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  1. Does this unit connect to wi fi? Or only Ethernet? Thanks
  2. "you can have all my music that's on there." I think this is a typo. I think you meant to write... "I will of course remove all my music because I know that it's both illegal and against forum rules to offer to pass it on 😉." GLWTS Looks like a great component.
  3. That's such a clean, classic design Spider! A work of art. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Does your integrated amp have a pre amp out? Maybe that would work similarly.
  5. Don't worry too much about it. Bill is a great SNA member and it looks like you've got a great pair of speakers to sell at a good price. You've come to the right place. I'd buy these myself if they were in my neighbourhood. Always wanted to try Thiel speakers. All the best with the sale.
  6. Ummm... This look like a bargain. Someone buy it to save me from myself! GLWTS
  7. Can you please confirm is it in Terrey Hills NSW? The ad says Vic but I don't think there is a Terrey Hills in Vic. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I've downloaded the app and it looks like it will work but I can't confirm without adding a Riva speaker to the network first. I've posted a question in the forum and hopefully someone will answer.
  9. Did you ever connect this and your other speaker to Wi-Fi? Will it discover and play files from your NAS? I've read the product information on the Riva site but can't confirm this. Thanks
  10. I've tried to find the answer on the Riva site and on Google generally but can't seem to figure it out. My Bluesound vault is connected to the home network. I want to add multi room but I think the bluesound speakers are a bit over priced. There are a couple of Riva speakers in the classifieds that would suit my needs and seem fairly priced. If I connect the Riva speakers to the network will they find the Vault as a NAS and allow me to access the files via the Riva app on a smartphone or tablet? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  11. Stunning looking player! My first gen, entry level Rega Planet is built like a tank and still going strong after 20 years. Still sounds amazing. Being top of the line, this Isis must offer unbelievable build quality and sound. And I agree with you that SA has WA pegged on wine but WA are leaders in craft beer 😀 All the best with the sale.
  12. Thanks Ethro. Sounds like it's got great potential and capability.
  13. Thanks Ethro... So plugged directly into the the Yamaha via the USB socket? Very interesting.
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