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  1. Does the amp comes with a: 1. Phono Stage 2. Pre-out 3. Balance Control? Cheers.
  2. Item: Aurealis Audio R3i AgL - UPOCC Silver Litz 1.5m Location: Sydney Price: $490 includes shipping within Australia if required. Item Condition: 18 months old. Like new, no blemishes. Reason for selling: NR Payment Method: Paypal + 3%, Back Transfer Extra Info: Great cables by Aurealis Audio and one of the best values, top of the line R3i AgL - UPOCC Silver Litz. Many members here are using these fantastic cables. I bought them without hesitation after Geoff sent me these cables for a home trial. Bought directly from Geoff last August so it is still just like new and only one owner. RRP for 1.5m is $659.95 and they have never been discounted. Features 4 UPOCC silver Litz conductors per channel. These are insulated in PE. Cable damping and insulation in foamed teflon tube Copper foil/silver wire shield or tinned copper braid shield (depending on length) ETI Kryo RCAs (silver-plated copper with brass housing) Finished in a dynamic red and black braid - double thickness See Aurealis Audio website for details.
  3. Low The Great Destroyer & Royal Blood sold. Thank you.
  4. Radiohead and Stereophonics are sold. Thank you.
  5. Y B

    A Vinyl SQ Database

    Hi @Stephen0804 My apology, I disabled the signup button for testing and forgot to re-enable it. You should now be able to signup by clicking the profile icon (see screenshot) :
  6. Y B

    A Vinyl SQ Database

    Hi @stevoz sorry for the late reply, for some reasons I missed the notice. There were quite a few regulars from the US but not many contributes... and yes it eventually got too hard and time consuming... I have just start something similar and perhaps easier for me to maintain and easier for those who like to vote or submit your request for a record to be listed. Basically you just rate the albums by choosing an appropriate smilie from 6 options: POS, MEH, COOL, LIKE, MEGA LIKE, or OMFG! You can also choose to participate in a discussion. https://www.vinyliplay.com/ I thought I would give it another try and see if it gets some tractions, I would appreciate very much if those of you find it interesting or helpful to lend your support... I welcome your suggestions...
  7. Y B

    Some honesty

    A certain record sound better or worse has a lot to do with the source, mastering and pressing, and of course how good your digital and analogue setups are.
  8. From what I heard there’s a group of old timers who dislike what SNA has become. Hence they left...
  9. Coldplay and Peter Gabriel are sold. Thank you.
  10. Wonderful, they are reserved for you. Let me know when you like to pick them up.
  11. Sell individually now. Please see new prices with big savings.
  12. Item: 5x Vinyl Bundle Cheap! Location: Redfern Price: $120 Item Condition: NM- Reason for selling: NR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: Sell as a bundle of 5 only, will post at buyer's cost. All great sound and played once or twice except Chris Stapleton a few more... Beck ‎– Guero 2016 US Reissue Black Vinyl Beck ‎– Colors 2017 US Original Black Vinyl Chris Stapleton ‎– From A Room: Volume 1 2017 US Original Black Vinyl Father John Misty ‎– God's Favourite Customer 2018 US Original Black Vinyl Nirvana ‎– In Utero 2013 Mix 2013 US Original 2xLP Black Vinyl Picture:
  13. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    I really enjoyed Emma Louise's new album Lilac Everything. Some of you might know about her hit song Jungle and love her angelic soprano voice. In this new album, it might come as shock to you that angelic voice is completely gone and have been replaced by a pitched down vocal which she called - Joseph. Kudos to her, what a brave move! Emma have not done much to me with her previous albums until now... "Joseph" sounds excellent on white vinyl pressed by Pallas?
  14. Y B

    Currently Spinning

    I heard distortions on the reissue too.