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  1. The Fein II will actually drive headphones directly but you will need a RCA or XLR to 6.5mm adaptor cable. The power available is not a lot but with efficient headphones reasonable good levels are obtainable. Definitely worth a try.
  2. Hey just a thought. I currently have my 3-input demo Fein II DAC in Melbourne so you are more than welcome to try it in your system & see if you notice a worthwhile improvement. I would need to know ASAP tho as it is scheduled to go to Brisbane on Monday. It is currently with SNA member Mat-With-one-t in Thornbury It is a little over your budget but I could certainly do an attractive price being a demo unit. Anyway something to consider. Cheers Clay
  3. Well actually that is your board - It looked so good when I finished building & testing it yesterday I thought it would be good to post some photos.
  4. Just in case anyone wants to see whats inside. There have been a few little component changes/improvements recently Main Nichicon Gold Tune capacitance up from 10,000uf to arround 15,000uf. Also a few regulator upgrades. It may look a bit sparse but that is because it is a deliberate minimalistic design using high quality parts. The critical VREF capacitors around the DAC chip are Nichicon Fine Gold series with a massive 2,200 uf of capacitance. Muting uses solid state photo mosfet relays which are super fast & silent. The Amanero USB board has it’s own ultra low noise regulation using a premium Linear Technology regulator. All components are hand soldered with low temp silver loaded solder. I find this actually sounds a bit better than the usual 200+ automated baking process & long term reliability is also increased.
  5. Item: GIESELER FEIN DAC USB only version + Kraftwerk Nichicon Gold Tune Enhanced PSU Location: Gold Coast Price: $1500 Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: discontinued model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit Extra Info: GIESELER Fein DAC USB + Kraftwerk Gold Tune Enhanced PSU package - NEW This is my last Fein DAC (USB only version) so I'm offering as a package with a Kraftwerk Gold Tune Enhanced PSU. This combination is equivalent to the current Fein II model. It is a new build & comes with the normal two year parts & labour warranty. Please note there is a very small ding in the aluminium lid in the back left hand corner - see photos. The Fein & Fein II use the same firmware so this comes with the latest June 2019 version. Also the Amanero board has the new 2006be10 firmware which now gives perfect DSD512 playback on Linux based units like the SOtM SMS200 ultra etc. The remote control is the newer version so has a little better off axis performance. For the record the Fein & Fein II is the same design/circuit except the Fein II has the built in Kraftwerk Nichicon Gold Tune PSU. By combining a Fein with the Enhanced Kraftwerk PSU you end up with the same higher quality sound you would get with a Fein II. This package represents excellent value as the Fein DAC listed for $1750 & the Kraftwerk Gold Tune Enhanced is $550 so $2300 total. The current Fein II USB (only version) lists for $2000 so you are still saving $500. This is my last earlier version model so there will be no more deals like this for a while. Price includes courier delivery Australia wide. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Looks like this is probably sold - will confirm a bit later. Yes definitely sold.
  7. Item: GIESELER 3 input Gross DAC with built in Kraftwerk Gold Tune PSU - New Location: Gold Coast Price: 2000.00 Item Condition:new Reason for selling: discontinued model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit Extra Info: Includes courier shipping Australia wide This is the very last Gross DAC I have manufactured. It actually has a full Kraftwerk Nichicon Gold Tune PSU built in. It was going to be the "Gross II" but was so similar to the Fein II I decided not to go ahead with it so this is the only one ever built. Full info & specs here. https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/groß-dac This is a brand new unit, not demo & will come with the full two year parts & labour warranty. It represents excellent value as the 3 input Gross sold for $2350 + Kraftwerk Gold Tune PSU is $450 so equivalent to $2800 worth of DAC & PSU. The Amanero USB board has the latest 2006be10 firmware so perfect DSD512 playback on Linux & Windows servers. The DAC is also running the latest firmware & now has S/PDIF auto mute. The remote control is the newer version so better range than the old model. Payment Direct deposit or PayPal. Shipping is included & will be via courier Australia wide. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. It is probably best to check with Kingwa at Audio GD. With my DAC's we sometimes have to fine tune the DAC firmware to Amanero & that can change with Amanero firmware changes.
  9. Sorry on hold at the moment due to work load. Check out Academy Audio as they use the Muses chip in their kits https://www.academyaudio.com/diy-products
  10. No - the current limit is mainly a safety feature so the designer of the PSU can the limit the maximum current the PSU can supply at the specified output - 24v in this case. The regulator has a internal current limit of 2.4 A but that is really pushing it so that’s why I limit it to 2A. The transformer is rated at 3A max (AC) so the max DC will be less so by limiting the max current to 2A nothing will ever be over stressed & the transformer will never overheat. Check out the data sheet on the regulator I use. https://au.mouser.com/datasheet/2/609/3086fb-1265782.pdf It’s has an amazing number of really useful features as well as low noise. Around $12 a pop so you would normally only see it in premium products.
  11. Yes Andy - correct it will be very lightly loaded but but remember I am using a precision Analog Devices regulator to set the output voltage to 24v. It will maintain 24 v from no external load up to 2A at which point current limiting cuts in. The LT3080 which I use actually has adjustable current limiting so I set it to 2A - clever little thing isn’t it? They are virtually bullet-proof with thermal cutout and short-circuit proof as well. It’s a shame they are so expensive! With a 24v AC input from the transformer I actually end up with about 34v raw dc into the regulator so there’s plenty of headroom.
  12. Hi Andy - yes if I use a .9A 24v Ac adaptor instead of the 3A 24v nice potted transformer I save a whopping $20 https://www.altronics.com.au/p/m6014-powertran-ip68-24v-ac-3a-appliance-transformer/ https://www.altronics.com.au/p/m9379a-powertran-24v-ac-0.9a-appliance-powerpack/
  13. Hi Andy & thanks for the enquiry. 1. Yes Kraftwerk is the name for the new range of PSU's https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/m18psu-kraftwerk 2. Yes no problem with doing a 24v version. I have actually built a few 24v versions so I will make it a permanent model. They have actually been for phono stages too & the owners seemed very happy. Current rating would 2A. 3. Currently I only have the PCB's for the standard version but that is a good idea to offer it in a Nichicon Gold Tune version as well. I will get some Gold Tune 24v version PCB's with my next order - very soon. Costing would the same as my 12v 4A range as the parts are essentially the same so. Standard version $375 Gold Tune $450
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