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  1. Hi Brendan, thanks for the feedback. Also thanks heaps for the great detailed post Looking forward to the SOtM SPS500 comparo Cheers Clay
  2. Once again thank you everyone for the fantastic support. Twenty eight units purchased in sixty days - that is a record for a new product of mine. Unfortunately the web site is back to "out of stock" due to lack of Jensen Transformers but I will have more in a week or so. 😃 😃 😃
  3. Hi Guys, thanks for all the fantastic feed back. I have finally managed to get another shipment of Jensen transformers from the US so the website is now showing "in stock" again for the Kompakt DAC. The bad news is there was a big fire recently at the AKM factory in Japan. As a result of this most AKM DAC chips are showing "nil stock" from all suppliers. The Kompakt DAC use the AKM Ak4493EQ & the AKM AK4118A - both are now unavailable. I have enough chips for about twenty more Kompakt DAC's but that it! I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that
  4. I have been using the Auralic Aries G1 in my system for about three months now & I'm extremely happy with it. The Lightning DS app is very slick & polished to the point I find it unnecessary to purchase say Roon. The other big bonus with the G1 which a lot of other streamers don't have is the dual built in linear power supplies. There are a lot of on line reviews but I found this one very detailed & informative. https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/auralic-aries-g1-streamer/ Sure no direct Android app is a negative but if you are outlaying
  5. Well I've finally found time to give you some details on the brand new Kraftwerk II power supplies. The main difference over previous designs is the large iron core choke which goes between the two Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors. What this does is remove the nasty saw tooth ripple that you normally have on the output of the main filter capacitor. What is left is a very low level sinusoidal ripple which is very easy for the regulator to remove. Also standard for the Kraftwerk II range is the use of a active synchronous mosfet bridge rectifier. The main advantage of this i
  6. Hi Matt, fortunately I had just stocked up on AKM DAC & S/PDIF chips before the fire. I have enough chips for x 25 more Kompakt DAC's but that's it. There is now zero stock at Digikey who is the main supplier. I'm making enquireys through other big component stocking suppliers but not hopeful.
  7. I have stock of the 12, 15, 16 & 18v units & with the 5,7,8 & 12v units I'm just waiting on the cases which should be here mid next week. I was planing to show "in stock" when both models were available. Anyone after the higher voltage version just private message me & I can arrange a purchase.
  8. Hi @Bricki both the low voltage & high voltage versions are now available, If you are mainly wanting it for 12v the lower voltage version would be the best one to go for & it will also run cooler at that voltage. Sound wise both versions have the same performance so the sound should be the same.
  9. A quick update on the availability of the next batch of Kompakt DAC's. The cases are due to arrive Monday the 19th of October. The only hold up then is the AK4118A S/PDIF receiver chip . Digikey (only supplier) ran out of these about a month ago but more stock is expected on the 15th October (yesterday) I have ordered a lot so hopefully no more hold-ups on that part. All going well the web site should show "in stock" late next week. Update 20th October The next batch of cases has now arrived & the AK4118A chips are due tomorrow. Finally I can
  10. Hi guys - just seen this. Just a little over budget but I could probably do a custom 12v 5A power supply for $500. It would be using a active bridge rectifier & Nichicon Gold tune capacitors in the standard Kraftwerk case. I would need to do a few test but I'm sure it is doable.
  11. Hi everyone and thanks for all the great feedback on the Kompakt DAC. It seems like all those hours of research & testing paid off. Not all owners like to post on SNA so here is just one example of a satisfied new owner who emailed me today. Quote from serial number 007 Hi Clay Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Kompakt dac I’am amazed by the differences in detail retrieval soundstage and overall the music is a lot more natural sounding. It’s the placement of instruments and the tonal integrity which blows me away as well
  12. No - Only the Regen. It was hard to say if there was any difference. I think the Auralic Aries Femto has a very clean output on USB so that is probably why I did not notice much difference. I would think with a PC or laptop the difference would be more obvious as the source is quite noisey.
  13. Hi Guys - I'm most interested in the changes the ifi iUSB micro/nano makes to the Kompakt DAC sound quality. I would have thought the main advantage if the iUSB would using it with USB powered DAC's. Now the Kompakt DAC is not USB powered, the Amanero USB board is powered from a seperate low noise regulator inside the DAC & the USB sockets + input pin is fully disconnected. The iFi units also claim reclocking & signal clean up so with say with a noisey laptop that could certainly help. However I'm a little sceptical about some of these "add on" devices. I once
  14. Just letting everyone know I have started taking pre-orders for the next batch. Private message me with: Full name & shipping address. Email Mobile no. - for tracking I can then email you a invoice & allocate a serial number. No need to pay the invoice until they are getting close. All going well about eight days away.
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