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  1. The first set of stand alone stereo speakers I ever bought. Love a ribbon tweeter. GLWTS
  2. @Sansui77 I have an unopened copy bought when originally released. I bouhgt 2 copies from 2 different sellers to ensure I got one (also got the 33 as well). It really is being wasted on my shelf. Let me know if you are still looking for a copy. I have contemplated opening it as i have a small scratch on my disk (at the start of The Chain), but I will probably spend the rest of my days contemplating this if it doesnt find a new home.
  3. @Benje There have been problems with almost every aspect of Software - Wifi, Wisa pairing of hub to speakers, pairing of remote to hub etc. In a way, this is a good thing as it means that all the problems should be able to be repaired through software fixes. I have read from users of earlier batches that they have had, and still are not having, any of the issues that are presenting in the current batch. In fact one Facebook user asked if there was any way to not recieve the soon to be released automatic update of the hub software and his system is rock solid and is concerned that t
  4. Ive had minor issues with dropouts, but seems to be a wifi connection issue instead if Wisa, as ive not had any issues playing records, or sound from TV, only from streaming from Youtube music and to a lesser extent, spotify. Usually, get a couple of drop outs in the first album or two, but then everything settles into a groove and and plays ok for hours. Ive probably been one of the luckier ones really. Lets be honest, this roll out has been a disaster, and Buchardt Audio would want to very quickly rectify these issues or it will find that the negatve feedback all over facebook (
  5. Yes, so it was set up on google home using my Android phone. In the iPhone, I was able to see it and connect to it via Google home. And also by Bluetooth and. So certainly the phone connects to the hub no worries. But the app itself just doesn't see it.
  6. I'm in Newport, so it's certainly something that could be organised. Have a fait bit on, but if it's something that you were really keen on, Im sure we could make it happen
  7. So, I borrowed a mates spare iPhone and for the life of me, I couldn't get the app to recognise the hub. Could connect to it via both Bluetooth and WiFi and play music from the iPhone, but just couldn't hey the app to work. I'll try again today at some point
  8. Oh wow. Was literally just about to download the mid forward tuning and give it a go. Borrowed a mates spare iPhone, but can't for the life of me work out how to connect the hub to the app. Is connected both by Bluetooth and by Google Home got me stumped.
  9. Interesting. I didn't hear any of that range. And I also need to muck around with positioning etc. I'm now listening to the strokes - this is it. On the way to the garage to our a second beer I got a little bit of a sweet spot behind my couch and I found myself doing a little air guitar. I also bumped the volume a bit. I'm being quite conservative being a school night, don't wanna wake the kids. But certainly the connectivity and customisation was a massive selling point for me. So I'm looking forward to experimenting over the next month.
  10. So right now I'm listening to Alt J - An Awesome Wave. When I was considering, I auditioned the wireless Kef LS50 ii and also a pair of Dynaudio Evoke 20s with a Peachtree integrated. Early stages, for me, the buchardts are a much more enjoyable listen than the Kefs. But my memory of the Dynaudio's, they seemed more exciting and angaged me a listener more. Volume is certainly not similar and I'm not in a hi fi show room here. But for the little but more money, yeah the Dynaudio's I reckon are better. Having said that, a bit of room correction and change in m
  11. Snoopy8, see here for the system it replaced. So, no name speakers, paired with emotive pre power combo. Augmented with a sub. Bit of history if you also go in link in speaker ad. I bought some vibration absorbing pads that Bunnings sell. See post 22 here But yeah, certainly will be looking at final solution for power cables and isolation into the future. Funds a but tight right now, and these bloody speakers already cost me a fortune as they are... Hahaha
  12. Look, I really take terrible photos. My wife takes much better photos on her Pixel 3 than I do on my Note 10. I intended to ask her to take some pics, but we had a little bit of a Barney, so didn't go there. Anyway, attached. How does it all sound, I've only listened to a couple of albums, one on vinyl and one streaming digital. Certainly, sound is much bigger than the speakers they replaced, even though the buchardts are about a 1/4 of the physical size. When I say bigger, not sound stage, but more the scale and weight of the music, if that makes sense. Look, it's early days, and
  13. I got the Walnut. I'll post a pic when set up. My listening space is far from optimal - partially the reason I bought these instead of a passive system.
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