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  1. Excellent guitarists album by former Focus front man Jan Akkerman. Brilliant and subtle use of guitar effects to produce rich background layering over a basically unaffected guitar lead.
  2. Carry Fire by Robert Plant. This is an album I keep reaching for. Superb arrangements and a hypnotic, pagan quality , this 2017 effort I believe is a five star album. The former Led Zeppelin lead singer has certainly had an outstanding solo career. Great recording too. Tidal Masters 96khz/ 24bit.
  3. I doubt if you'll find a 12" driver at that efficiency at any where near that FS. Thats pro-sound efficiency and with an FS somewhere at around 60hz if your lucky. I think the Visaton TIW 300 would be a good choice for its lowish FS, decent efficiency and low qts allowing for a smaller enclosure. Would work in a 60L vented enclosure, or close to it.
  4. Yes from what Ive read full unwrapping takes place at the DAC stage with an MQA DA. I downloaded the trial version of Audirvana Plus. What a great application, hosting both Itunes and Tidal and now outputting 88 and 96khz. At this early stage I can see that this may be an audio only application. Ill certainly be nutting it out tonight. Cheers G
  5. Yea i've tried this and I keep getting a maximum sampling rate of 48khz in exclusive mode which is the base MQA sampling rate, no unwrapping. My Behringer upsamples every thing to 96khz so it cant be a syncing issue particularly when Tidal acts as the master clock in exclusive mode. Disabling MQA pass through also seems to make no difference.
  6. Thanks. I'm using the Macmini as my only source outputting via spdif to my modified Behringer 24/96 Ultragain pro, controlling a three way active system. With this D/A Tidal Master steaming would be limited to the first unwrap of 96khz . The ability to play Tidal Masters at the highest resolution would really be the sole reason purchasing Audirivana. I downloaded the trial version of JRiver Media centre which does not incorporate Tidal. The default processing of 44.1khz files produced a large , powerful and impressive sound quality, however overtime I actually came to prefer the leaner but cleaner sound of itunes playing aaif files with no upsampling or higher bit rates. In fact the digital output of my Airport express, connected into the same D/A produces excellent bit perfect results. So i guess I'll only upgrade my player if it can reliably play Tidal Master streaming at 96khz through my existing DA. Bit more research required. Cheers G
  7. After doing some reading on MQA I gained some understanding as to why my Macmini's internal sound hardware was limited in its ability to fully realise this format. The hardware is not MAQ compatible and therefore the stream does not unwrap, leaving you with the base Master sampling rate of 48khz at 24bits, which mind you is still a noticeable improvement on 16bit 44.1khz. For the built in hardware to actually lock or sync to this sampling rate, in the Sound output settings you must apply Use Exclusive Mode which forces the hardware to slave to Tidal . Without exclusive mode I found that I had to go back and forth changing sampling rates in Audio Midi Set up. I found that leaving the built in rate at 48khz actually led to a blurring or bloated quality to 44.1khz source. In Exclusive mode the rate changes automatically between Master and Hi Fi sampling rates. Clearly the option here is either external MAQ compatible hardware or media player software with Tidal integration. Audirivana Plus seems to be like the best option. I'd also be interested in a MQA usb to spdif interface however i note that most of the small dongle types are DAC's with only analogue out. Would welcome any recommendations. Cheers G
  8. Hi I built my current house some three years ago and being very much into wired connection I installed HDMI and Cat6 to my pre specified workstation area well away from where my MacMini resides, right under my TV, with a toslink connection directly into my DAC. For various reasons I've had to sell my property and the new property is unfortunately not in the building phase and Im now left pondering how I will deliver HDMI to my workstation some seven meters away without having to cut into the dry wall or have unsightly cables visible in the living area. I've explored wireless HDMI and HDMI over powerline. A number of reviews seem to relay compromises with both systems - namely latency and deterioration of quality. Before I just give up and go out and buy myself 15 meters of HDMI cable I'd just like to ask from members if anybody can make any recommendation on wireless HDMI transmitters. Im also investigating HDMI over TCP/IP with transmitters and receivers - https://www.jaycar.com.au/tcp-ip-cat5e-hdmi-extender-100m-with-ir-repeater/p/AC1734 As this approach is based on IP, could I not connect the extender to a spare wireless router( Airport Express) to create a wireless extension to my main router( Airport Extreme) and then connect to the extenders receiver? I fear that I'm simply cobbling together a wireless HDMI system with this approach. Its called being resourceful and making use of existing hardware. Im attracted to the idea of HDMI over IP, particularly wireless. With this approach you could ultimately position your console wherever you want as long as you had decent wifi reception - enter powerline wifi (not display)extenders. By the way Ive tried Airplay screen mirroring on Apple TV. Lag! Not much but enough to make my teenage daughter complain loudly. I could have lived with it. Cheers George
  9. Why a passive radiator and not a port? Noise?
  10. Yes true. Very smooth extended response . Would be a breeze to crossover, however they don't go down as low and would need a larger box. Also looking at the Visaton AL130 http://www.visaton.com/en/chassis_zubehoer/tiefmittelton/al130_8.html which are slightly cheaper and yield a similar fs in a slightly larger box. The aim here is getting biggest sound from the smallest package.
  11. Thanks. That's the very tweeter I was considering. Unless you were using dsp filtering of at least fourth order or even 8th order then I think for a passive filter a notch would be unavoidable . 5khz would need only a very low value inductor and would shape the roll off nicely without too much fiddling. You're only messing with the FR after low pass filtering after all.
  12. I'm looking into designing a small yet high powered and high xmax bookshelf. The seas L16RNX appears to fall into this category, capable of an f3 of 45hz in an 11liter BR enclosure with high power handling and an extended and useable response. http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=98:h1488-08-l16rnx&catid=44:utv-prestige-woofers&Itemid=461. Massive force factor of 7.2BL and useable efficiency of 85db1w1m, I can see why some projects have seen these drivers used as subwoofers or in Transmission Line enclosures They're not cheap however, but still probably half the price of the magnesium Excel units. Passive crossover design would certainly need to incorporate a 2nd order filter in addition to a notch filter to take care of that huge break up peak at 5khz. I guess I could save some bucks on a non Seas excel or Scan Speak tweeter which could accommodate a lowish crossover point down to 2khz or lower. I like the look of some of the SB acoustics and Seas prestige Tweeters. Cheers george
  13. Hi. It would appear that we're going hell here for leather trying to crush out serious resonances which are inherent in this kind of enclosure shape, and in dealing with the lack of bass efficiency encountered in a sealed enclosure. May I be so bold as to suggest installing a large diameter, long BR port mounted on the back plate , thus converting the cannons to a bass reflex enclosure.Hello bass extension, and it is likely that some of the impedance issues could be minimised. Certainly not a complete redesign. Cheers G
  14. Gee I would've loved to have seen this guy. Highly inventive modern jazz.
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