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  1. Gieseler Audio

    In at the deep end - SB 15 inch for sensitive bass

    Wow Brian that is serious dollars for a tweeter!
  2. Gieseler Audio

    Klein DAC owners thread

    Hi Monk, that is odd especially as the coax & optical inputs are working with your other units. I did notice in the Marantz manual that the pitch control needs to be on zero otherwise the digital output is disabled Maybe check that. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/650918/Marantz-Cd5003.html?page=29 Also looks like Audio EX2 disables digital out. Thinking about it more it would appear the DAC’s digital inputs are working fine but the Marantz is not outputting a digital signal - some setting not quite right. Thanks Alberto for your help. Cheers Clay
  3. Gieseler Audio

    DAC with analogue volume control

  4. Gieseler Audio

    DAC with analogue volume control

    Hey Bill that is a serious modification. Maybe as a new Gross/Pre version. However I do need something to replace the Konverter so will give it some thought.
  5. Gieseler Audio

    Remote control volume & input selector board for DIY use.

    Hi mcb, sorry - I’ve been busy with some new design work. I will get back onto it & update this thread shortly. Regards Clay
  6. Gieseler Audio

    GIESELER KONVERTER DAC original tube version

    Hi Mike, no this Is based on Burr-Brown PCM1704k DAC chips which are multibit R2R. All the Klein DAC’s & the Gross DAC use delta-sigma style chips which are very different.
  7. Location: Gold Coast Price: $2000 includes Australia wide courier delivery Item Condition: Ex Demo Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct deposit Extra Info: GIESELER KONVERTER DAC original tube version First a bit of background on the Konverter. The whole design was a big step up & a lot later than my previous PDX designs. Hiface USB board replaced with Amanero USB (as used in Gross) Digital board - a completely newer design with better parts & layout. The Konverter also has a optical LDR shunt remote control volume system - using my own remote board see photos. Also uses same remote control as the Gross This worked & sounded much better than the previous PDX design which was based on a brought in remote kit & used the LDR's in a standard pot setup. Relay muting for silent switch on/off. Single tube output stage using a hybrid mu follower design. This also has auto bias so great for trying different tubes. Fitted tube is a Genalex Gold Lion E88CC. Remote function is very basic being volume up or down. There are two digital inputs. Async USB using the Amanero Combo384 board. Coax using a Wolfson WM8804 Build date was mid 2014 The Konverter was never actually released so this is the only one. The parts spec was very high - Jensen 47 + 47 500v main ht filter cap. Cree SIC diodes for ht rectification. Audio note tantalum resisters for IV on the 2 x PCM1704K DAC chips. Nichicon KX pre HT filtering. Elna Silmic caps used for DAC decoupling & Nichicon fine Gold for DAC PSU. Munndorf M Cap Supreme silver gold oil coupling caps. Superb Duelund VSF output capacitors. This model would have been about $6k The faceplate is rear engraved 10mm acrylic & was intended to be rear illuminated. See original Stereonet release night in Melbourne. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/gieseler-goes-it-alone The price of $2K is well below parts cost alone so this is being sold on a "as is" basis. However I will provide a fourteen day warranty (RTB) so everything can be confirmed as working Ok. This unit has never been sold & only used for demo purposes. It has been thoroughly tested & checks out fine. Delivery is included in the price & will be via courier. Sorry about the photo orientation - SNA add editor has a mind of its own!!! Now fixed! Pictures: Item:
  8. Gieseler Audio

    Remote control volume & input selector board for DIY use.

    Spot on Bill - he is at UQ now so I only have limited access.
  9. Item: Singxer F1 Location: Gold Coast Price: 185.00 Item Condition:new Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info:I purchased this last year direct from Shenzhenaudio intending to integrate it into my Gross DAC's. Current price with case is $283 Aus. In the end it was not suitable. It is brand new & unused but I did remove the back to inspect it. Price includes Australia wide Express Post shipping. Pictures:
  10. Gieseler Audio

    Remote control volume & input selector board for DIY use.

    Yes I’m sure we could do a version that worked like that. I will have a chat with my coding guy & see what he comes up with.
  11. Gieseler Audio

    Remote control volume & input selector board for DIY use.

    Alps pots are very well built & I have used them before but the Muses is a serious step up in transparency. I do like the Alps but find they veil the sound a bit especially in a good high rez system (like yours Brian) The Muses chip is more like a really good steped antenuator & with a hundred steps you have very fine control. It would possibly to daisy chain the chips so you have 2/4/6/8 chanel’s but obviously it will bump the price up quite a bit. Currently my firmware does level, muting & input swiching so good to go now. Balance control would be doable but I would need to get the programmer back to rework the code a bit. That could be added later as it is only code & no hardware change needed. I thought initially I would just do a basic two channel version with volume, input selection & muting & all info displayed on the OLED screen. Trying to keep the price down & make it simple. Once you guys have had a listen & if impressed I can look at more elaborate versions. There are a couple of Muses systems available off shore but I thought it would be good to have a local version. http://www.academyaudio.com/volume-control http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gK-06469/
  12. Gieseler Audio

    Remote control volume & input selector board for DIY use.

    OK over the next couple of days I will try & work out a rough costing. Mick - they rate the Muses as better sounding than a Goldpoint Antenuator so yes I would think it should work well as the heart of a passive.
  13. Hi Guys, this is a bit different to my usual products but I thought it might be a useful bit of kit for DIY amp builders. I put a lot of work into the Konverter volume control system which was based on the Muses 72320 high quality electronic volume control chip & was very pleased with the results. https://www.njr.com/MUSES/series/MUSES72320.html The Muses chip gives you very transparent level control & is used in the high end Pass Labs preamp. I’m thinking of building a stand alone version of this which will be in the form of a small pcb which could be installed in a DIY amp build to give you high quality remote volume control & muting. I will also include on the board relay input switching. Volume & input selection will be displayed on the included 2.4” Oled display. So basically you install the pcb & IR receiver in your amplifier chassis & then supply it with 9-0-9 volts AC using a small transformer. Cost should be quite reasonable Well what do you think?
  14. Gieseler Audio

    Multi DC Output LPS

    Hi Guys, sorry no plans for any new multiple output PSU’s at this stage. However I am working on a new 4A, 5v to 10v unit at the moment.
  15. Gieseler Audio

    Oppo Aces Long Term Reliability Test

    Well I was fairly optimistic at first but not so sure now. First up I removed the pro region free kit - no different. Then I tried to reflash the firmware but it won’t even bring up any menus so luck there. Then off with the lid & into it! I must say it is really well built & very easy to remove the boards, SMPS & meck. Parts & build quality is excellent too. I suspected the SMPS first as that that powers all the digital/video section. No luck - all the caps looked fine & checked out good with my in circuit ESR meter. Voltage output correct too. The main board has 25 x 220uf 16v SMT caps - some looked slightly iffy with my ESR meter so I changed the lot - no change. I run out of ideas now. I checked with Joe Rasmussen & he though PSU but unfortunately said there is no way you will ever get a service manual. The about to be released Panasonic UP-DB820 ultra HD player is looking real good!😪