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  1. The last three albums I bought from Amazon all came from the states and were all warped. Two were playable but the last had to be returned with a full refund given. I'm not buying any more.
  2. Hi everyone. Is there anyone who can provide e with John Hall's contact details. I have a pair of 57's that need repair. Many thanks.
  3. Thanks Ron. That's cleared that up then. I was on the wrong path all along.
  4. Hoping someone can help me here. I have an ME 25 preamp that has a wired remote control input on the rear panel. I have never used this option before and am wondering how it works and what hardware do I need to use it. Because of amp placement the remote control sensor is partially obscured rendering it mostly ineffective. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Greetings bnergi. Happy to receive any Turkish music recommendations you may have.
  6. Ming Da manufactured Audio Icon's range. They were re-badged in the UK.
  7. Thanks very much for the offer but have decided to return it for a refund. Thanks again though and thanks everyone for your opinions.
  8. Just received a copy of Miles Davis Get Up with It double vinyl from Amazon. Problem is the vinyl is warped and pretty much unplayable. Amazon have agreed a refund but I thought I would try flattening it first. I'm thinking of placing the vinyl between two pieces of glass and letting it gently warm in the sun for a few hours and then letting it cool. My question is, has anyone tried this method? Recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Never posted my vinyl set up before so here it is. Thorens TD 321 MkII, Denon 301 cartridge. ME25 pre amp with MC phono stage. Audio Innovations Series III power amp currently playing to Spendor S8e's. I have a lovely pair of Quad 57's too which I enjoy alternating. It all sounds rather splendid to my ears.
  10. I have Spendor S8e's paired with an Audio Innovations valve power amp and ME25 pre amp. It sounds incredible.
  11. Beautiful warm, sunny Sunday morning here in Port Noarlunga, SA after 12 hours of gorgeous rain. Just perfect to play Vivaldi's Four Seasons. My copy is on the Argo label from the UK. I have managed to collect quite a few classical albums on Argo and all of them are wonderful recordings and great pressings. Look out for them if you can.
  12. I was there on Monday to see Mavis Staples and later, the Sleaford Mods who were easily the best band I've seen in years.
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