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  1. Schiit New Preamp Freya

    How good is the LS100! Glad to hear you're still enjoying it
  2. Ah, much better! I can now tell that what I was seeing before was in fact a reflection, not a defect. Thanks for the quick follow-up - definitely just a minor mark
  3. Can you post a better photo of the defect? From what I can see in the current picture, it actually looks like there's a break/hole in the cabinet, certainly through the paintwork. If that's the case it constitutes far more than a "slight mark", but it's hard to see definitively due to the lack of sharpness in the pic.
  4. Not sure why nobody has mentioned Naim yet - their amps are known to have good synergy with Harbeth speakers. For $3500 you should be able to land a new XS-2, or a used SuperNait 2 imported from the UK.
  5. Seriously, you want to fundamentally change the design now? Some of you guys need to take a breath and think a bit more rationally about this. We're talking about a special edition of an existing design, not "here's my shopping list for the perfect amplifier" that would require a ground-up redesign.
  6. If it's going to be minimalist (and it should be), then ditch the XLRs and forget about a phono stage.
  7. HT bypass is a must-have for me.
  8. I'd love to see some statistics to back up this claim - it doesn't stack up at all in my personal experience. In fact of all my HiFi mates, I can't think of one who goes direct from a DAC to a power amp. Preamps with built-in DACs are a different kettle of fish however.
  9. Aussie amps

  10. Aussie amps

    See pics in the build thread here:
  11. I'd be keen to take it - can pick up locally if you're nearby in Melbourne. Will send a PM.