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  1. Various bargains To support Mary Webb

    I got mine at the HiFi show. This is a note on Mary Webbs webpage ( http://marywebbsings.com/the-cds-have-arrived/ ); I’m rather excited this week… The ‘Love Like Planets’ CDs arrived at my door! Although we’re not launching this beauty to the public until early February, those who pledged to my pozible campaign (and therefore helped me to make this happen) will be getting their rewards very soon. Vinyl is still in the works, but the wait will be worth it, I promise! The arrival of the shipment of CDs actually coincided with the arrival of my producer Mike Kirkham’s baby girl! His wife gave birth to their beautiful daughter on the weekend, instead of watching the AFL grand final. Such timing. Congratulations to Mike and Sarah at this special time! It’s just over a week now until I launch my first single from the album at the Grace Emily Hotel. It’s not being publicly released, but all who attend the launch will get a free download of the song, ‘Brave In The Sun’. You can listen to the song on Soundcloud now (link below), and feel free to share it around! Link to buy your tickets to the launch below also. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! @rantanShouldn't be too far away
  2. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Hi Clay, When the unit has completed its tour of Vic could it come to SA? Regards Frank
  3. You mention you do not have the ability to run a sub because your MF6i pre-out isn’t working. It will be cheaper to have the pre-out fixed, but you can run subs at line level from your amplifier. Many ppl recommend this. If you absolutely want to change your DAC go ahead.
  4. Hearing test

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/10848570/ this I find interesting as it is pointing to the brain reacting to >20Khz. There are some other links at the end as well but I haven’t yet read them. I think we still have away to go before we say human hearing is limited to 20Khz. There is a reason why it’s being observed but it’s going to take a lot more work.
  5. Hearing test

    @Magicdog do you feel a need to denigrate people on this forum? I’m sure you can do better.
  6. Audio myths and misconceptions

    But, when the musicians are being recorded the limits are not in place. Also often (almost always?) now recordings are made via digital recorders (Sonoma and such) again making the recording very well sampled in its frequency response. It is when it is being mastered for the vinyl format that the limits are put in place. Master editing for vinyl, CD and DSD are different (if done properly) - starting with the same recording. If it is a recent recording - why do many acclaimed mastering engineers still prefer the vinyl option? why do top musicians prefer to use studios that record through Analouge mixing desks when They can have any option they want? your comments about mastering from recordings made from the eara when vinyl was the only option make sense.
  7. The stand up thing doesn’t happen with the Quads. If you listen at party levels I can understand people having to shout at you.
  8. I like what I hear from my Quad2905s. I’ve driven them with 5 different amplifiers , all sounded very good. ME850, ME1400, JLTi KT88, Weston Acoustics Topaz monoblocks (KT150) and now the PS Audio BHK 300 monoblocks. I think you have to put more effort in to room treatment to get them sounding their best and have them well away from the front wall. I always liked Mr Walker’s comment about wanting more volume - he said well you could buy a 2nd pair.
  9. Probably would be best if we don’t clutter up this thread with a lot of discussion of MQA - there are threads dedicated to that and Redcloud isn’t about MQA. MQA is Bridge11 and the inbuilt bridge in the DSJ. I did a quick comparison between Yale and Redcloud using Ottmar Liebert Nouveau Flamenco album. RC is much fuller, engaging, transients improved etc. Definitey a better listening experience.
  10. SACD questions

    Hey Daz, you are correct, Meridian has never supported SACD. Unless you have a lot of SACDs around you might be better going MQA and or streaming.
  11. Power Cable for Krell KSA

    No they are good, I use a couple of them. Of course if you try to insert them upside down..........(joking) you'll have trouble. Its always fun with a bit of DIY
  12. Feedback coming in from overseas says Redcloud is good. My home computer died so I'm going to work😁 to download 😀 I'm happy with getting upgrades over time. Continuous improvement is a model many companies persue but most ask you to purchase a new model. Bridge11 update is also live so if you've got that then all the MQA stuff if you want it. Happy listening. I wouldn't change my system based on what is posted here. I'd do a comparison if someone brought a component to my house for me to listen to. As Bill says opinions are subjective.
  13. Sorry didn't read the start, Duc's machines have come down in price then.
  14. GA Reference sounds really good (I have one) however if you have multiple cartridges or like to try different loading you cannot change anything.
  15. Power Cable for Krell KSA

    Hi @Qwertyqaz I'm not sure what you mean. I don't know what model Krell KSA you have but I looked at pictures online and the backs of the amplifiers and they seem to have lots of space. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=krell+ksa+amp+pictures&rlz=1C1CHXU_enAU645AU645&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=j5bMlHU0bTtaDM%3A%2CXagjeqaQdt2vnM%2C_&usg=__863Yk9Uwi36QG5xad6urOYf122s%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQ5Mu_sPnXAhULVrwKHf8-BeMQ9QEILDAC#imgrc=s2LVctrgiB017M: Are you saying that you don't have much room behind your amplifier for stiff/thick cables and you'd like ideas for more flexible cables? IsoTek cables are pretty flexible - even their 'high end' models. If you want more flexibility then you could consider Crystal Cables or Kimber Summit or Ascent Series(but even they might be too stiff). As long as the amplifiers are away from other components or walls it doesn't seem like they should be a problem. I cannot see why there would be an issue plugging in a large IEC plug like a Furutech/IsoTek etc in to the IEC socket on the backplate of the amplifier.