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  1. teagle

    currently drinking

    There's a small wine shop in Salamanca, tucked inside a small arcade. Just near newsagents. They have several 'tassie' gins. They would also advise where else to get some. OK Fellows, Thanks for the advice, "Better Half" enjoys a G&T also, will follow your advice👍.
  2. teagle

    currently drinking

    Am heading to Tassie on Friday, Guys are these Gins widely available? Probably Not hey? My Aunts/ Uncles in UK used to make Sloe Or Damson Gin for sipping on cold winter nights😍. Long time since I had any, wouldn't mind trying some again.
  3. Have gone for option 3. I do enjoy my system, but like Elcamry am always on the lookout for tweaks or ways to improve it. Recently added 2 x Nordost QK1s & am loving the result, of course this raises the question of their other similar products & whether I can resist making further purchases🙄.
  4. 2x 6922 valve line stage driving Class A/B Mossfets, does the trick for me.
  5. http://www.10audio.com/wyred-4-sound_dac-2v2se-10th-anniversary.htm I realise it's just a 'Review", but it ticks all the boxes at a" second hand " price. Looks are maybe against it. I would love to hear one. 5 year warranty too. Hope you find what you want.
  6. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/kinki/1.html Very positive thorough review here, if you can wade through it😉
  7. teagle

    SF Strad

    WOW!! Very envious. Enjoy.
  8. teagle

    Deceased estate

    poppybob. There's a few local stereonetters if you want to catch up sometime.
  9. teagle

    " One Disc to Rule Them All "

    Great songs beautifully played & recorded
  10. https://www.langrex.co.uk/ Have used these guys, good rate against GBP at present
  11. teagle

    My System this morning

    Don't omit the rest of your impressive system. Absolutely stunning
  12. Have you selected your DAC/ VLink as the audio output, rather than the default soundcard? Ive neglected to do this in the past.
  13. teagle

    AXIS S Voice box