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  1. Duh, I completely misread the title and turned up Sunday........... I'm sorry
  2. I'm experiencing a problem, I'm becoming allergic to alcohol. It's worrying.
  3. You need to purchase at least the 50mm thick batts to be reasonably effective. 75mm or 100mm are better. When you have built the panels also mount them 50mm off the walls (and ceiling) for improved performance. They will do very little to low frequencies. You need bass traps for that. I built ones that are 2.4m tall, 0.8m wide from properly designed (with correctly measured / published performance ) foam bass traps and added to them another 150mm of polyester acoustic batts with limp membranes sandwiched between. They work.
  4. Damping Factor

    @Sime - I think that as you see from various responses here, and also if you do some further research there are differing opinions of what matters with damping factor. Different engineers, designers, companies have their opinions on what is their preferred way. One good take away is don't get 'hung up' on numbers, and biggest isn't the best. If your system sounds good, no obvious problems then it's good. Nothing is perfect - doesn't exist.. Your room response will overwhelm any small issues you don't have with amplifier/cable/speaker damping issues.
  5. Date in Oz Format Pls

    I prefer yyyy-mm-dd as it sorts correctly (and easily) and is less prone to misunderstanding- something that happens more and more since audiences become more international. I looked up (ubiquitous google search) and found that the yyyy-mm-did is a standard ! ISO 8601........... learn something everyday
  6. Bathurst 2017

    The shell, the engine block and the Front: suspension Open to teams to create bespoke double-wishbone suspension geometry with adjustable damper and cockpit adjustable front anti-roll bar are the only bits open to variation. The rest is control specified parts. Designed to make the cars as close as possible. Gives more weight to the driver capabilities I believe. See https://www.v8scglobal.com/inside-supercars/v8-supercar-technical-specifications/
  7. Damping Factor

    Have a read through the posts in this thread: Joe Rasmussen, Custom Analogue Audio, JLTi under the Melbourne Audio Club Inc. There are some differing opinions. However, it seems that once you get over 50-100 it doesn't mean much.
  8. Are you needing a MC phono stage? I have an ME25 / MC pre-amp sitting around unused you can use
  9. Simon if I'm in town on Sunday I'll be there. I'd definitely like to see the drying system and try one out if there is a loaner? Cheers. Frank
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    I watched Bladerunner/Directors cut last week as a reminder for tonight's marathon watch. Should be fun.
  11. Blade Runner 2049

    Tomorrow night..... 2h 40m
  12. Hi @evil c Im in for the Belgian Banquet/ $45. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Cheers. Frank
  13. Great band +1, great sound +1. Saw him do his solo set in NOLA a couple of years back and also at WOMADelaide with the full band before that.
  14. Bathurst 2017

    Take the Bacon salad dressing with you!