right - I had a seniors moment (having owned an 850 & 1400 you think I’d remember). Was getting mixed up with the ME pre-amp which only has SE outputs.
  4. My pair are still going strong 7yrs on.
  5. Yes ME doesn’t use NGFB but none have balanced inputs on ME , which was one of the OPs criteria - at least that’s true of every model before the 580. Not sure about that one.
  6. Who has succumbed to the lure of an e-bike? A coupe of years ago I hired the burliest (DH) Giant e-mtb and took it out with ex-UCI DH Giant team rider Will Rischbieth along out local state DH tracks. Lots of fun. E-mtb's continue to evolve for the better, both in XC, Enduro and DH. Almost every bicycle company has an e-mtb range nowadays. E-mtb's have been the largest selling mtb segment/class of all bicycle manufacturers - they are not going away. State/Australian and international racing are now including e-mtb classes. You can get a good workout - e-mtb https://www.facebook.com/753570552/posts/10162337747200553?s=100001459971603&sfns=xmwa Anyone have one? I can see one in my future but hopefully not for a couple of years. However I will hire a few for some more fun & giggles. Also I expect to hire one occasionally for my wife so we can go riding together when I ride my non-ebike on gentler trails.
  7. Intermittent issues are the worst. How handy are you with multi-meter, a soldering iron and dismantling your speaker? Could be a simple bad solder on a connection lead or an internal issue with the amplifier. Assume from your post the speakers are not covered by warranty. Check the web for a ML support/ ML Summit discussion board. Good luck.
  8. Hmmmm seems to work fine on my list.
  9. Have you looked at the great resource that is Vinyl Engine?
  10. As the signal is travelling at 80-90% of the speed of light along the wire no-one can hear a difference in timing or phase of the difference of a few meters. The functional difference is when you want to sell them. Especially if they are of different lengths.
  11. Nice little setup at the recent Beer & BBQ Festival
  12. Thanks for the replies. I know there are loads of compatible arms but I was thinking is it worth bunging on a new (or likely 2nd hand) arm on a deck that is 25+yrs old or suggesting he gets a new Rega? I see a new RB202 (logical replacement) can be purchased for 450.
  13. I tried some yesterday at the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival- not a bad drop. 3 days of beer drinking and bbq’d meats. Ahhhhh. https://beerbbqfest.com.au/adelaide/event-details/beer/ need to get back on the pushbike
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