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  1. I have almost the same as Marc. A less powerful NAS but the same reasoning. I access over 2500 albums via Roon - most ripped form CD or transferred from vinyl over 12 years, a few dozen hires albums from HDTracks and the like. About 600 videos via Plex - most ripped form Bluray or DVD
  2. Further cynical response: What is the difference between a used car salesman and an audio salesman? The used car salesman knows he is lying.
  3. Cynical response - by reading one Reality - our prejudices stop us from seeing the fakeness unless we really want to. The obverse applies too - we refuse to see what does not confirm our biases. All because we are humans adapted to survival by sticking to what we know ...
  4. William also did my 18" subwoofer. A first class joinery.
  5. A few photos from last year. Ballarat, Point Leo and Jervis Bay
  6. Item: Krix Tektonix Subwoofer in Jarrah finish Location: Canberra Price: $750 (reduced - let me know if you want to make an offer) - current model. Sells for over $2k with this finish Item Condition: Very good or better. very slight impressions on the top veneer but definitely not scratches. Electronically perfect. Reason for selling: I have invested $8k in high capacity passive subs instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very powerful and ideal for home theatre, although it does a good job on music for sub $15k systems, I suggest. I am happy to arrange whatever transport you wish at my end. I can wrap in bubble wrap but the original carton has been attacked by insects and thrown out. Here is the Krix site https://www.krix.com.au/tektonix/ Quite happy to talk about it, however I may not be able to get back to you immediately. Pictures:
  7. Marten, it is a competition between 900hz and 1200hz for the best crossover. However, I am increasing the acoustic dampening in the room a bit more around the 2k hz range and will recalibrate after that. the subs take the bottom 2.5 octaves. The mid bass - midrange does about 3 octaves and the tweeter does 4 octaves. I would like to balance it a bit more. Speakers ar VAF i66 Mk II
  8. Mike, out of shot there is a thick rug dealing with most reflections. The wall facing the speakers is 7.5 m away. Ceiling is at an angle 2.4m to the right of the picture and 4.2m at the left. To the left there are 2x 2m door openings. On the facing wall, there is a large staggered bookcase. On the wall (4.2m high) at 2.5m there are rows of books. I use tapestries and high density fibreglass absorbers for midrange taming and bass traps. Overall it works well enough to deal with the room modes.
  9. 120 hz crossover. That worked best when I tested it. The bass/mid of the main speakers go from 120 - 900. Tweeter above that. Crossover slopes 36dB/Octave (main speakers are bi-amped. I chose those frequencies by testing several configurations.
  10. All I really want to say is that the HDP-5 is now doing more to make my ears happy than a preamp/preprocessor that costs twice as much ever did. It took me half a day to setup and reconnect everything. I have to say that for such a complex piece of technology, it is well thought out and not that hard to setup. Results. Bordering on spectacular. Based on a large room, biamped main speakers. Dual subwoofers. Quite a lot of bass and midrange treatment. I can say with confidence that there is nothing I have used to date that has made such a difference and been as satisfying in the past 10 years. High quality digital streaming and the step change in amplification - pre and power amplification are comparable. We could discuss ... however I have a date with some music
  11. My tuppence worth ... even in movies and surround, the main sound stage is still in front of you nearly all the time. That means priorities 1-3 are the stereo speakers , amps for them and the preprocessor in that order. Fourth, have a high power subwoofer with its own amp. Fifth, the centre is useful. 6th go for as many surround speakers with a multichannel amp as you wish. After the left/right surrounds you are really adding speakers for the opportunity to spend money/impress/quantity beats quality/"hope that the source material comes along really soon now because someone wrote an articule in a magazine a few years ago and its gonna happen any day now ...."
  12. From personal experience Classe SSP sounds very good and up there with >$5k stereo preamps. There are always compromises but you get somewhat approximately what you pay for at that end of the market
  13. The active option looks good. Music benefits from the bigger room, in my view. The Actives with DEXQ have a definite edge in room correction but still less correction needed cannot be a bad thing.
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