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  1. Well finally the brand new Kraftwerk II Dual power supply is now available. It is basically the same design as the Kraftwerk II low voltage version but in dual format form. The only shared components are the power transformer and case. As per KW2 specs It uses large iron core chokes between the two main filter capacitors. What this does is remove the nasty saw tooth ripple that you normally have on the output of the main filter capacitor. What is left is a very low level sinusoidal ripple which is very easy for the regulator to remove. Also standard for the Kraftwerk II range is the
  2. Yes definitely a bit of pressure as there is currently a shortage of stock amongst all the main DAC suppliers. Mouser only have x 109 of the Wolfson WM8741 which I'm now using which is not much
  3. Just a quick update regarding the current Kompakt DAC: The Kompakt previously used a AKM4493 DAC chip which is now no longer available so I have had to change to the Wolfson WM8741 chip. This is a similar voltage out chip & works very well with the Jensen Output transformers. For reference, the Lumin flagship streamer also uses the Wolfson WM8741 with a transformer output stage. https://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-a1.html There are a couple of small hardware upgrades in the Wolfson configuration vs the AKM variant. The rear panel RCA sockets have been upgraded to an all
  4. That is weird, it has been a while but whenever I ripped in uncompressed mode the file size is always a fraction bigger than the wav size. I will recheck this morning when I get to work.
  5. When ripping to FLAC In DB Poweramp there is a setting called "uncompressed" The size of a file after ripping in this mode is actually very slightly larger than a "WAV" rip.
  6. Interesting I found a German site that compared the sound quality of a Auralic Aries G2.1 using a internal SSD vs a Melco server. They could hardly detect a difference Quote As I said, the G2.1 was equipped with a two terabyte SSD by the sales department, which should be beneficial for the sound quality. The differences between the internal hard drive and NAS are almost negligible, even with a very high-resolution system - but only almost: When the data comes from the Melco, the playback appears a bit less, cleaner and more plastic. But maybe that has a little to do with the fa
  7. The manual specifies 500 mA max from the USB HD socket. I actually measured the current draw from the Samsung T5 during use & it averaged 270ma so it should be fine.
  8. Hi Carl, thanks for the vote of confidence. I will PM you with some details
  9. Hi Dave, really nice to hear from you.. Hey thanks for the offer on doing a comparison, I might take you up on that. Yes you are right about quickly depleting the first batch, they seem to pre selling at a steady rate. Cheers Clay
  10. Hi Pete, hey thanks for the encouragement & kind words. I was was a bit reluctant to move away from AKM (no option really) but now the WM8741 Kompakt is up & running I'm pretty happy. The DSD option is a great bonus too as with my new Auralic Aries G2.1 I convert everything to DSD64 which sounds really sweet. I might have to send you my prototype WM8741 Kompakt DAC so you could do an unbiased comparison - unfortunately no case - pcb only!
  11. Well at long last I will finally have the Kompakt DAC's back in stock around the 15 - 16th of April. There is a slight change in that it will now use the Wolfson WM8741 DAC chip & not the usual AKM. Currently there is no sign of when or even if AKM DAC chips will become available again. There was a major fire at the Japanese AKM factory back in October after which stock of their DAC chips dried up after a few days. Currently work has not even started on rebuilding the factory due to ongoing investigations of the cause of the fire. As all my DAC's were based on AKM
  12. Further information: GIESELER ENHANCED USB Fein II DAC - Brand new. Note final price drop - $500 off list of a standard version however this is an upgraded version. This is a one off enhanced build Fein II DAC - USB only. The main differences compared to the standard version are. Output transformer upgrade. These are double the price of the regular transformers & fully shielded. The landed cost from Jensen for a pair of these is $232 The main internal power supply is a fully discreet version using no feedback & a very low noise LED voltage reference p
  13. Hi Barry, all parts are in stock but I build to order so just a couple of days lead time. The SBooster PSU's are very good but the Kraftwerk II has more advanced tech features like Mosfet active bridge rectifier, Big Hammond choke, Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitors & Linear Technology regulators. If you look at high end audio PSU's like JCAT's new ATX PSU https://jcat.eu/optimo-atx-worlds-first-truly-linear-atx-psu-for-audiophiles-we-are-almost-there/ it also uses a Mosfet acive rectifier & Linear Technology regulators. Uptone Audio's JS-2 uses th
  14. Good question but as I no longer have any Kompakt DAC's left I can't do a direct comparison. However from past comparisons between the Jensen output transformers I would say this DAC is a little sweeter & cleaner in the midrange.
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