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  1. Currently Spinning

    Gang of Youths - Go Father In Lightness This 2xLP black vinyl sound excellent. No surprises as it's another great cut by Daniel Kruger at SST and pressed by Pallas. After a few spins, it has really grown on me as I initially refuse to believe that it could be better than The Positions, their first album. However, I now enjoy them both just as much... After the horrid of the original 2xLP red vinyl, it was a real gamble to get this 2xLP black vinyl. I am glad that I bet. This Optimal Media pressing is just as excellent. I can't really say which sounds better as some tracks on each album sound better than the other. P.S.: Oops I spoke too soon, just noticed some serious sibilance on some tracks on The Positions. It's still an enjoyable SQ... but what a shame...
  2. I have Eames replica from Matt Blatt which I paid $1200, didn’t find it comfortable, my neck is especially uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes. I’m only 5’ 8”. That prompted me to get the real thing when I need an office chair. So I paid $1400 for a Herman Miller Aeron chair from The Living Edge. It was great when I tried it in the shop. Back home sitting in it for long hours at the desk is a different thing. I didn’t find it particularly comfortable. I thought of selling it at one point but somehow 10 years on I’m still stuck with it. Probably doesn’t worth much now that it’s old. My friend has two Poltrona Frau Vanity Fair armchairs in his apartment. They are the most comfortable chair I have been in. We would sit in one each and chat for hours when I visit. I did not like its shape at first. But the orangy brown leather looks so good and they look perfectly matched in my friend’s apartment with his mix of old and new furnitures! I now really like it’s simple design. If I were going to get a listening chair, this is what I’m going to get, only if I can afford it [emoji4] And of course l, it comes with a pouf too...
  3. Electronic currently spinning

    Spinning a few from my top shelves, all top SQ... 1. Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP - That fat Cheetah bass ! 2. Shed - Shedding The Past - Ab Fab! 3. B12 - Orbiting Soul - Best sound of the four this evening, what a surprise! 4. B12 - Electro Soma - This sounds so good I ordered the Electro Soma II. Hopefully just as good...
  4. Rega RP8 Turntable any comments ?

    Ah thank you. I must checked it out with Harry
  5. Rega RP8 Turntable any comments ?

    Thank you @rossb. Now I have read them and what a fantastic read it was! Agreed on the glassy sound of RP8. Sometimes I love it as some electronic music call for the crystalline sound, sometimes it's too much... Where did you do the Incognito arm rewired?
  6. Rega RP8 Turntable any comments ?

    Hi Ross, that's an interesting opinion... I was thinking about upgrading my RP8 to RP10, perhaps I should scrap that idea? Interested to hear how you have found RP8 better? Cheers, Max
  7. Currently Purchasing

    A few delivery I am eagerly waiting for. 1. Roni Size - New Forms 20th Anniversary 2xLP 2. The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 2017 2xLP 3. The Orb - U.F.Orb 2017 2xLP
  8. Still available. It was mistaken for iPhone 7.
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    Very well said and completely agree. Not to spoil it for those who has not see it. In the white snowy scene as Vangelis’ Tears In Rain slowly faded in, if you were not already drenched in sadness, feeling sorry the way you feel for Roy Batty and soaked in tears, I don’t know what you were made of...
  10. Item: Genuine Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case (iPhone not included) Location: Sydney Price: Free (Well not really. $8 for postage + please make a generous donation to SNA) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Bank transfer only for postage, unavailable for pickup. Extra Info: 1 year old. Provide very good protection for iPhone. Have dropped my phone many times, flat on the back, flat on the front, corner drop, still hardly any scratches on the phone. The marks you see on the phone's screen are grease marks. Hence, the case has had a few good beltings but still in great condition. No longer need it as I have upgraded to iPhone X. Free for iPhone 7 Plus owner who would make a generous donation to SNA. RRP was $75 new. $8 postage nation wide only. Unavailable for pick-up. Pictures:
  11. iPhone 8 and X

    Just received my X from the courier two hours ago! I did not expect it to be so soon as I have only decided to get it last Friday! All my friends registered on the day it was launched and still waiting for theirs. I did not want it as I have just upgraded to 7 last year. However all the talk amongst friends changed my mind and I decided to use my Telstra New Phone Feeling plan. It was listed out of stock and I have to register to be on wait list. I thought it would be at least until next year for me to get it. Surprised to receive a notification that the phone was sent to me yesterday. Said to be within 10 days and it turned up today! Kudos to Telstra for once! Loving it so far...
  12. Hi Al, The Cure is reserved for you. Let me know when you would like to pick it up.
  13. The Cure is still available. Price is firm at the moment. *Amazon.com is now temporary out of stock. Listed US25.29. Landed AUD$42.80. *Amazon.co.uk was where I got this from, currently listed £23.99, landed AUD$42 after VAT rebate. *Anywhere else in Australia $40-$65 + shipping. So I think the price is fair.
  14. Hi Peter, Ingenue is reserved for you. Let me know when you would like to pick it up.
  15. Item: 2 New Vinyl Great Sound Location: Redfern Price: $35 each Item Condition: Sealed Reason for selling: Doubles Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: New, sealed and never played 1. The Cure - Greatest Hits $35 Reserved 2. k.d. lang - Ingénue 25th Anniversary Edition $35 Reserved - Just a stunning sound and remastered by Chris Bellman. If you are a fan of k.d.'s, you absolutely must own this. And after you have been ooh and ahh by this, get the Shadowland reissue too and be amazed all over again! Will post at buyer's cost. Pictures: