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  1. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Hi Andy, you have mail.
  2. Gregor

    DIY JBL Clones

    Slightly different is Wayne Parhams pi speakers, pro audio components and cleverly designed crossovers for hifi performance. he is happy to supply just plans too all of the components. http://www.pispeakers.com/Products.html I have built a 4pi ish speaker with a jbl 2206 and 2426 comp driver using his crossover and wave guide/horn with stunning performance. Highly recommend Greg
  3. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Hi dave, I have sent the schematics. Greg
  4. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Hi Dave pm me your email and I will send the schematics. Greg Its quite a tricky amp lots going on. If you decide not to attempt repair I may be interested in buying it.
  5. Gregor

    SOLD: FS:JBL 2225 speakers x 4

    I would be interested in one or both of your recone kits. Greg
  6. Kaynin, what model samsung did you get?
  7. Thanks for the input, i should have had this up a week ago as the wife is not as patient as i am. ended up at jb today and bought a 75 q7 sammy, I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. hopefully it doesn't have any bad traits. Greg
  8. Im looking to get a new tv soon and ive just started looking. All the large panels look magnificent in store but wondering if there is anything i need to know, was at the good guys yesterday and the wife liked a sony at just under $4000 and she was ok to buy it on the spot but i said i needed to do some research first. are there any good sites reviewing the current panels? is the top sony worth the extra 2.5k though im not sure the wife would be ok with the price. i guess im trying to work out the best bang for buck in a big panel. Greg
  9. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Another sr3000 saved from the scrap heap, these amplifiers require the output transistors to be kept tight, Ashes amplifier needed a good 1/3 turn on all the screws to tighten them up. this was the reason 3 of the output transistors failed causing a number of drivers to fail as well. these amplifiers do sound very nice. Greg
  10. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Hi Ash I would be happy to help. Greg
  11. Gregor

    Fake parts

    I recently was part of a group buy on diyaudio for some fets, the guy who was running the group buy also had some new original Renesas Latfets SJ162/SK1058 his user name is " meanman1964" a very nice guy based in europe. Greg
  12. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    Hi Simon, yes it sounds fine no complaints, although I have only listened up to a few watts output. it is rated to 630wrms both ch @8r continuous sine output. Greg
  13. Gregor

    Jands sr3000 power amplifier repair?

    The faulty channel is now fixed, Out of the 16 output devices I was able to match and reuse 8 devices and I replaced the other 8 with new. I also replaced the pre drivers and some diodes . I managed to obtain a copy of the schematic and owners manual from the original designer Mr Doug Ford, a very helpful guy. Cheers Greg
  14. Hi all as the title says im repairing a jands sr3000 power amplifier. was wondering if anyone had any info on this old work horse. I have not powered it up yet but believe it has 1 functional channel, the faulty ch has melted mj15024/5 output devices, the circuit board is not burned or damaged luckily. this is my first rebuild of a class h amplifier. I do have experience in class ab topology. it runs 75-0-75v and 150-0-150v stepped output stages. a schematic would help alot. Greg