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  1. Hi Bruce. Just wondering if this deck is fully manual or if it has auto stop/lift? I've looked for info on the web but can't seem to find the answer. I'm very tempted and weighing options at this stage... Thanks
  2. Can you tell me the height of the rack please?
  3. Impressive. What have you used/do you recommend as the pre-amp? Good luck with the sale.
  4. I'd like to buy this please. Sending PM now.
  5. No, sorry, I'm down in Melbourne so I was just thinking about what I've seen down here. Another thing to think about, quite a lot of Rotel amps and a few Cambridge amps come up for sale in the classifieds here and there are usually some good bargains. Maybe not the same models you're looking at but perhaps something comparable. Have fun listening to all the gear at Toma!
  6. I think this is ultimately great advice but I'd like to offer another perspective based on my experience over the last ten years. I decided to get back into vinyl and I was immediately drawn to vintage Japanese direct drive decks because many of the systems I loved listening to in the 80's were built around these. I bought a few different vintage TTs in various different conditions and they each had a minor problem or drawback that prevented me from being able the just enjoy listening to the music. I didn't have enough knowledge or time to fix the glitches so I remained frustrated. Please note, none of these glitchy turntables were bought from the awesome sellers on this forum, so you would probably have better luck buying here than I did elsewhere. Eventually I bought a well reviewed, brand new, turntable. It cost me around $500. It was really easy to set up, came with clear instructions and worked perfectly out of the box. This simple, reliable TT gave me many hours of happy listening and reignited my love for vinyl. About a year later I was back on the upgrade path and buying good quality vintage Japanese decks, but now I had a clearer idea of the sound and reliability I was looking for. So, I agree that there are some amazing bargains and lots of awesome sellers on this forum. Many will be happy to give advice in setting up your TT and helping you get the most out of it. On the other hand, a new deck, with full warranty and support from a credible retailer and manufacturer can be an excellent, hassle-free introduction to the world of vinyl. I still have the turntable I bought new and I could probably sell it for around half of what I paid for it, or keep it to use in a second system so the economics are OK given the hours of enjoyment I got out of it. The only other things I would add are: 1. Decide if you want a dust cover/lid. Many turntables don't come with them and lots of audiophiles don't bother with them but personally I prefer them. Maybe I'm dust phobic... 2. Fully manual turntables may have some sonic advantages but I do like an autolift, autostop or auto return because I often get distracted and with manual tables have come back up to 18 hours later to find the platter still spinning and the stylus slowly wearing down. Good luck and enjoy your vinyl journey.
  7. Given that you haven't got much of a response here, and knowing that Rotel and Cambridge amps are popular with What HiFi, it might be worth posting this question on their site. Then, of course, come back here because this forum is heaps better overall. Also, not sure about Gold Coast audio dealers, but it might even be possible to trial both amps in your home system and return the one you don't want. Places in Melbourne used to let you do this, if you paid them the full purchase price as security. Enjoy!
  8. Would you consider selling the rotel power amp separately? And how much would you want for it?
  9. I would be interested in Auditioning these. What part of Melbourne are you in?
  10. Hi facemob. Just waondering which part of Melbourne you are in and if it's possible to have a listen to these speakers? Thanks
  11. Interesting to see the Fyne Audio speakers and I agree they seem similar to the Tannoy XT range. Can you please let me know where you saw the discounted Tannoys online?
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