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  1. Nonetheless, also what others may experience.
  2. Let's just say that what I observe is what I observe. I did contact Roon and got no useful assistance. Antipodes did help and that is a good thing. Music playing does not slow down nor does much else - it does take a long time. Processing the files does consume resources. Generally that is not a good thing if at all avoidable.
  3. See response jsut before this one
  4. Antipodes has greatly upgraded their processing power for models after the one I bought - a DX. Originally, Roon was quite light on processing needs but after the version that introduced the DSP and new metadata engine, the problems with initiating became apparent. With only a 1tb internal disk I have another 1.2 tb on a NAS. Roon trawls through that each time I start it and "adds" the files. Most of the time there are no changes but it does all that anyway. The update that failed referenced a non-existent (to those outside the Roon organisation) DNS name. If you were unlucky enough to do the update at the wrong time, you got that problem. The problem, however, displayed as there being a license problem. Two weeks later it was fixed with no further update installed. Rather than Roon helping to fix the problem, I got good help from Antipodes to analyse the logs on the DX and track the problem down. When asking what was happening when Roon would only identify two tracks on Talking Heads '77 96-24 bought from HD Tracks, they would only help if I uploaded the full files to a dropbox. The dropbox seems to have a limit on the size or bandwidth for uploading so I was unable to upload after a dozen or more attempts. There was no alternative so they would not look at the metadata, despite me giving it to them. It seems as though I am about the only Roon user who has bought that Hi-res album. I do use Roon, of course. I wanted to also share the less good part of what Roon do.
  5. Of course this is my personal view ... I bought Roon early on when it was giving high quality audio and a smart presentation that worked for playing music. Then they started bloating the product with features that I do not use and interfere with playing music. I do not use shuffle or most of the other playback options. I like to play the music as the producer of the album meant it to be played. At the start Roon began to take notice of classical music lovers and improved the way you could classify your collection and then select it. However, they soon went more commercial and focused on pop music "song" based classification and lots of overhead that is ok with a small collection. I have some 2,300 albums, including more than 200 records that I converted from vinyl. Roon has dreadful trouble with these and I have to manually override. Roon also has trouble with a few HD tracks albums that are in 96 and 192kHz format. It jumbles the album and you cannot seem to fix it. Their support is atrocious. You have to effectively prove that they have a fault and then they say they will look into it for a future release. I think this is because they know you have bought the product already and they gain nothing by looking after you. By contrast adding bells and whistles to get new buyers is their focus. There was even one instance where they released a faulty update that stopped Roon working completely and they did not even acknowledge it. There were at least five reports and multiple people identifying that they also had the problem. I had to use a different streamer because Roon was installed on my Antipodes DX and therefore effectively disabled it. Roon is not so good at managing large collections. It has a crudely built indexing engine that likes to re-index each time you start the Roon server. It then takes a long time to do it, requiring the manufacturers of playback devices to move to much more powerful processor upgrades. I get the impression that their target market is people who play music on a desktop computer to and amp/speaker combination. There are a few more nitpicks but that is probably enough. Recently there have been a few small improvements to usability, however the focus on new customers rather than existing ones seems to be still happening. Nonetheless, I still use Roon to play my music.
  6. I have two substantial subwoofers and configured them to work together with a DEQX. Look good and sound good. Even though it seems to be an advanced thing room treatment fo\r the bass is well worth the effort and small expense.
  7. I have almost the same as Marc. A less powerful NAS but the same reasoning. I access over 2500 albums via Roon - most ripped form CD or transferred from vinyl over 12 years, a few dozen hires albums from HDTracks and the like. About 600 videos via Plex - most ripped form Bluray or DVD
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