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  1. I vaguely recall that it's possible to buy JPLAY and use it as a driver for iTunes. Could be a way forward to good sound with good management.
  2. Somebody is a little mad for bikes. http://wearefactoryfive.com/blogs/factory-five-blog/19055655-the-worlds-most-amazing-collection-of-bicycles
  3. A mate has vaf i93's and a primare $5k avr, oh yeh, and 5 kids under 10 years old. He has put up a plastic fence across the front of the hifi room, one of those kiddy, fold-able plastic fences, apparently works well against the toddlers. About 60 cm high, about 4-5 metres across.
  4. Jriver 20. Because computer audiophile recommends it, as do quite a few guys on SNA in their signatures.
  5. Nope not normal. Try a different power cable, different power socket. Swap out some components, see if you can narrow down any interference between parts.
  6. Sad to hear about hurt speakers, very sad. Back in the day when we hired cleaners I warned them that if any component of my hifi was damaged by them I would make a claim against them. Cleaner raised his eyebrow and thence stayed over 30 cm away from all my components. Reckon you should be playing hard ball and demanding a completely new speaker from your insurer, let them sue the workers insurer.
  7. Try the slide out next time, no brakes, no skidding, but still a speccy.
  8. Nadeah. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/nadeah/id428786970
  9. Nope, chasing the best aint a waste of time, it's just plain good fun. I like the chase, it's a spot and release thing for me, I like window shopping.
  10. Do David's get a discount on the Dave?
  11. http://app.strava.com/athletes/1419435 http://www.mkweb.co.uk/WORLD-RECORD-Milton-Keynes-man-aiming-cycle-75/story-25457743-detail/story.html Holy mother load, apparently this guy is attempting to break the year long riding record, he's aiming for about 80,000 miles in 1 year!
  12. Don't buy a dick smith one, I did and it fell to bits in a few months. Chord optichord is still going strong.
  13. Yeh, go on, add the vaf i66, i93 to your option list. I'd be thinking vaf i66 plus a vaf gravitas subwoofer all in an impeccable metallic green finish.
  14. When I added the harmon kardon hk990 to power my front left right and the cambridge audio 650r avr powering the rears and centre, I noticed that the centre and rears sounded heaps better, whereas the front LR sounded about the same. So, yep ya going to notice a worthwhile difference imo.
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