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  1. In Sydney and remember there used to be plenty of stores in Haymarket chinatown selling CDs but these days they seem rare or non-existent. Is there any stores and outlets in Sydney/Australia that sell authentic Chinese / HK Audio CD / SACD - looking specifically for 曼麗 (Man Li) as picked up her 2015 release 女人三十 ~ 晚秋 in Singapore earlier this year and keen to hear more of her work. Discogs doesn't do much for Asian artists unfortunately...
  2. Thanks - somehow I missed this release... I was even thinking of wrangling my way to Germany later this month for the concerts going on there. I'm sure I will regret it somehow...
  3. http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/why-the-cassette-tape-is-still-not-dead-20160418
  4. Thanks, I will give it another go. The main issue I had was that often when I went to the ipad the app wasn't able to reliably play the tunes and I found I had to re-index quite a lot despite starting with a very small set of albums in a network share. I bought with a hope that it would be really easy for my wife to be able to dial up music and play it.
  5. I bought the Node 100 back at the start of 2015 and wasn't that enamored with the reliability so it has been sitting here for the past year or so. I just pulled it out today to take pictures to sell it but checked on line and it isn't worth that much (Paid nearly $700 for it but looks like it would be worth $200 or so now) so wondering if I should try and find a use for it. I note in this thread there seems to be some software upgrades.... is it worth another attempt?
  6. Thanks Steam, I hadn't thought of them as an option despite it being an obvious one.
  7. I am considering purchasing some nice looking polished black plinths to sit my Krell Monoblocks on. Mainly to improve air circulation and also getting them directly off the carpet which I believe will look a bit better. Spent some time searching options in the reasonable range (for me) and excluding DIY options really only found RS Acoustics from the UK. The cost is about 300 pounds for the two plinths I need and given the dimensions 500x400x30. They weigh in at about 20kg so the postage is pretty expensive. Just wondering if anyone has come across some local options? Many of the plinth / slabs I see available do not have the sides polished.
  8. This really has been done to death on forums globally ie WAV vs FLAC etc. If you have a bit identical rip of the CD, you cannot improve on the rip period
  9. Looks very nice! How old is the DAC? Also are you OK to ship to Sydney, NSW?
  10. Item: Primare D30.2 Compact Disk Player with C31 Remote Control Location:ST IVES, NSW Price: $600 + Postage at cost Item Condition: Very good - works flawlessly. Some minor blemishes and marks on casing - please refer to pictures below. Reason for selling: Too many CDPs. But has taken me all year to have the courage to let this go. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Purchased from another SNA member, I am the second owner. Unfortunately does not come with original packaging or materials, however will pack securely for shipping for interstate buyers. Comes with the quality Primare's C31 remote handset – a chunky metal-cased device with precise buttons – controls the D30.2, and can also drive a range of the company's other products. The overall impression of quality is maintained before you even start to listen. Reviews: Here is a Stereophile review (the D30.2 was rated Class "A" until the CD31 replaced it): http://www.stereophile.com/cdplayers/604primare Pictures:
  11. Item: Parasound P3 Pre-amp Location: St Ives, NSW Price: $480 + Postage at cost Item Condition: Great condition - see photos below Reason for selling: Didn't fit in my study shelves unfortunately. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Previously purchased from an SNA member earlier this year, but couldn't find a home for it. Comes with remote, not original boxes but will be packaged well if shipping. Full product specs here: http://www.parasound.../vintage/p3.php P3 review here: http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/hi-fi/parasound-p3-preamplifier-halo-a21-power-amplifier-392572 Pictures:
  12. 20 million cassette tapes sold from a single plant in 2014 - quite a few more than I expected given there is no resurgence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThOEPAml8lk
  13. I'll take these Conrad if still available. PM sent.
  14. The issue in my deck appears to be an electrical fault as there is no power to the reel motor when one of the functions is activated. I am able to check myself some of the basics including the autostop lamp in the shut-off sensor (apparently a common failure) and also verified that the reel motor is functionally very nicely when taken out of the circuit. The belts have been replaced recently (a few years ago) and appear to be in great condition. Components, capacitors etc look to be in great condition (not that this is necessarily an indication of anything, but at least no leakage or bulging at all) and no PCB cracks etc. The only physical fault that I could locate is a small nick in the wire leading to the Eject SW from the power channel (but I would need to pull apart the whole mechanism assembly to even test continuity on this and don't think it would cause the problem with the reel motor power). Anyway my ability to follow the circuit logic further is limited so will hand over to an expert. Meanwhile I am interested in exploring a few other models in the Nak range.
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