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  1. Very interested in this new DAC - might finally tempt me to try something new (been casting sideways glances at used Fein II's in the classifieds...) Any chance of a BNC output instead/as well as the standard SPDIF plug?
  2. Resurrecting an old thread - any possibility of a 5V 3A power supply for use with all the RPI-based streamers (e.g. Allo DigiOne Signature)?
  3. Surely a streamer which supports Spotify Connect is what you want? That way it's streaming directly from the Internet to the streamer unit, not via an intermediary playback device (i.e. phone/tablet which then has to do AirPlay; chewing up battery and hogging more bandwidth on the network). Any of the RPi-based streamer units should suit - I use the Allo DigiOne but there are plenty of options. As long as all devices are on the same network, family members can simply select the streamer as the playback device from their Spotify app on their phones. We do this with the streamer log
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