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  1. Any tweaks in particular that you would recommend? (Hope the OP doesn't mind me asking in this for sale thread but I figure the answer might even increase interest in the amp).
  2. Item: Sansui digital tuner TU-X310 Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Working, no remote. Fair cosmetic condition. Includes original basic AM and FM antennas. Pickup from Ascot Vale or I could drop it off within 10km if someone wants it but doesn't have transport.
  3. I love the design of these units. Perfect little system for a workshop or study. We're lucky here in Melb that there are still a few radio stations worth listening to. But you can use the aux line in for other sources. If my 'workshop' wasn't a complete tip with no power points I'd be interested. GLWS
  4. Could you please tell me the power rms into 8 ohms? I tried a quick search online but couldn't find the specs. Thanks.
  5. I have the previous model and it's still going strong after several years. Lots of functionality, good sound and easy to use. This model is even better than mine as the digital outputs give you even more options. GLWS
  6. Thanks. I had a look through the NAD site and some Google reviews but couldn't work out which was the compatible model. As you say, the information is there in the product description of the C268. From the reviews they would make a great combo. All the best.
  7. Good looking amp. Do you know if there is a power amp from NAD designed to compliment this, taking advantage of the pre amp out to create a bi amped setup? Thanks
  8. Great, lively, sweet sounding CD player featuring well-regarded Burr-Brown DAC. What Hi-Fi? 5 Star winner. I've owned this since new. I used it for about 7 years before upgrading. Since then it's been packed away unused. I held on to it with the hope of using it in a second system but I just don't have the space for a second system now. When I unpacked it in November last year the draw was not operating properly so I had it serviced by Filatronics in Oak Park. They replaced a belt and the draw works perfectly now. The asking price is just to cover the cost of that fix. Cosmetically nearly perfect with only a few tiny marks. Remote control is also in great condition. Functionally, it sounds great and all functions work as they should except the scan forwards and backwards is jumpy and not very effective. I haven't tested the digital out as I don't have a separate DAC at the moment but it worked last time I used it. Prefer pickup or can deliver within 10 KM of Melbourne CBD or Ascot Vale. Happy to post/courier. Here's what other owners of this CD player have had to say: http://www.audioreview.com/product/digital-sources/cd-players/nad/524.html Photos:
  9. What part of Melbourne are you in for pickup, please?
  10. Thanks. It's a bit big for my needs otherwise I'd be very intetested. It's awesome and Im sure someone will snap it up.
  11. Beautiful piece! Can you tell me the dimensions please?
  12. This is a great starter turntable as the setup is really simple. Just plug and play, no messing with counter weights or anti skating. GLWS
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