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  1. Seems okay. I used Rebbeca Pidgeon “the raven” as a back to back comparison. To my old, tired ears seemed a small improvement but not night and day. It HAS added additional “toe tapping” so that’s a good indicator. Have been listening to a few other discs so I’m obviously happy. Currently on PF but not sure about the accompanying wine! I do have a bottle of DoSM but that has to wait for the other disc.
  2. Can get a bit messy but running balanced throughout helps. When I get to the pre-amp to amplifiers & speaker cables tho’ it stops me from accidentally treading on them if they are elevated.
  3. Sad to hear but the legend lives on. I have a tt I purchased from him a few years back - he was always willing to discuss technical issues with me and at length over the telephone.
  4. PS Audio front end & a pair PS Audio BHK Mono 300 power amplifiers.
  5. I fired up my pair of 402’s for a change the last few weeks, they still stack up very well. Not as good as the Quad ESL’s but happy listening.
  6. Thank you to Anthony, LM and Contrast Audio (plus helpers who assisted getting everything ready). A very relaxed venue with nice nibbles, liquids and a number of SNAers and non-SNA folk attending. The Line Magnetic and Contrast Audio products are beautifully made and sounded great. I heard several people say the “smaller” system sounded superb however I was listening to the LM845/Contrast Soul combo via LP and CD. Very clean & detailed sound even though the room was too “reflective” for my taste. With a bit of luck the LM845 will make its way to my house for a listen. I’m
  7. I have a bunch of their products. Always good value, never had any problems with purchase and you can discuss requirements over the telephone.
  8. It’s hard to be honest, but great when you have to lie down after too many brews!
  9. Funnily enough I actually do use them! Not for soundQ improvement but so I don’t accidentally step on my cables and to place some physical separation bt power and signal cables. As the OP said , cheap as.
  10. Good tube amp will work fine too. Quads own of course. I used Weston Acoustics for a long time, or a JLTi (Joe Rasmussen) , I think a Line Magnetic or Vincent Amps could also work well.
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