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  1. I called into Mike's late last week & the new prototype was actually in the testing/listening area. Assembled & complete with drivers but still very much in the development stage. I will try & call in this week & grab a quick photo if Mike will let me. 🙏 🙏🙏
  2. 1. Sorry no update on comparisons - moving on to a brand new design - more info below. 2. Yes correct it is only the 16v transformer that has the grounding option. I also just found out the latest versions of the transformers have now gone to a two pin mains plug so no more earthing option. I don't thing this is a big deal as it seems it is mainly SMPS that benefit from the earth option. 3. Sorry no it would require a new PCB to suit the Nichicon Gold Tune upgrade. OK - I have been putting a lot of effort into a new PSU design which I will be releasing shortly. The main change is adding a massive iron core choke which reduces the usual spikey ripple to a nice gentle sine wave shape. UpTone Audio use this same technique in their superb JS-2 model. The ripple is extremely low after the choke so the regulator has a much easier job which is a good thing. The new PSU will be released very shortly so I will do a full release then wth lots of info & measurements. It should be my best sounding PSU to date. Stay tuned!
  3. Jeddie ETA on the new DAC The pcb's are on the way so hopefully they will arrive late next week. With Covid-19 restrictions shipping times are a bit unpredictable at the moment. I currently have a sample case but haven't made a final decision yet so that will delay things slightly. As soon as the boards arrive I will build up a unit, have a good listen & then I will be in a better position to see how it compares with the current Klein III. At this stage and all going well I would think the new model will be available in 3 to 4 weeks. Definitely worth waiting for as it has quite a few technical improvements and a better slicker appearance as well.
  4. RS components have a good range but pricey https://au.rs-online.com/web/c/enclosures-storage-material-handling/enclosures/
  5. AKM chips really shine with DSD but this DAC is a basic design & the chip is operating in hardware mode so alas - no DSD. It is a tough decision but to add DSD I have to run the chip in software mode, add a microprocessor, code & a display. Now no problem doing that but the added parts & build time certainly bump the price up quite a bit. This is a very basic design, DAC chip, PSU's & output transformers using top quality parts - result - impressive sound at a entry level price. I was thinking of doing a second version with display etc but then that would virtually be equivalent to my Fein II so no point. AK4497/AK4499 yes nice DAC's but I'm saving them for new higher end models which will be happening soon.
  6. Actually it did not involve that much time so I have designed a second version of the new board that will suite the AK4493 chip. That way I can order a small quantity of both versions, build one of each & do some comparison measurement/listening tests. Then whatever performs the best will go into the new model. However from past experience I find the power supply and output stage has a far bigger influence on the sound than the actual chip used.
  7. For the record the AK4495 that I’m using is actually more expensive than the AK4493 which would normally be used in that series of DAC. Sure it is a older older model (2015) but it was their flagship chip at the time & IMHO still stacks up very well. Interestingly Digikey the AKM distributer have 3k+ in stock so I’m guessing it must still be fairly popular for them to stock that many.
  8. For streaming I would need to integrate a server/SBC into the DAC. Great idea but but not something I'm planing at the moment. I do actually have a prototype DAC with inbuilt Raspberry Pi running Picore player - sounds good too. There are still a few issues tho like occasional pops etc so not perfect. I will certainly revisit it down the track but not for a while - way to busy with building stuff & no time for software support which a streamer would require.
  9. Very soon - sample cases have now shipped FedEx from japan. When they arrive I just need to fine tune hole & text locations etc & then put thru a production order. Should all happen within two weeks hopefully. It will certainly be nice to have someone else doing the machining side of things for a change. ☺️
  10. Hi there unfortunately your current one can not be modified. The higher current & higher voltage require a completely different circuit design & a big 5A transformer. Some info here I have all parts in stock but not a finished one - I can build one tomorrow if you like. Cost is $500. Cheers Clay
  11. That Kraftwerk PSU is not sufficient to power a 65W NUC. I would need to see the transformer but I have a feeling it is a 2.5A transformer so the DC output on the power supply would only be 2 A or 30w way too low for a NUC. I do now make a different PSU that is suitable for a NUC 18v 4A so 72W total
  12. RE demo unit I will look at that after the official release.
  13. Yes definitely possible. It will require a on-board microprocessor, code and some high-quality relays so that will add to the cost a bit. Actually I’ve just realised in the Konverter DAC/pre I used the analog muse volume control chip which is very transparent and I have that code worked out already. Anyway just another option.
  14. Sounds like a great idea. OK I will do some R&D on it.
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