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  1. Hi Grumpy, i do have a photo cope of the sa130 article, pm me with your email and ill send a copy. Greg
  2. Great, it sounds like you have all the info now, my brother just msg me back with the port dimensions (a bit late sorry)
  3. Hi Warren, i have looked for the article but didnt find it sorry. i did find the sa130 plans but that doesnt help. what i can do is check with my brother as he has 2 pairs of the sa100 still in use, and now i think about it I may have given him the plans. any way i can get the info, it might take a few days. I know the sa100 cabinets were 42lt volume but i cant remember the tuning. I haven't dealt with Tom for a few years, sorry he's gone. Greg
  4. I have the original article somewhere in my library(i will look), you could also try tom manning at speaker bits as he was the designer. Greg
  5. just remembered i have a pair of the original transformers you could have for $100 they are used but in good order. shipping might be an issue though. Greg
  6. try rs components they have a good range of quality transformers with free shipping.
  7. I tried your wife's email address but had no reply. Greg
  8. Cheers Hoa, your mail address is not working Greg
  9. Samsung tech came today, upgraded firmware to 1229.9. the tech confirmed samsung are aware of an audio issue which can effect the hd fta channels, The issue is a dolby syncing problem the tech said. as i type this the tenplay app is still suffering from this issue. havent given the fta channels a try yet.
  10. Thanks for the tip off regarding the software update, i will try it when i get home today. It might negate the tech coming on Wednesday.
  11. Well I spoke to soon, I left the TV on for the rest of the night and my wife said it was still dropping audio randomly on the tenplay and 10hd FTA channels. Samsung are now booked to come and investigate. Besides this audio issue we have been very happy with q7 Just got a Sony uhd blu ray player and the images are breathtaking at times. Greg
  12. Rang samsung today, went through all the basics and performed a reset of the sound and now the problem seems to have gone. I will see how it is after a couple hrs of being on. Greg
  13. I have the Q7 with these same problems tenplay audio cutting out and 10hd fta the same i thought it might be my antenna but then the wife said it also does it on the tenplay app. I will call samsung . Greg
  14. I may be able to help, I have inherited my dad's old reel to reel recorder I will need to look and see if its here or in storage and then check if it still works. Won't know if it's a gower for a couple days. Greg
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