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  1. Yhere is fansm but hey humans we need to take some chalk.
  2. I can see how after edits can disrupt a thread? really
  3. I can see thiws rhing digressing.
  4. Possums no relation, but I just edited? Possums.
  5. ok no conection between a **** and an arsehole? ]
  6. We are digessing from a serious question about the merits of differenent chords on similar instruments,
  7. Music is the closest thing to real life, you cant bullshit it. but lets enjoy it hey?
  8. I just wasted some of my energy in the poitics thing. Think mustard needs a good women myself.
  9. I'll leave you to correct the spam.
  10. We are talking alternative slide/sitar?
  11. So why your need to express what yo ufeel is spam, why waste energy?
  12. Personally me myself likes freedom and not some prick telling the world what spam is.
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