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  1. Dangers of cycling

    Doesn’t that assume that you must always drive at the maximum of the allowed speed limit when you are traveling from A to B to get there “on time”? In general I find that I’m driving 5-10km/hr below the speed limit so I could legally speed up after overtaking bicyclists without coping a fine / demerit points and still get to my destination on time.
  2. FS: Renovation Sale

    It seems you need Dropbox to get full list?
  3. Any cyclists here?

    GCN always raise a smile.
  4. Amp vs Amp

    I’m not certain but many (most?) of Earls amps are self biasing (the Topaz Duo I owned were) and a quick look on the website says others are too. Earle supplies his amps with very good tubes as standard. I’d send Earle a note or call him and discuss- he is a very helpful chap.
  5. Aussie Politics

    That is a small part of the shale gas revolution in West Texas, USA. The well density I show there is probably less than currently being drilled as they are predominantly single well on pads. New technologies now allow multi wells per pad utilising horizontal drilling.
  6. Any cyclists here?

    @proftournesol welcome to the dark side!
  7. Aussie Politics

    We want Australia to look like this
  8. Random cars of interest

    Easily. 🤤
  9. Or mount the panels on free standing frame/stands until you are happy with the placement or keep them on the stands.
  10. +1 Everest. Winer quotes that for more definitive/ in-depth review.
  11. Hisense is worth a serious look.
  12. I think a gap changes the absorption profile of the all panels whether sealed or not. Ethan Winer has a lot of information on his site about absorption, diffusion panels and room treatment. http://ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html#air gap
  13. @msetjadi you hav listed a ROS 3 Regular however the RRP you quote is for ROS 3 Reference. The ROS 3 Regular is $1735.