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  1. Gieseler Audio

    GIESELER Fein DAC II owners thread

    Yes the 3 - input Fein II is now shipping. There will be a Gross DAC + Enhanced Kraftwerk PSU as well as a new Fein II 3 - input at the Brisbane headfi club meeting on the 30th of March - I’m sure there will be some critical comparisons done there.
  2. Gieseler Audio

    GIESELER Fein DAC II owners thread

    Well I’ve finally had a chance to carefully compare the Fein II with a Gross DAC. The Gross was a very well run in USB only version ( supposedly best sounding version) powered by a Kraftwerk gold tune power supply. The Fein II was a brand new build (no run in) 3 - input version powered by the standard 9v external transformer/plugpack. For the record there is no point in powering the Fein II with anything else as it has a built-in Kraftwerk gold tune Enhanced power supply. First up both DAC’s sound extremely good but in my opinion the Fein II is clearly better in a few areas. Improvements were, imaging, separation, resolution & bass control. Initially I thought the Gross was fuller in the bottom end but with careful listening I think it was a looser bass without the control/tightness the Fein II had. Now please take note this is my opinion only and obviously subjective. I will try some to do some organised double blind testing with additional listeners when time permits. I’m very confident one of the big reasons for the improvement is the built-in Kraftwerk Enhanced power supply that the Fein II has. No doubt the Gross would also improve with that treatment but I’ll save that for the new AK4499 version but that will not be for a while. Also the AK4499 is “current out” ( not voltage RE Fein) so I won’t be able to use the simple Jensen line output transformer topology - dam shame! So summing up the Fein II is now my benchmark DAC And in my opinion the best sounding unit to date. Bold statement I know but there should be a few units out there shortly so looking forward to some owner reviews which this topic is for.
  3. Gieseler Audio

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Hi Richard, as soon as I catch up on orders I will do some thorough output power testing at various impedances & post the results. Also as I have some new test gear I can add distortion & frequency response plots. In the mean time if you go to the start of this thread there is some output level information. Those reading were from the prototype though - the production model actually has a bit higher output.
  4. Gieseler Audio

    New Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU versions

    Well I finally got around to building another enhanced Kraftwerk PSU & gave it a few days run in. First up I took some measurements and the noise levels are lower again compared the gold tune version which I was expecting. However the noise levels are already very low in all the Kraftwerk PSU’s so I’m not sure reducing them even more will have a significant effect on the sound. The enhanced version does have a much lower output impedance over a broader bandwidth and I think that is having an effect in a positive way. With careful listening there is a definite improvement over the gold tune version. It’s not huge but there definitely is some in improvement there. Subtle areas like slightly better separation, a little bit more control and the image is a bit more focused. For existing Kraftwerk power supply owners I wouldn’t recommend upgrading as it is only a subtle difference. However for new buyers wanting the best the Enhanced version is definitely the way to go especially with revealing systems. Suopermani has lashed out on one so no doubt he will provide us with some feedback.
  5. Gieseler Audio

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Also any other Sydney SNA'ers wanting a listen just PM me & I will tee it up after John has finished.
  6. Gieseler Audio

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Hi John, yes the PSU is equivalent to a Kraftwerk Nichicon Gold Tune version. Huge 40kuf of Nichicon Gold Tune Caps, special soft recovery low EM radiation diodes, Linear Technology low noise regs & dual RF snubbers. Correct as well RE balanced out option with single ended RCA inputs
  7. Gieseler Audio

    Gieseler Headphone Amplifier Release

    Hi John, ok sounds like a good plan so I will get one shipped out to you this week to try.
  8. I mainly brought the Sony MDR-Z1R's to fine tune my new headphone amp but I'm really enjoying them now even with AV material. If there is enough interest I'm happy to send the headphone amp to Melbourne for a demo tour.
  9. Gieseler Audio

    Best Line Level Preamp?

    Over budget but would certainly do the Manley Chinook phono pre justic
  10. Gieseler Audio

    New Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU versions

    Hi Richard, I only had a quick test but it definitely added some subtle improvements. A local Gross DAC owner has since purchased it. Initially he noticed improvements in the mid-range & top end but the bass hadn’t changed much. Then after a certain time the magic happened. He said it was almost like flicking a switch so I think they do definitely need a certain amount of running time to come good.
  11. Gieseler Audio

    GIESELER Fein DAC II owners thread

    Maybe I should organise a demo Fein II trip to Melbourne as I have had a few enquireys from there. I have just ordered the pcb’s for the 3- input version which has quite a few upgrades in the S/PDIF section compared to all earlier models. Upgrades are ultra low noise regulators for analogue & digital supplies to the Wolfson WM8804. Also low ESR Tantlum decoupling caps in the same area & improved rf I2S switching relays. Also the S/PDIF section now has full auto muting on signal unlock or disconnection - no more loud unexpected white noise. With this new version I would expect minimal sound quality differences between the 3 input & USB only version. Now all I have to do is pray that I have no mistakes in my new PCB layout. The tracks are so fine there’s no way I can change anything. 🙏🙏🙏
  12. Gieseler Audio

    GIESELER Fein DAC II owners thread

    noddy I don't have a Groß so can't do a comparison with the Fein I but there have been some comparisons between the DS & the Groß. Matt, yes you summed that up pretty well. I have stopped production of the Groß as the AK4499 will become AKM's top chip when it is released in May. Nichicon Gold Tune vs Elna Silmic. They are a bit different in terms of application. The Nichicon's are a much larger "snap in" design suited as a main filter cap in a PSU. The Silmic's have normal wire thru hole connections & suit decoupling, extra smoothing etc. I'm using the Nichicons Gold Tune's in the Fein II as it has a large Kraftwerk style PSU built in. I need 40k uf of filtering & you would need a crazy number of Silimic's to do that. The Fein II & also the Groß will be at Benjet's gtg in Brisbane so a good time to do comparisons.
  13. Very interesting - those Nichicon Gold Tune capacitors he used in the upgrade are the same Nichicon capacitors I use in my upgraded Gold Tune Kraftwerk 12v PSU. It is reassuring that someone else also finds they improve the sound.
  14. Gieseler Audio

    Line-level crossover for bi-amped speakers?

    Thanks Dave. I will have a good chat to Mike about it and see what sort of slopes & baffle correction he is using. Mikes factory it’s only five minutes from mine so I call-in regularly. I’m sure he will give me his Clio measurements - that way I can have a good look at transfer functions phase etc and see how hard it would be to match up. I will add an update once I’ve had a chat with Mike about it. You ever ever know - maybe another Gieseler Lenehan alliance coming up.
  15. Hi the current draw is only 500ma so I could supply you a custom 12v version of my standard M17 - cost $275. If you drive down & pick it up in person - $260 PM for details. Cheers Clay