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  1. I split a pair with someone else in VIC who was also looking for one for a centre!
  2. Further information: A bit unique but looking to see if anyone is interested in trading their front stage LCR for mine? Very very much rather a local VIC trade and absolutely happy to add cash on top. Have had the LS50's for the last year, and keen to try something different. I have found i really mainly use my system for HT purposes. The speakers are both black and two are 50th Anniversary models, and one is a normal model. Photos: PLEASE READ
  3. Would the following be a better setup, sound stage wise? Main listening/viewing position is slightly to the right of the TV.
  4. Any chance you're after any swaps + cash? Possibly looking to try something new (KEF LS50)
  5. Further information: Great 3.1 setup, was using this in my shed but find I'm never in there these days. Aurora's are in good conditon, some small scratches mainly on the base, drivers perfect. Centauras centre speaker is a hefty sized speaker. Note original owner has drilled into the sides, drivers are perfect and sounds great. Subsonic sub is also great. Comes with IEC cable. Much prefer a bundle sale, however will split if enough interest. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing
  6. Repost doesn't seem to work for my post? Using Chrome on Desktop PC
  7. Item: XLR/Balanced to single RCA Cable Price Range: $10 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Doesn't need to be fancy, just need a working cable ~1M long
  8. Item: HiFi Rack Price Range:$50-200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: VIC Only Looking for a hifi rack for an ever expanding gear collection.... - VIC only (closer to 3072 the better) - Around max 60cm wide Thanks!
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