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  1. Thanks for the update TimO. I'm glad that at least the sound is working OK now, if not the wireless function. Like you, I was attracted to the idea of versatile placement because we won't have much floor space in our new house and it's not practical to run cables across the lounge room floor. Hope it all works out OK for you.
  2. OK, it looks like I'm back as Curtankerous. The wonders of forum technology!
  3. I've been a member since 2009 but the recent system upgrade kicked me out so I've had to create a new account. I used to be Curtankerous and then I was Curtail. I like my new name. I am ambivalent about Pina Coladas and I generally find it unpleasant getting caught in the rain. I used to do yoga but not recently. I believe I have half a brain and I'm usually searching for the missing half.
  4. Hi Marc My old account, Curtankerous, got blocked. So I created a new account and tried to contact you about merging but the system said I couldn't contact you until I posted here. Some I'm posting here 🙂. Would you please merge my accounts? Thanks
  5. Interesting... So did you build the driver into an open back/ baffle enclosure, DIY? How does it perform across different types of music? The old school jukebox sound would suit my CW Stoneking records but maybe not everything I listen to.
  6. Thanks for the advice. What speaker did you use? My mate has proac clones mounted on wall brackets and I think they sound great, so I'm open to trying different things. I think it comes down to a balance of invisibility vs sound quality and I'm not sure which way to tip the balance.
  7. Hi All. We are renovating and I don't think there will be enough floor space in the new living room for my floor standers. Looking at a range of options, including Dali opticon wall mount LCR speakers, VAF soundwall, in wall speakers from Krix and others. Also thinking that just mounting some book shelf speakers on the wall in dedicated brackets might work ok. Will consider a sub (maybe the Rel Habitat) but would love to get away without a sub. This is for music, I'm not really into home theatre. Amp will either be Anthem 225 or Rotel pre power combo.
  8. This is interesting. I'm weighing up options and thinking the bluesound soundbar and sub could work for me. But I don't have an appetite to stuff around trouble shooting a supposedly smart system. As you say, a Wi-Fi system has to work as intended or it's not much use. The sub does look like a neat option for size and versatility. It's well reviewed too. Keep us posted on how you go. All the best with it.
  9. Thanks for the info. I just want to be able to play DVD quality video from a hard drive connected to the streamer. I guess I could use usb sticks but it would be neater to have all the files on a single hard drive.
  10. Just wondering, have you tried using this with an external hard drive? I read a review that said they got it working with a 2 tb seagate drive, which would suit my needs.
  11. Wow, pwstereo, you have saved me a massive hassle and a lot of money. I just ran a DVD cleaner disc through it and now it's working again. I honestly didn't think it could make such a difference. Thanks heaps, I owe you guys big time. KC
  12. Thanks heaps Bob... That's great info. Why couldn't my inferior Googling skills help me locate that?! ?
  13. That's what I'm hoping ?. The distributor said the replacement drive is something like $250 through them, which seems quite steep. I actually thought a PC repairer might be able to help me and might be cheaper than a hi fi repairer. Thanks for the tip about giving it a clean. I'll have a look and see if it is easy to open up.
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