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  1. frankn

    FS: ISotek Super Titan

    The ppwer connections look to be Neutrik- so all outgoing power cords have to be terminated with them at one end? Does this unit require a 20amp circuit and power outlet?
  2. frankn

    No more riding for me

    That’s how it was often originally experienced - now you see why so many older fans out there. 😆
  3. frankn

    No more riding for me

    A couple of riders I know have completed it. I think the oldest rider is around 69yrs. This is a clip of a good rider in his qualifying/ seeding run. Ideally you don’t want to be in the ‘pack’. Seeding
  4. From the Healthline website you provided , an article linked in the same one. Caffeine good or bad; summary : Its important to keep in mind that many of the studies referenced in this article are observational. They examined the association between coffee drinking and disease outcomes but do not prove a cause and effect. However, given that the association is strong and consistent among studies, coffee may indeed play a positive role in your health. Though it was demonized in the past, coffee is likely very healthy for most people, according to scientific evidence. If anything, coffee belongs in the same category as healthy beverages like green tea. FEEDBACK:
  5. frankn

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    another one hear (sic) with loud ringing for the last 6months...............
  6. Just ordered our tickets. A reminder to people - if you are an RAA member you get discounts. https://www.raa.com.au/member-benefits/browse/entertainment/womadelaide/womadelaide
  7. frankn

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Sometimes, when their food source attacked them though they were dying of "dietary issues". 😄 I would suggest that current issues are not related only to "food pyramid (which is evolving along with improved science)" but more to overeating + sedentary lifestyles/lack of exercise. Current pyramid
  8. frankn

    Death To Vinyl

    Looks like they’ve been resurrected? FB “Rest in Vinyl” – A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album😀 If you have the money you can press your ashes into a vinyl record, at the rate of a teaspoonful per disc. The company providing this offbeat service is And Vinyly. It was formed in the Noughties by music producer Jason Leach from Scarborough, England. It isn’t a flawless procedure and the ashes can make their presence felt on the recording as the needle moves over them. But for Leach it’s all part of the magic. He said in his BBC interview “There will, of course, be some extra pops and crackles resulting from the inclusion of ashes — but we like these, as this is you.” The content of the 7 – 12-inch can range from the standard greatest hits, specially-composed tracks, audio of the deceased person’s voice, or even just plain silence so families can really hear their loved ones crackle! Like any kind of end of life arrangement, the price tag isn’t cheap. The minimum cost is £900 ($1,160) and with luxury features such as RIV artwork, the price can rise to around £3,500 (about $4,600).
  9. frankn

    No more riding for me

    Ahhhh Marc, You are just getting acquainted with your bike, don't give up so easily. You overestimated your ability - it happens to a lot of riders, learn and carry on when you've healed up. MTB riding is too good to drop it. Speedy Recovery.
  10. A lot of assumptions about what manufacturers should do, what performance is, what the authorities will agree with. Our expecations are not always met by the people that ‘police’ these. Many people would be put off by the expense of taking a company to court to settle a dispute. eg I had a defective iPhone, where the battery kept discharging in less than 24hrs no matter the usage. This occurred about 2 months after the warranty ran out. The issue was well documented on Internet forums from overseas. Apple in USA replaced batteries and fixed the units. In Australia Apple said sorry out of warranty. I approached the ACCC about it and was told as the unit was out of the warranty period to purchase a new phone.
  11. @anewmission dont know. Check out this review 6moons might tell you. Or go to PS Audio forums and ask. There is a thread on I2S units. https://forum.psaudio.com/t/compatible-i2s-source-devices/1336
  12. If you are installing now It’s all over the place as far as I can see. Fwiw : one example. SA , Origin. 40c Kw/hr for grid. Feed-in tariff 10c for new connections. You can pay more for grid / get more for feed-in if you purchase a solar system from Origin. You might get better deals in SA. Not sure. Isnt it about what you pay if you sign up now? QLD/NSW/VIC might have better deals of course.
  13. @MLXXX what do you pay for grid electricity now, Kw/Hr? What is the current feed in tariff is for new solar connections?
  14. frankn

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Perhaps they see a bigger market in the USA so it’s easier to price in their currency. Saves hassle of currency fluctuations etc.
  15. frankn

    Professional Room treatment Melbourne

    Okay then, they are not located in Blackwood any more - I just looked them up. Now in Marion , about 20minutes drive away!