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  1. FS: Large Format Speakers - My build

    I like the radio in the middle. Reminds mine 40 years ago.
  2. FS: Bel Canto M600Ref Mono blocks

    Seems this forum has attracted more and more foreign members lately.
  3. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    can i book the demo unit in melbourne as well? thanks
  4. looks like the sale did not go through. I havent heart back from the buyer. so all 3 cables are still foe sale.
  5. Register interest in the pre if you separate.
  6. FS: Proac D80 speaker

    How old are these speakers? Surprised it is very hard to find official spec.
  7. That's great. I was asking whether the app (android) will do Chinese and folder navigation. Thanks.
  8. Hi, does it properly display Chinese file names and album/title metadata? And can it be navigated through multiple levels of sub folder structure instead of the stupid genre/album/artist/year rubbish? Thanks.
  9. The lat cable is pending payment. The other 2 are still available.
  10. Sorry did not see your post. The Lat is not lockable (if by lockable you mean the XLR style lock, no, this is RCA and I haven't seen how this type of plug can be locked) And I can offer free postage if you don't mind posted as a letter.
  11. Item: Various cables, see below Location: Melbourne Price: see below Item Condition: All very good Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here're some cables up for sale. They are all in very good condition and has been either lightly used or not used after upgrading. LAT IC-300 Signature RCA Cable - 0.75m - $250 Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB Cable - 1m - $70 Belden 1800f XLR Cable with gold Neutrik Plugs - 2m - $50 Pictures:
  12. Lol if you even know the word Linux shows you're not technically challenged. You're at the top 10%.
  13. FS:Usher V602 Speakers

    The color looks very nice, rich and deep. Don't know why wife don't like it.
  14. Item: 2 x Rola 12Ux 12" full range driver Location: Melbourne Price: $300 Item Condition: Immaculate, 9.5/10 for the age Reason for selling: not able to commit the project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I was fortunate to acquire a pair of vintage Rola 12Ux full range drivers. These were made in 1966 in a Richmond factory, yet still in top nick condition. Very rare to find. It was either meticulously maintained, or meticulously restored in recent years. No sag, no rubbing, the dome, center cone and woofer cone are in perfect shape, no tears, no cracks, just as new. The spider is also like new. Absolutely no rust in any of the metal parts. If not looking at the date stamp, you hardly realize it is almost 50 years old! I even salvaged the front baffle where the drivers were mounted. These are still in reasonable condition, with visible defects though. I played with some ideas, such as build a proper box (but can't find a good design), use it as an open baffle setup (but need to restore the paint and defects on the baffle), or build into the dry wall as infinite baffle. All require big commitment so I'd better leave it to more capable hands. Currently I just erect them to use as open baffle speaker. Of course the bass is weak in this setup, and the extreme highs are non-existent. It only rated to 15000hz anyway. Right after I switched from a modern speaker, it felt missing both ends, but quickly you get used to it and addicted to its mid range performance. They sound so sweet and so room filling. Very balanced, very easy to listen and never tiring. Sensitivity is quite high too. They shine on vocals and jazz, and female jazz in particular. I'm quite sure if driven by valve and feed from vinyl, it will be even sweeter. A bit of vintage Tannoy traits? I have no idea how much they worth now, but I feel for this condition and rareness it demand some respect. Any offer welcome. Will make a donation if sold on the price. Pictures: Edited December 10, 2015 by hotJ