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  1. Hi PRAT is an acronym for Pace Rythym and Timing. Pace is the speed of the music equipment and cables can change the sense of the speed of the music. It can sound slow, or just right or little fast. Rythym is relationship of successive notes and where the beat is emphasised. Timing is the accuracy of reproduction of a wavefront comprising many frequencies. It is different from Rhythym and Pace. The arrival of these frequencies to the listener from the speaker should be as close as possible to the real life event. When PRAT is good it is often first noticed by the tapping of people's feet to the music being played. Good PRAT means better musical enjoyment.
  2. Dear readers the lowest price I can find on HiFi Shark is $2,000 for a 1metre RCA set, lowest price XLR is $2,400. I am selling off cheap, for a quick sale to help fund my next hifi project a new USB cable.
  3. Further information: $230 ONO Bought this 1 metre cable directly from Oyaide on a trip to Tokyo terminated for me by Oyaide with XLR plugs . They have been regarded as a high end bargain at their retail price of around US$500. They came 2nd in the following shootout to the Crystal Cable: https://mancave-stereo.blogspot.com/2014/02/xlr-interconnect-shoot-out.html 1. Oyaide TERZO (0.7m) MSRP US$500 2. AQ Columbia (2m, XLR) MSRP US$650 3. Crystal Cable Reference (1m, XLR) MSRP: US$2400 4. Nordost Heimdall 2 (1m, XLR) MSRP: US$899 5. Cardas Golden Presence (1m, XLR): US$700 (discontinued) For me they have been a very smooth relaxing performer offering very good PRAT and never being aggressive or harsh sounding. Here are some more reviews: http://www.stereotimes.com/v2/post/oyaide-tunami-series-cables/ https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/oyaide/1.html From stereo times review: "The Oyaide cables and interconnects did a great job relaying the passion in the playing by all involved - be it oud, piano, bass clarinet, acoustic bass or string orchestra - the subtlety, nuanced playing and power of this music in this 2 CD set was delivered effortlessly to the ears. Brahem’s oud playing connects to the essence of all instruments played, compelling and driving the other performances by these wonderful players to greater heights - all beautifully rendered dimensionally on an intimate yet expanding soundstage with great imaging and rhythm. The oud and piano playing were of proper timber, with beautiful overtones and resonances. The Oyaide cables delineated the air between the instruments quite nicely and all tracks render the haunting woodwind work with an impressive sonority and the wonderfully raspy bass clarinet tone with great body and wood. etc" Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Further information: At $1380 ONO this is around 1/3 of the RRP AUD$4k for 1.5 metre (& $3k for 1m). The Acrolink 7N-DA2090 Speciale anniversary is a high end interconnect- in Stereophile 2019 Recommended Components (see photo below), and is compared to the Siltech Double Crown and the Tara Labs Grand Evolution ($20k cables) in this review http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue73/acrolink_cables.htm I am only selling this as I have bought a $10k acrolink interconnect that has the edge on the DA2090 with my new Gauder ceramic speakers. With my previous B&W 803 the DA2090 was a match in heaven. It is all about synergy. From the detailed Positive Feedback review: "The Speciale offers beautifully saturated or even super-saturated colors and large, dense phantom images. Regardless of the album and the type of recording. For example, the vocals on the wonderful Tremors by Sohn (electronica and processed vocals) had a physically tangible "weight" that manifested in energizing the air in the room, in a large volume and in occupying a considerable space between the speakers. Something that is highly sought after both by music lovers putting their hope in vinyl and those into tube equipment." "The anniversary cable is more energetic and has a better extension. Hence, the Speciale now becomes part of my reference system, until I find something that's clearly better and that won't ruin me. It may take some time, though. For now, I am completely satisfied." This rare 1.5 metre length set of cables comes in the original double box (see photos). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. It is an incredibly transparent pre-amp. I bought the Makua/DAC combo myself and had listened to many many DACs for 2 years to find something better than my previous separates (-Weiss DAC202 and Tortuga preamp). When I heard the Makua I was blown away it was like ‘ layers of blankets’ were pulled away from in front of the speakers. This is a very cheap price and includes the phono card -a bargain.
  6. Item: Electrocompaniet AW250R Power Amp Location: Melbourne Price: $3980 ONO ($12,990 current price) Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Absolute Sound 2010 Golden Award Electrocompaniet AW250R handles any speakers down to 1 Ohm impedance as follows: 8 Ohm 2 x 250 W; 4 Ohm 2 x 380 W; 2 Ohm 2 x 625 W; 1 Ohm 2 x 1100 W. This amplifier replaced my VTL valve amp bringing a solidity to the bottom end without losing the euphoric midrange with beautiful earthy voices and a silky non fatiguing treble. Absolute Sound Excepts: Turning to the AW250-R stereo power amplifier, which is essentially a pair of the company’s AW180 monoblocs in a stereo chassis, uprated to 250W per channel. The AW180, and AW400, are themselves less powerful derivatives of the awesome AW600 Nemo monoblocs seen in issue 69, so there’s a great deal of Nemo DNA in the AW250-R. This is immediately obvious, from the moment you set this system off. It has a solid and expansive way of going about its business. There is a feeling of unlimited resource, a bombproof, unflappable capability, certainly when driving normal loudspeakers at even quite antisocial levels, so this is definitely an amplifier you might want to consider for your team if your loudspeakers are difficult to drive. TAS comments from editor's choice on the AW180s: The AW180 is a “tube-like”solid-state monoblock amp offering 180W into 8 ohms (considerably more into lower impedances). It provides a very natural timbre and exceptionally realistic upper bass and lower midrange. Both low- and high-level dynamic contrasts are excellent. The amp does an equally excellent job of handling the upper registers of the violin, clarinet, flute, and female voice without exaggeration or any trace of hardness that is not clearly on the recording. There are many solid-state designs that also do this well, but few that do it as well. AHC, 198 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: ETI Quiessence Q Reference Speaker Cable - 3 metres Location: Melbourne Price: $980 ONO priced for quick sale ($10k new) Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Too short for my new speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the reference loudspeaker cable from ETI Eichmann with this topping the 5 models in the range (Q Ref, Q3000, Q100, Q500, Q100). This worked perfectly with my B&W 803 speakers that I recently upgraded from and had to pull the new speakers further into the room making this cable too short. It is a hybrid technology using both pure silver and copper: " The hand-wound 99.99% solid silver ground conductor uses what ETI calls ‘Ground Nulling Circuitry’ (GnC). Keith Eichmann’s research has produced a proprietary Ground Nulling Circuit (GnC™) which actively works to maintain a quiescent zero Voltage state across the ground, protecting the signal conductor from ground induced capacitance and inductance. This facilitates smooth uninterrupted signal flow from one component to another, effectively isolates them and allows them to perform their tasks without interference. With each higher model in the range, the GnC™ grows in size, complexity, and sophistication." There was a review in six moons of the lower model (Q100) in the range (http://6moons.com/audioreviews/eti/1.html "ETI cables present a very black background against which music emerged with ease, clarity and flow. There may be something to this ‘ground nulling circuitry’ biz. My cable collection seems to constantly proliferate so there were plenty of contenders for comparison purposes. The ETI cables shone for their utter transparency and strict neutrality. There were no embellishments nor imbalances that would reveal or expose certain frequency anomalies. Music just flowed unimpeded, unedited and unsoiled.” They have been advertised used when you can get them for $3k in Europe and North America. I am selling these cheap, to make for a quick sale to help fund my next purchase. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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