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  1. Hmmmm! Where to begin? Chahn designed / specified the room to sound excellent from the off! Once the Magicos were dialled in , prior to any room treatment the system gelled without any OBVIOUS deficiencies. Relax fellow and enjoy it! says I. But Chahn rightfully insisted it could sound better, there were no problems to address as such, just a pursuit of raising the bar so to speak. He has succeeded greatly, the system can play far too loud without strain or signs of distortion. The soundstage is massive & almost enveloping, the noise floor has dropped, so micro details are clearer without being distractions. When listening off axis the sound remains cohesive. All in All it's a joy to listen too, when I control the volume😉. Last time I heard your system we heard 3 different hi-end preamps & you had installed a further power supply to power the monos, all of which made for an interesting time. The room certainly didn't impose any limits on being able to hear clearly the differences between the preamps. I know you've decided on the replacement pre, & are working on the music server, I certainly can't see the need to change anything else, unless the cable bug gets hold of you! Anyway I'm sure Mario will have some advice for you on Sunday😁. Congratulations on a wonderful system & I'll waste my breath by saying again, relax & enjoy it!!
  2. Yes, as I said I had/have the same issue when using my valve pre. The solution likely involves increasing a resistor value to reduce gain, instead you have one in the interconnect chain. Try to relax & see if the pre suits your taste, it certainly looks to have the goods👍
  3. Noise issue resolved? what worked?
  4. Hi Dave, Had a similar issue, when I went from a passive pre to a valve pre, too much gain meaning very little adjustment via the volume pot. I suggest you try Rothwell -10db connectors prior to your power amp, if unable to find anything else is the problem. I have a pair you're welcome to try. If the noise is in the signal chain they will be effective.
  5. Incredible sounds/ music was heard when the c-3850 was introduced to Chanh's already magnificent system. I've read reviews where soundstages have extended to the outer limits of the room & beyond, & thought "so what!", but to experience it was a blast, but with @Tasso in charge of the volume control, you almost needed to duck for cover. It was somewhat reassuring to hear, that those who can afford it, get something worthwhile for their money. Thanks Chahn for the experience, back home now to a different reality 😪
  6. Certainly will, all being well of course, I'll look forward to it👍
  7. OK back to basics! While @robmid's build of the stereo coffee pre was here in WA, I had the opportunity to listen to it in @Steve M system & also took it home to try there. Steve was playing through my old Jamo Concert 11 s, which he now owns & also Sonus Faber Guaneri Speakers. The SC clearly allowed the different presentation of the speakers to be heard, + and -s. In fact transparent was the overall description I concluded. I have previously owned passive pres by Musical Fidelity & Audio Synthesis, but have used an active valve pre since 2012. In my home the SC clearly showed my own pre to be rolled off in the treble, with superb details more evident in percussive tracks & the finger snaps in Patricia Barber's version of "Billy Joe". Voices were a joy to listen to & to my mind dynamics were as good as via my active pre. I can't say the same for my earlier purchases! To my mind the Stereo Coffee is a first class pre & an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN1 Chis has received my order.👍
  8. Best Wishes to you guys also👍
  9. http://highfidelity.pl/@main-991&lang=en A professional review of Mike's cables, thought it would make an enjoyable read for members.
  10. https://bandcamp.com/download?id=2761759527&ts=1584539428.779217076&tsig=acab3ff361c24c5ef3c0c9a5fffa726b&type=album John McLaughlin latest album. Enjoy. Can be flac aiff etc.
  11. I am local, willing to help, not sure where nearest pack & send is though. Contactable tomorrow.
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