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  1. Item: SANSUI G-4700 VINTAGE STEREO RECEIVER Location: SYDNEY Price: $325 Item Condition: VERY GOOD CONDITION - HAS BEEN SERVICED Reason for selling: SURPLUS TO NEEDS - DOWNSIZING Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is a Sansui G-4700 Pure Power DC Stereo Receiver in very good condition. It has been recently serviced and is operating perfectly. The tuner section works very well an includes a digital display of frequency, tuning, signal strength and AM/FM indication. It also features a quartz digital lock to ensure that the station tuning does not drift. The amplifier section is rated at 50W per channel, both channels driven and features LED peak power meters (brief specs are can be found at the bottom of the description). There are Aux and Phono inputs was well as tape playback and recording inputs/outputs. The overall physical condition is very good, with some marks/blemishes commensurate with age/use - see photos. Note that the tuning indicator has been replaced, there is a small mark on the front panel neat the Power/speaker select switch, there is some of the chrome finish missing on the left hand side of the front panel (not visible from the front), and some minor chips on the wood finish on the left had side bottom edge of the wood cover - all of these minor cosmetic issues are shown in the photos below. This receiver is capable of powering bookshelf to floorstanding speakers, and sounds great on any inputs - CD(AUX), Phono, and via the radio on AM/FM. Local Pick up preferred at this stage. Auditions welcomed (and recommended) Specifications Tuning range: FM, MW Power output: 50 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% Damping factor: 30 Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 76dB (MM), 95dB (line) Channel separation: 50dB (MM), 50dB (line) Output: 150mV (line) Speaker load impedance: 8Ω (minimum) Dimensions: 433 x 155 x 355mm Weight: 8.6kg Pictures:
  2. Hi, Took a bit of searching, but happy to have found it. There is some good browsing/reading in the RadioShack catalogue archive, has most catalogues from 1939 to 2011 http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/ Cheers John
  3. Is is this one (the $11.95 Nova 3 way Coax speaker)
  4. Hi, I have an coupled of Sansui amps that you could borrow - an AU-4900, or an AU-317 MKII - both would be OK depth wise, and both are capable of running a set of bookshelf speakers. Cheers John
  5. Hi, Any objections to a vintage amp? I have a couple that would meet your depth requirements. Cheers John
  6. Hi ( @Lightstream ) FYI, there was a worldwide recall for amps in this series see here and here https://www.whathifi.com/news/yamaha-issues-safety-recall-amps-30-years Nice Amp BTW Cheers John
  7. Ahh A Dynamic Four 800, that little receiver is what got Pete and me into vintage audio. Nice little receiver, from memory the one we had suffered from some internal power supply issues. There is little information available (no service manual or schematics), which makes it hard to diagnose problems over the web. It could be be as simple as a dirty switch, you could try giving the switches and control a clean with a cleaner/lubricant spray (available from Jaycar and other electronics shops) Cheers John
  8. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/192441143702?ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F2%2F0%2F8%3Fbu%3D43159808818%26segname%3D16TE179852_T_ENDSOON_CT1%26crd%3D20180204090000%26mpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com.au%252Fulk%252Fitm%252Flike%252F192441143702%26ch%3Dosgood%26url%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.%2524%257Bprefix%257Debay.%2524%257Bdomain%257D%252Fulk%252Fitm%252Flike%252F%2524%257BITEM1_NUMBER%257D%26osub%3D7a62e3ae3d1f9e3400086c60760d58b6%257E16TE179852_T_ENDSOON_CT1%26sojTags%3Demid%253Dbu%252Csegname%253Dsegname%252Ccrd%253Dcrd%252Curl%253Durl%252Cch%253Dch%252Cosub%253Dosub%26srcrot%3D0%26rvr_id%3D0&ul_noapp=true Nice bidding by a 0 feedback EBay member......
  9. Sold elsewhere, thanks for those who showed interest Cheers John
  10. Item: JBL 4406 COMPACT STUDIO MONITOR SPEAKERS Location: SYDNEY Price: $150 OBO Item Condition: Fully operational, average cosmetic condition - see photos Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale are a pair of JBL Compact Studio Monitors. They are fully operational, and sound great!! They have been well used, and have some cosmetic blemishes - see photos. There are some grill pegs broken, a tear in one grill (they look pretty good with the grills removed), hanging brackets have been added to the rear, and there are scratches, marks etc on the cabinets. Some information on the drivers and crossover network employed in these speakers - They feature Pure Titanium Dome Tweeters - Pure Titanium was first used by JBL in the design of diaphragms for high frequency compression drivers. These feature a 25 mm titanium dome radiator which is capable of 30 watts power handling and can reproduce the frequency range from 3 kHz to 27 kHz. The unique “diamond surround” and ribbed dome structure of the model 035Ti HF unit provide control over secondary resonances, yielding absolutely flat axial response to the normal upper limits of today’s recording media. With a basic sensitivity of 92 dB, one watt at one meter, the 035Ti transducer exhibits virtually no dynamic compression. The 162 mm (6.5 in) diameter Low Frequency driver has a filled polypropylene cone which combines the smooth response associated with polypropylene with the resistance to breakup associated with pulp or laminated materials. Linearity of the LF driver is the result of careful attention to mechanical suspensions as well as Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG). SFG reduces harmonic distortion by producing identical magnetic flux fields on each side of the magnetic gap. This ensures that the voice coil will intersect equal flux lines for both positive and negative excursions of the cone. A flux stabilizing ring placed around the pole piece reduces the effects of magnetic flux field modulation. Overall, SFG reduces distortion to about one-tenth the value found in conventional magnetic structures. A cast aluminum frame ensures mechanical integrity under the most demanding operating conditions. The complex crossover network design produces a seamless system frequency response through the critical crossover region around 3 kHz. The roll off slopes are precisely determined to result in smooth axial and power response. High quality polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors are utilized as “bypass capacitors” in parallel with the larger network mylar capacitors. This design procedure linearizes energy storage in the larger capacitors, and the result is greater accuracy in the reproduction of transient signals. A front baffle control allows precise adjustment of the HF transducer level, enabling the system to be adjusted to taste, or to match a given acoustical environment. Pick up only at this stage. Auditions are welcome and recommended Pictures:
  11. Hi, It does take a bit of a push to get the 3.5mm jack all the way in. it is relatively easy to pair a set of Bluetooth headphones - on the TV select menu-sound-additional settings-Bluetooth audio and follow the prompts Cheers John
  12. Hi, The black square plastic with a hole in it will take a 3.5mm stereo plug (I have a similar TV). You can also connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV
  13. Item: DUAL SLOT PORTED PASSIVE SUB 200W DRIVER Location: SYDNEY Price: FREE WITH SMALL DONATION TO SNA Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: NOT NEEDED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: My brother-in-law picked this up a while ago at a place he was cleaning out. Not sure of the origin of this sub, it is not a commercially made item, but it is reasonably well constructed and finished - it almost looks like it may have been a kit. The sub driver is a 12" Response 4/8 ohm 200W unit, and there is a crossover network inside the box which looks like it has outputs for mids and tweeters. There is also a level control on the front panel. The crossover network is mounted on a PCB - see pics. Dimensions as follows (cm) - 106h x 39w x 40d, and it is rather heavy..... Free to a good home or off to the tip Pictures:
  14. Hi, Thanks for your interest, but these are local pick up only (no original packing available). Cheers John
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