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  1. harry_mr

    FS:Usher V602 Speakers

    I have a pair of these Ushers with an early sansui and love the sound from them, very good value for money.
  2. harry_mr

    FS: Aaron ATS4 floorstanding loudspeakers

    For the money Aarons are good value for money, GLWTS.
  3. Nice power amp, wish it was closer to my home.
  4. harry_mr

    Emotiva and 8 Track cassette

    Released on 1st April 2014 must in production by now.!
  5. What two Akai R2R listed here within days, what are the odds? I own two Akai M*8 Classic era equipment. Good luck
  6. harry_mr

    FS; Various cd's

    Aussie crawl pls
  7. BATMAQN you deserve a medal, rotating the pics makes all the difference to an ad.
  8. Lovely gear, how long did you cry for after the scratch?
  9. Reminds me of all the spares I had when I closed my consumer electronics repair section down, even as a whole lot on ebay you should be able to find a buyer, but sounds like time is an issue. Good luck
  10. Most people (under 25) don't know anythings different, so if it seems normal then there is nothing to look for. Once you try chocolate ice cream its hard to go back to vanilla again when you know chocolate ice cream exists..
  11. Bargain price for a very nice rack, wish it was in QLD
  12. harry_mr

    SOLD: Akai GX-215D Reel to Reel

    Be careful that looks like someone had dodged up the overseas mains plug and left the earth disconnected, get it fixed. I have 2 Akai reel to reel M8's that I don't know what to do with. I have seen a project to make them into valve mono's Good luck here, Pulp Fiction made r2r sought after as a mantle piece.
  13. An opshop bin, I see heaps of classical one's there. Cheers