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  1. I saw this in Auckland when the movie was released. Love Waititi!
  2. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    Passed Me By is also brilliant. I prefer these two EP to his later albums.
  3. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    Wow! Impressive Andrew! Techno!
  4. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac 2011 & 2012 45 rpm reissues. I have had these two reissues for many years now and heard many praises on their SQ being one of the best. Although my system changes throughout the years and they do sound better and better, while I thought they are excellent, I didn't see what's so special about it. Now my system changed again, finally, I can hear it! They have really opened up and sounded truly special!
  5. Y B

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    More new vinyl... New Wooden Shjips - V.
  6. Y B

    Electronic currently spinning

    Back to some whimsical & quaint electronic music... DJ Koze - Knock Knock He and Pampa Records can always be trusted. Great music and vinyl pressing!
  7. Y B

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    I like Man with A Movie Camera too, that’s the album I first listened to them. I also like the Xiaomi Light very much, Cliff, thanks for the idea!
  8. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    Now something mellow... The Cinematic Orchestra- Ma Fleur Initially, I only listened to this because of That Home with Patrick Watson. I grew fond of it over the years and it really has grown on me so I have always wanted this on vinyl but it was really expensive on Amazon UK for £36. The reports on Discogs also weren't positive for this a very noisy pressing! A few weeks ago the price dropped to £19.90 so another leap of faith paid off! What an excellent pressing, orchestration sound hi-res and analogue, the double bass is especially thrilling... quiet too except a few light ticks, and so good to hear That Home finally sounding superb... Now I understand why the price of this vinyl was so high, it comes in a sturdy hard tip-on box which includes 11 artwork photograph card inserts. Not that I wanted this but for £19.90, it's a steal!
  9. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    Moving on from techno music, some poppy soft rock from Keane. I always have a soft spot for Keane, but only for their first and second albums though, much like Coldplay's first and second, a bit of a guilty pleasure! I have been waiting for this reissue for many years but all the reports on Discogs confirmed this a shitty reissue! I am glad that I took a leap of faith, this reissue while not excellent sound wise, it is a quite enjoyable one. To me, there are some tinny upper registers but there are also some punchy lovely bass, this has much better depth and sounded more dynamic than Hopes And Fears' last year reissue. That was loud and flat, quite unpleasant to listen to, but to many on Discogs, they thought Hopes And Fears sounded excellent, I was so disappointed when I got it, there you go, trust my own ears!
  10. Y B

    Electronic currently spinning

    Shinichi Atobe - From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art! Wow! Wow! Wow! As I sat down and the needle dropped, I jumped from my seat! It scared the hell out of me and for a minute, I thought I was watching A Quiet Place in a cinema alone... The screeching 3D sound was so vivid, at times I almost believed I could touch the sound. Matt Colton has shown us here he is the true master of his mastery. Although there have been quite a few brilliant sounding electronic records. This won the best sound for me and can only be compared with a handful rare ones in my collection. If you like Shinichi Atobe's blend of techno, this vinyl release is a must! In fact, all four of them sound just as good. Highly recommended!
  11. Y B

    Electronic currently spinning

    I received quite a few deliveries in the last few days, so there's a lot to go through... First up: An excellent repress of last year's Vinyl Me Please but on BLACK vinyl instead of the shitty red. I like the chunky cuts on the bass slams of Bazza's remaster. However, a big let down on the locked groove on C3 where quite a few have reported on discogs. I can't believe they have just repressed this straight from the plate without fixing this problem first!
  12. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    I am so glad that you like it! Beautiful sound indeed.
  13. I was referring to the EU vinyl pressing, not the music. Just in case you’ve mistaken.
  14. Just come across this thread and I was deciding whether or not I should give my two cents here because I am selling my RP8. Then I think I should because I am not trying to pull sales but speaking truly from my experience. My first TT was a P3-24, I went through all the Groovetracer upgrades, sub platter, acrylic platter, counterweight, outboard motor, double pulleys, white belts etc, etc... The RP8 blew the modded P3-24 out of the water. You’ll instantly find a much higher resolution, clearer image, better details, tighter & punchier bass. As the cliche goes: Like many layers of veils have been lifted! I have compared the RP8 with Exclusive P10, while the P10 does almost everything better than the RP8 on the same cart and set up. The speed, attack and tight bass is still a winner on RP8.
  15. Y B

    FS: Rega RP8 & Apheta 1

    Thank you [mention=120706]rockeater[/mention], I used a Canon EOS 700D with a macro lens. Just a hobby.