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  1. There's a small wine shop in Salamanca, tucked inside a small arcade. Just near newsagents. They have several 'tassie' gins. They would also advise where else to get some. OK Fellows, Thanks for the advice, "Better Half" enjoys a G&T also, will follow your advice👍.
  2. Am heading to Tassie on Friday, Guys are these Gins widely available? Probably Not hey? My Aunts/ Uncles in UK used to make Sloe Or Damson Gin for sipping on cold winter nights😍. Long time since I had any, wouldn't mind trying some again.
  3. Have gone for option 3. I do enjoy my system, but like Elcamry am always on the lookout for tweaks or ways to improve it. Recently added 2 x Nordost QK1s & am loving the result, of course this raises the question of their other similar products & whether I can resist making further purchases🙄.
  4. 2x 6922 valve line stage driving Class A/B Mossfets, does the trick for me.
  5. http://www.10audio.com/wyred-4-sound_dac-2v2se-10th-anniversary.htm I realise it's just a 'Review", but it ticks all the boxes at a" second hand " price. Looks are maybe against it. I would love to hear one. 5 year warranty too. Hope you find what you want.
  6. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/kinki/1.html Very positive thorough review here, if you can wade through it😉
  7. WOW!! Very envious. Enjoy.
  8. poppybob. There's a few local stereonetters if you want to catch up sometime.
  9. Great songs beautifully played & recorded
  10. https://www.langrex.co.uk/ Have used these guys, good rate against GBP at present
  11. Don't omit the rest of your impressive system. Absolutely stunning
  12. Have you selected your DAC/ VLink as the audio output, rather than the default soundcard? Ive neglected to do this in the past.
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