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  1. As I see it ... video has gone the way of CD. Streaming is better, faster and more useable than disk. I have been transferring my BD to NAS and enjoying the films more. None of the piracy warning crap (I bought the thing and you are telling me not to pirate????). Then there is the streaming services. I use Stan and iView to watch the disks I already own ... that should say something. The business model for disks is now quite broken IMHO. I do not even have a BD/DVD player now and feel no pain.
  2. Peta

    Vintage GTG Canberra

    So, let's put out a call for anyone who does have a venue. Or we can do what we did in the (distant) past and go out to a restaurant ...
  3. Peta

    Vintage GTG Canberra

    ... well ...
  4. Peta


    Still is Keith. Very frustrating. Also thinks that the best choice for playing an artist or composer is .... Shuffle! Who wants to listen to movements in order? Crazy talk ...
  5. It was a commission by Dave Hughes in Caloundra, QLD. He is an artist who also does remedial massage ... The "eye" on the right was also done by Dave.
  6. Edited to read more like the English language ...
  7. I accepted the advice and just did it. Now listening. Happy. Photos show the result. Photos do not reveal what happens with the opening tracks of Dark Side of the Moon ...
  8. Peta

    Local Loaner - Pre Amp

    slightly difficult to loan something that you need everyday ... maybe some of us could help by offering you a listen to our systems and the chance to do a mix and match on an afternoon ...
  9. More than I would most likely find amongst the less fair sex who would be comfortable cycling up a cyclotron, mass spectrometer and or handling a caesium isotope radiation source ... need I go on ... oh, or do that thing related to making dinner for 20 at Christmas.
  10. According to whom? ... Re:the title
  11. Lovely suggestions and I do have a soldering iron etc. I was just wanting to get someone to do it properly with silver solder ...
  12. Thought I might post here first. Does anyone know of anyone very competent at audio soldering to do the internal connections for an 18" Dayton subwoofer to the banana plugs. Obviously this has to be done well for acoustic and mechanical integrity, so I would probably not do a good enough job if I tried. It will have to be Canberra only because this monster cabinet takes two people to move.
  13. Keep me in mind as well please, Simon.
  14. Peta

    ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    Optional for 2 December. Cricket playing might prevent me.
  15. In similar circumstances, thermal mass has been quite helpful. I walk around in bare feet on Winter mornings because of the heat retention in the slate/slab floor. In Summer, my skylight/roof window allows the cool air in and the slate floor again is pleasant because of the cooling effect. Internal brick walls also help but it is the thermal mass in the floor that counts most. Insulation is important. I agree that allowing more heat/light in through Winter is the most important consideration.