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  1. This is a thread where owners of the new Kraftwerk II power supply can post feedback.
  2. Yes - according to Rob Watts the Mscaler only draws about 1 A so any of my 15v output power supplies would be fine. The best 15v PSU would be my brand new Kraftwerk II https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/kraftwerk-ii Should be available in about a week. 😃
  3. Element 14 has a good range of RF coaxial cable assemblies using BNC connectors https://au.element14.com/w/c/cable-wire-cable-assemblies/cable-assemblies/rf-coaxial-cable-assemblies?connector-to-connector=bnc-plug-to-bnc-plug&sort=P_ATT_BASE_VALUE_1016559_EN_GB|1
  4. Just to give you an idea of size here is the power supply with transformer
  5. Hi Snoopy - yes some very valid points. It will certainly be a challenge to actually try & get the the next higher end model sounding any better than the Kompakt DAC. RE unboxing video. Maybe Lenticularis will volunteer as he is getting serial number 0001.
  6. Hi Tarzan, hey you will get a chance to hear the new DAC on Sunday at the headfi club meeting. Sorry no plans at the moment on a new headphone amp
  7. Hi Rob, thanks for the vote of confidence. I will be all good to ship on Tuesday 22nd Sep & the website will show in stock then. PM me if you want to place an order now. Cheers Clay
  8. Hi guys thought you might like an internal shot as well - first without Amanero & you can see the new S/PDIF section
  9. Hi Guys, Well after many months of designing, testing, prototyping & listening we have two new products, the Kompakt DAC (releasing next week) and the Kraftwerk II (releasing the week after). We are doing things a bit differently with these products in that we have significantly improved the presentation with fully custom imported cases from Japan as well as standardized soft foam packaging to help give you a better unboxing experience and shipping safety. The case is formed with a clam shell design out of 2.5mm solid aluminium, with a robust black powder coated finish to add robustness to marks, and full metal aluminium silk screen printed front and back panels. Both units still feature Express Post Australia-wide shipping and a two year parts and labour warranty as standard. Kompakt DAC - $1200 https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/kompakt The Kompakt DAC uses a straightforward and efficient design using the AK4493EQ in hardware mode (PCM only) for coax, optical & USB inputs with the first upgrade being a new S/PDIF input stage based on the premium AKM AK4118A chip. This is considered the best device out there for this job and I have to admit it is a big improvement from the Wolfston chip used in previous models. Not only does it sound better but it is rock solid in terms of digital lock on & auto muting. Next up is the big 500mH choke in the all important on-board main pre-regulated power supply. The power supply has a big effect on sound quality & adding in a large choke produces a clear improvement in audio quality. Another addition is ten separate regulators so that there is no sharing of power sources for the DAC, S/PDIF and USB sections, which I think has added a lot in terms of separation and imaging. The other technical jump is the switch to a four layer printed circuit board, which provide a full unbroken ground plane, as well as a few other improvements, to really help performance with a digital device. Bottom line – how does it sound? Well unavoidably I am biased but in my opinion, this is my best sounding DAC I have produced to date. This is to be expected as the circuit is basically an improved iteration to the Fein DAC II design with enhancements in the power supply, extra regulators & the engineering improvements from the four layer printed circuit board. Kraftwerk II - $650 https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/kraftwerk-ii The Kraftwerk II is a new flexible design with adjustable output of 12v, 15v, 16v, and 18v all at 3A via a selector switch on the back. I will have a similar lower voltage version in a couple of weeks with outputs of 5v, 7v, 9v and 12v all at 3A. The big improvement with the Kraftwerk II is the incorporation of a large high quality choke and an high efficiency active mosfet bridge rectifier. The elegant new design features an automatic pre-regulator which helps evenly disperse the regulator heat emission at lower voltages, letting the PSU run cooler and more efficiently. The final regulator is a premium Linear Technology unit with emitter follower output topology, which rivals discrete designs. Main filter capacitors are premium Nichicon Gold Tune and final filtering using Nichicon MUSE caps. It is powered by a large high quality Australian approved Tortech 5A external transformer. The addition of extra very high quality parts has bumped the price up but in my (albeit biased) opinion performance is a step up from all my previous designs. PS. Both products are visible on our website but will be set as out of stock until they release over the coming weeks (I'll keep you posted). All the best, Clay Hey just to make this clear you do not need the Kraftwerk II to to power Kompakt DAC. It comes with its own external 9 V transformer and that is all that is required to run it
  10. Hi Michael, yes no problem with 12v - 1A is probably the lowest current rating I have but more current headroom is always a good thing. So an entry level version low noise linear PSU with stand Kemet filter caps would be $300. There are various upgrade paths like Nichicon Gold Tune capacitors & choke filter so PM me & I can give you more details Cheers Clay
  11. Just waiting on the cases which are due to ship any day now from Japan.
  12. Spot on! 👍 I guess the external PSU acts like a pre regulator which makes life very easy for the internal regulators. The internal regulators are all very good linear technology device's so you would not think pre regulating would help but it does.
  13. There are a few seperate internal supplies so the best and simplest way to run it from DC Is via the rear panel 9v AC input socket. DC going in will end up going through bridge rectifiers and additional filtering causing a small voltage drop but that is no problem as the internal regulators have plenty of headroom. The bottom line is it just sounds better with a nice external DC power supply.
  14. All good - Dave & I now discussing via email. RE muon - yes that battery would be perfect. The Klein III only draws about 150ma so a full charge would last a fair while. RE gwurb Yes that battery would be excellent too. The DAC runs on 9v AC but if feeding it DC you need 12v. 9v AC x 1.41 (for rms to dc conversion) = 12.6v DC The DC voltage inside the DAC after the bridge rectifier is around 12 - 13v so a 12v external DC supply is perfect.
  15. Hi Dave, i'm guessing it's a Klein III as that's the only one that will run off DC. If so it should work well running off the battery and doesn't draw much current so the battery should last a fair while. I would think an SLA 12v battery (Used in alarms) would work fine. definitely worth giving it a go.
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