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  1. Nice neat job Ben. The little Jaycar board is a timer which drives a mute relay - delay on startup & instant off so no nasty pops on switch on/off. I see you have routed the I2S lines to a 8 pin DIL socket - will the USB board plug in there?
  2. No problem Richard - I will look them up tomorrow & post the results. Just found them at the start of the thread. All reading are RMS Milliwatts into stated load. Into 8 ohms  348 12 ohms 468 16 ohms 548 33 ohms 720  600 ohms 50 Yours may be a little bit higher as it has bigger output capacitors.
  3. I finally found a new product that will be using the AK4499. https://us.astellnkern.com/products/a-ultima-sp2000?variant=20969031303227 & a sample DSD 512 compilation to test it. https://nativedsdpresents.nativedsd.com/albums/NDSD013-nativedsd-presents-5-tracks-in-dsd-512 That native DSD512 sampler would be perfect to check out the Fein II’s performance. The Fein II will play native DSD512 on Windows systems & also on Linux but with the latter you will need 2003be_71A firmware in the Amanero.
  4. Thanks for info Matt. Did you happen to get any photos? Also did the AK4499 demo unit look the same as the photo of the one I posted.
  5. This is AKM’s prototype. They have configured the DAC chip for two channel output & I will do the same. The chip has four channels, two seperate stereo DAC’s so with the correct registry settings you can configure each DAC as a single output - one for left & one for right. What this achieves is a higher dynamic range which ends up at 137dB in stereo mode which is staggering good. Distortion is vanishing low - Quote from AKM’s website. The World’s Highest in Class Characteristics Achieved by Current Output Architecture THD+N: -124dB can be achieved from the Low Distortion Technology optimized for Current Output architecture. It is good to see they have gone overboard in the PSU area - seven discrete ultra low noise supplies. I will be doing the same however I don’t think my prototype will be quite as elaborate as AKM’s
  6. Just a quick update on how I am progressing with this. I have sample chips, evaluation manual & a data sheet but it is going to take a while as it is a very complex chip compared to previous versions. The evaluation board will be a big help but still no ETA on this yet. I will first build a basic prototype for testing & development & then go on to a production version. I think the ETA on a production model will be at least three months away. It will be very different from the Fein/Gross series & have a new name. Cost wise it will also be a big jump & probably several times the cost (of Gross/Fein) however it will certainly have more features & options. Sound wise it is hard to predict & being current out I will no longer be able to use the simple Jensen transformer output design. This is a bit disappointing as I loved the sound of that & the simple design. The good part is the word on the street is that the AK4499 will probably be the new benchmark in SOTA DAC chips & with performance to match. Fingers crossed! I will update this topic when I actually have a working prototype.
  7. I always found a WAV rip sounded fractionally better untilI I tried the FLAC uncompressed which sounds identical to the WAV. Only talking small differences here though.
  8. Well bhobba’s replacement Hugo TT2 has finally arrived. The first one had a few issues so I only had a short time with it. The replacement is spot on and I must say as a DAC I am very impressed. I did some careful comparisons using the supplied SMPS power supply and a standard Kraftwerk 15 V 2 amp unit. Once again the difference was subtle but there was a clear and definite improvement for me anyway. Just a little bit better separation and layering of instruments & a slightly improved soundstage. I’m in the process of building bhobba a full Kraftwerk gold tune Enhanced 15v 4A version that should be interesting. Will get it over to Mike Lenehan’s on a good reference system and we can all do some comparisons again. Stay tuned!
  9. DBpoweramp has an option called “FLAC uncompressed” which I find sounds identical to a WAV rip but retains the metadata. A normal FLAC lossless rip does actually compress the file size where as with FLAC uncompressed the file size ends up slightly larger than a WAV rip. A bit more info here. https://www.audiostream.com/content/dbpoweramps-flac-lossless-uncompressed-wish-come-true
  10. Just confirming the the DC plug size is definitely 5.5mm barrel diameter with a 2.5mm diameter centre pin. I now have in my possession the M Scaler as well as the Hugo TT2 so I am going to try both with with my low noise Kraftwerk PSU & see if there is any noticeable sound difference. Stay tuned!
  11. The Hugo TT2 is 5.5mm dia with a 2.5mm centre pin so I would think the M Scaler would be the same.
  12. Thanks for the feedback Russ. I think you have 1099c firmware in your Amanero so I have a feeling that is probably the best for a Mac.
  13. Hi Russ, good point. 2003be_71A is a no go on Mac but 1099c worked reasonable well with a Mac-book air I borrowed. I only managed DSD64/128 - probably needed to spend more time fiddling with the settings. Software player was JRiver MC v25. When I get a chance I will borrow the Mac-book again & try DSD512x44x48 - it will be interesting to see how that performs.
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