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  1. @Warwick Robson did you find that some components benefited more or were the improvements somewhat equal across all pieces?
  2. If you are a member of the RAA you get a 10% discount for WOMADelaide tickets.
  3. Joker very thought provoking film. if someone / society cared would the character have emerged. If people were kinder, looking out for one another would the character have emerged. If his stepfather hadn’t molested him (his mother was complicit) and as he grew up so emotionally crippling him would the character have emerged? JP played Arthur/Happy/Joker so well. Great script, good music in parts, well directed.
  4. http://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2019/10/4/z1uz30udpmh9a3pc1lxjhsmsd31mj6 seems this reviewer liked it.
  5. Has anyone heard (or own) MB3-XBD-A or BB6-XBD-A models of PMC speakers? They seem like they are a hell of of a speaker system.
  6. Just installed on my DS-snr. Loaded fine, removed the sad card and did a complete power off/re-boot. Adjusted all the pre-set volumes. Hit play ; Anni Lennox DIVA. Smiling, happy man. 🤗👍. Once dinner is over I’ll be downstairs for more listening 🤠👌
  7. Or Not at all - Plinius have a very good reputation.
  8. Building a lightweight frame isn’t difficult. Attaching panels to frame using 3M loop & hook/Velcro strips is easy. Putting the whole unit temporarily in place against the ceiling using extendable tent poles would work. I can help you.
  9. Depends on how much effort you want to go to. have you got a mattress handy? are you willing to purchase some ceiling treatments that might not do anything? How many spare DC2s do you have?
  10. Hi @SETfan are your Apogee speakers a line source like the Full Range model? If so, vertical dispersion is much less than conventional speakers therefore you might not notice as big a change with ceiling treatment. See if you can make a temporary setup to assess the merit of ceiling treatment. For permanent placement I built a frame, attached a sheet of fibre-board to frame and glued the DC2s to that. I then placed small hooks With spreader bars in my ceiling (as my house is metal framed so I don’t have wooden joists) and hooks in frame - connected the whole unit via chains. Everything is white (incl. chain) so not super intrusive. I can vary the gap between the ceiling and the DC2 “array” and additionally I was able to fill the gap with sound absorbing batt. You could simply make a lightweight frame and attach directly to the ceiling and use Velcro or glue to attach the panels - see picture from Vicoustic. Or glue direct to ceiling. The other thing to consider is an absorbing cloud rather than dispersion - it depends what your goal is.
  11. Mark 1st reflection point on ceiling, then place the diffuser in a line fore & aft of the 1st reflection location. ShouldNot need too many - 3 for each spkr.
  12. Item: Thor PS10 power Station Location: Adelaide Price: AUD 450 + shipping - for example shipping to WA is around $80, to Vic $50 - both includes insurance and is with Australia Post. I will only charge what is the amount quoted by AP. Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Money transfer Extra Info: The unit works perfectly, no issues. Does not include a 8 or 12 outlet power bar. I have original THOR boxing for shipping. Any questions please ask. slight nick on the side panel (in photo) and a slight scratch on front -tough to see as per photo. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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