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  1. The Belden Iconoclast cables are now available through Blue Jeans Cables with about a 25% price drop when compared to being sold from Belden / Hanson AV in USA. No fancy packaging but who cares. Contact BJC if interested as they are still updating their website. Comments from Galen about cable design , measurement & theory (Galen is designer of Iconoclast cables and ex-Belden senior design engineer. He holds many patents for Beldens cabling). THEORY- a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena such as the wave theory of light. I didn’t use ANY theory with ICONOCLAST. Every change was driven by real measurement, and accepted calculations on things such as skin depth. I, personally, get tired of STATEMENTS being made with zero actual evidence, just theory. ICONOCLAST was to prove, to me, that sticking to your proven, and measurable reactive variables can make better measuring and MAYBE better sounding cables. The measurements are real. What happens in your application? There are tens of thousands of reactive component combinations out there, I can’t test them all. I designed a structure that has measurable attributes. I have ZERO theory. Nothing is indirectly supported by a “theory”. I leave theory up to you to postulate on. Belden designs with proven measurement(s). Someday, if theory is directly managed in DESIGN, we will use it. We offer exactly HOW each cable reaches the measured R, L and C variables. Like it or not, interconnect and speaker cables still follow the telegraphed equation, although in audio the equation is frighteningly complex to calculate across a frequency range that is constantly changing the dielectric constant. Add to this the speakers input impedance instability. This fact, not theory, is WHY so many unexpected results are reached. Reaching lower reactive variables is good design, and hard to do. The tertiary THEORY stuff will get drug along. Wire directionality, grains, current to strand swapping, the list goes on and on. I can only comment WHERE’S THE BEEF? I am completely happy to hear a “no can hear a change” or you do because the supported reactive variables ICONOCLAST achieves are still measurably in tact. This is truthfully all I can honestly sell you, and show you. My papers aren’t theory, they are measurements of each and every step I used making them. No more. Gareis Gareis
  2. frankn


    It would depend on the elastic properties of the grades of squash balls at room temperature, the combined weight of the tt, arm/cart etc. and type of suspension employed by the tt. The elastic properties of differing grade squash balls at room temperature is very small. I suspect the biggest difference would be in the number of squash balls used as there will be an optimum compression of the balls where the absorption/isolation is the greatest. This cannot be determined without double-blind tests! lots of work gents. Also, would using 1l caps instead of 2l caps change the result? So many variables. LOL. Enjoy your tinkering.
  3. Agreed and I’m looking forward to the public release next week.
  4. Great news for all the current and new owners. Well done for the Australian Hifi scene. I hope some serious overseas exposure is seen soon.
  5. Remove the hype by the converts and there are a LOT of positive reactions to the sound, realism & musicality of the latest results of Ted Smith's work.
  6. Here is the new pricing ; about a 25% reduction I reckon over previous...….that was a lot to pay for fancy packaging! BJC Belden Iconoclast V1 And now of course there is V2...………………………… does it ever end??
  7. @Darren69 hi Daz, luckily I was in LA a couple of weeks back so I got Blue Jeans Cables to make a pair and ship them to my hotel. BJC are now terminating & marketing the cables. Ex Belden’s engineer & designer (Galen) of the cables and the ex marketing manager (Bob) have left Belden and joined forces with BJC to bring the cables to market at more realistic pricing. Still exy but much less than before.
  8. The new Belden Iconoclast speakers cables have been in the system for almost a week now. I sure they will stay. I’ll get a couple of ppl over sometime for a comparison between them and the Lenehan FoilFlex (the thick ones) but I can’t see me swapping back.
  9. frankn

    Resonance vibration issues

    Be careful- narrow base, high centre gravity. Keep the kids and pets (and your toes) away. Great to hear it’s working for you.
  10. frankn

    Resonance vibration issues

    Speaker cabinet construction is a complicated and much discussed genre of design/performance in speaker builds. There are the advocates of ‘rigid as’, ‘lossy’, ‘no cabinet’ and all make very good sounding speakers. Baffle design, internal bracing, damping material are also big considerations. As you know the speaker performance is greatest as the sum of all its parts. Would Harbeth or speakers manufacturered to the BBC design of lossy cabinet structure benefit from a version of mass-loading as it goes against the design principles. I wouldn’t expect it to work on all speakers.
  11. frankn

    Resonance vibration issues

    NPL Canada has developed laser mapping of speaker driver performance. This would be the tool to measure what you speak of, and, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t already being used in such a fashion NPL
  12. frankn

    Resonance vibration issues

    Mass-loading - likely = Adding a (heavy) weight to the top of the speaker cabinet. Super topper??
  13. @Nerrrrrrro - you need to post more before you get access to classifieds / sell / wtb. I used the search function with the following words ‘how many posts’ and quickly found a thread in the Classifird section discussing this topic started in July. Marc (owner/Admin of SNA) posted the reply below confirming that you need multiple posts to access this section of SNA website. Check with a moderator if you need further information. Regards. F
  14. Try again in an hour or tomorrow. we have just got back from an overseas vacation and SBS-on-demand account seems to have lost connection. Playing around with passwords. Will give it a go again tomorrow.