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  1. Michael - if you have WP Super Cache (or a similar caching plugin) installed and active in WP I strongly suggest you turn the cache off for a while. All this refreshing and clearing of cache's in browsers strongly suggests it's at fault as many other WP plugins are known to not play nicely when caching is active. If not consider the below... Also if you are with Spark (Telecom) they run their own proxy server caches for all the web (I know Vodafone also do it, and other ISP's & Telcos probably do too) and if you do not have a static route with them it will possibly result in 2 different versions of the same page being available to be served up - e.g. a user trying to access site will get a page from the proxy cache which is out of date because the proxy server has not refreshed it's cache to match the real live page yet - so log in credentials will go to the live page at your server but the user keeps seeing the cached out of date page served back to them by the proxy. Spark/Telecom's proxies were especially bad for this (at least in the past - like ISP DNS they are implemented poorly). Perhaps survey which Telco's the people with issues use if you already have caching disable in your WP config, or disabling it doesn't fix things.
  2. Consider the SOtM s1000 as an option, otherwise if you have some basic computer skills build your own Vortexbox...
  3. Is for me MJ - every single time I use it it is garbled like beeman's post 4 above (606334)... And I've tried multiple attempts in 3 different browsers (Safari on iPad, Chrome & Opera in Windows).
  4. - Make sure you are on the text tab, not visual beeman when you are posting. The latter is broke and useable with quotes or any code...
  5. But not apparently Budweiser, in a country that bans alcohol from stadiums...?
  6. Not anymore - that changed 1-2 years ago. They also track IP so know what country you are from regardless (unless you use a dodgy proxy). E.g. You can't buy Beck's new album regardless of what address is on your account if you are from NZ as it's available on the US only.
  7. What moral issues would you have with HD Tracks...?
  8. I was going to ask that - if you had bought the Deluxe version with the extra live tracks... Looks good on paper... Their current 10% off offer lasts until about Monday Midnight our time - so I may succumb yet...
  9. That's great to hear Kaka - I have been mulling them over myself - if they were worth it... Sounds like (no pun intended) they are...
  10. Yes I've recently seen the front page, including the news and stuff as well as the forum remain unchanged for a week in a browser with no one logged into the site... While simultaneously on another device logged into my account it's completely up to date each day... And forcing refreshes on the browser didn't make any difference...
  11. I hear you Marantz. I know MJ has endeavoured to modernise & simplify the engine behind AE, and the main part of the revamped site (using Wordpress) is great - but the Wordpress based forum engine is still a bit too bleeding edge I suspect, and therefore maybe still somewhat buggy...? I looked into it (out of curiosity) and there's still definitely a couple of fundamental functionality issues that the software development group haven't even looked at... Hopefully that will steadily improve over time...
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