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  1. From personal experience Classe SSP sounds very good and up there with >$5k stereo preamps. There are always compromises but you get somewhat approximately what you pay for at that end of the market
  2. Peta

    Room Size for Vaf i-66

    The active option looks good. Music benefits from the bigger room, in my view. The Actives with DEXQ have a definite edge in room correction but still less correction needed cannot be a bad thing.
  3. Peta

    Room Size for Vaf i-66

    To be more correct. 2.4-4.2 m sloped cathedral style ...
  4. Peta

    Room Size for Vaf i-66

    Mine are good in a room a little larger. 7x4.5x4m. I use a couple of subwoofers to take the load off the bass drivers and allow also for them to be used with movies. I use bass traps in the corners behind and also acoustic panels in front and behind for mid-range resonance absorption. I find that having internal window coverings closed helps.
  5. This would be my best audio purchase ever. It has delighted me for over 43 years. Never fails to start up. It has brought out the best in all the equipment that has enabled. In times of trouble ... it has saved me from despair ... I do have to admit that the remastered DVDA version can sound better these days but it is always there as a true love of mine. (apologia to Art Garfunkle and Paul Simon)
  6. Peta

    Melbourne Memories

    Dredging up some of the old stuff... My first piece of HiFi was a Phillips Cassette recorder/player with Dolby! It was in a polished walnut case and was a top loader. Mechanically beautiful. Built beautifully. Did everything I wanted. I had a neighbour who had a huge (about 150) collection of records. I used to take my recorder in and taped a lot of them while babysitting. I bought that at Douglas HiFi in 1974 just before Christmas with money saved up from my large group of babysitting clients for $120 - equivalent to a month's wages back then. I connected it to my parents' all in one with dreadful speakers and turntable. The tuntable below was bought with my first scolarship cheque while studying at Melbourne University. Cost was $320 with the SME tonearm and a Stanton EEE cartridge (it could withstand abuse by students influenced by various substances). It has cost me less than $10 per year since February 1976, including the cost of new styluses and two cartridges. Grace F9L and the current one, also a Grace cartridge. I had a secondhand Sugden 20W per channel amplifier that I bought second hand from Douglas for not much. It was good but did not last very long and could be economically repaired". Roger someone and Vasey Stocks were the sales people at the time. I remember well the discussions about acoustic waves. Ï think I probably annoyed them with all my questions and trying to find the perfect components on a student's budget. Around the corner in Swanston St was Space Age Records. I found Cybotron and the other beginnings of electronic music there; I bought Moving Waves and then every other Focus album available from them. Jethro Tull was the next big discovery. Pet Sounds in Malvern was another place I spent time and money at; I bought Spectrum's Milesego there ... and the obligatory Chain, Supertramp, Sebastian Hardie and Skyhooks albums. Monash Records also visited Melbourne Uni on Fridays and I bought quite a few of the cutout imports cheap ... $5.45 and similar prices. King Crimson, Genesis, PFM, ELP and Pink Floyd came to me through those Friday stalls. I remember these days as clearly as yesterday. I remember the excitement and expectation of a new release. I remember the long conversations with staff who had the time to talk about shared interests and passions. I remember the enjoyment with friends when listening to something new and spectacular. Spectrum and King Crimson were that for me. Later mixed with Carole King and Janis Ian, for different reasons. Equipment was, and still is, the means for hearing the music. Over the next two years, I bought the materials to build my first decent speakers from George Hawthorn HiFi as well as a Kenwood Integrated Amplifier. All of that lasted me for around 10 years. They were some of the best years of my life and I am grateful to those who helped me enjoy them so much. The musicians. The record stores and the HiFi stores. Here it is in my current room/system.
  7. As I see it ... video has gone the way of CD. Streaming is better, faster and more useable than disk. I have been transferring my BD to NAS and enjoying the films more. None of the piracy warning crap (I bought the thing and you are telling me not to pirate????). Then there is the streaming services. I use Stan and iView to watch the disks I already own ... that should say something. The business model for disks is now quite broken IMHO. I do not even have a BD/DVD player now and feel no pain.
  8. Peta

    Vintage GTG Canberra

    So, let's put out a call for anyone who does have a venue. Or we can do what we did in the (distant) past and go out to a restaurant ...
  9. Peta

    Vintage GTG Canberra

    ... well ...
  10. Peta


    Still is Keith. Very frustrating. Also thinks that the best choice for playing an artist or composer is .... Shuffle! Who wants to listen to movements in order? Crazy talk ...
  11. It was a commission by Dave Hughes in Caloundra, QLD. He is an artist who also does remedial massage ... The "eye" on the right was also done by Dave.
  12. Edited to read more like the English language ...
  13. I accepted the advice and just did it. Now listening. Happy. Photos show the result. Photos do not reveal what happens with the opening tracks of Dark Side of the Moon ...
  14. Peta

    Local Loaner - Pre Amp

    slightly difficult to loan something that you need everyday ... maybe some of us could help by offering you a listen to our systems and the chance to do a mix and match on an afternoon ...
  15. More than I would most likely find amongst the less fair sex who would be comfortable cycling up a cyclotron, mass spectrometer and or handling a caesium isotope radiation source ... need I go on ... oh, or do that thing related to making dinner for 20 at Christmas.