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  1. I imagine that you have a many DACs to choose from that sell second hand for under $1k that have preamp capability, not sure about new. I have used two for PC audio including an older Benchmark DAC1 USB and W4S DAC2 both with XLR output that run my Yamaha HS-80s and results are excellent for nearfield listening and DAW monitoring.
  2. The Seatbelts 2020 Reissue of Cowboy Bebop, a Xmas present from my 21 year old nephew and enjoying it now with my 16 year old Anime loving daughter. Fantastic cross genre embracing jazz soundtrack album!
  3. Further information: The Esoteric K-05 Reference SACD player is on of the best SACD/CD players I have owned and it's inbuilt DAC is amazing as a standalone DAC which was the majority of use that I had for this unit over the best 3 years. Selling this unit as it is now not used very often due to an upgrade in my DAC playback, but I will miss the SACD playback on this unit. I am the third owner of this unit which was purchased originally from Castle Hill Hifi early 2013. This K-05 was built in japan 21/11/2012, Australian model with. 240v, no scratches, no dents and operating flawl
  4. Further information: Selling my Audio Research LS27 line stage pre amp, 240v local stock, it's in excellent condition, tube hour = 1093, so it's about 1/4 of the tube life, photos taken from the actual unit. Pick up welcome, I have the original box, remote and manual (tubes will be uninstalled and wrapped separately for travel) and shipping is at buyer's expense if required. Cosmetically the condition is excellent and there are no marks or scratches on the unit. The LS27 is a pure Class-A design with zero feedback. It offers remarkable resolution, musicality and dynamic
  5. Item: Looking for a 1-2 hour in home service from a knowledgeable vinyl and turntable enthusiast within the SNA network etc to validate / optimize my setup Price Range: $ Neg Item Condition: New Extra Info: I have some existing alignment tools, USB Microscope, Fozgometer, tracking guage etc. Ideally some familiarity with Unipivot arm, VPI HRX, Etna SL, Ypsilon SUT Location: St Ives, NSW Interested parties please send PM with your fee and any supporting information.
  6. Harold Budd working with Robin Guthrie up until the last few months is what I heard and released an album they recorded in 2013 this year - Another Flower.
  7. Item: Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) 800 Diamond D3 Floorstanding Speakers Price Range: $Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a black pair in excellent condition
  8. Further information: My beloved and highly regarded Krell KMA 160 Class A mono block amps. I am the second owner acquiring them in 2013 from the USA. As they have dual primaries, the switch to full 240 V configuration was done easily by Eddie Lee in Ryde who used to service Audio Research amps for the distributor. At the time he said these are the best Krells he had ever heard. In mid 2017 the amps went in for a full restoration with Trevor at Rage Audio; taking over 18 months meticulously tracking down original components and replacing all output devices, emitter resistors, driver
  9. Further information: The amp is god-like in its seemingly unlimited power reserves and control (at any volume level) - sure to bring a smile on your face. Prepare yourself ! This former Reference and Stereophile Class A power amplifier from Krell received worldwide raving reviews and is unconditionally stable at 2 x 600W / 8 ohm, 2 x 1200W / 4 ohm and 2 x 2400W / 2ohm. With balanced and singled-ended inputs and 2 x speaker binding posts per channel these paired beautifully with my B&W Diamonds and will drive most speaker loads with aplomb. I am the third owner since original
  10. New SADE box set has been sitting around all week and finally started wading through it tonight. So far pressing quality is immaculate and very pleased with the sound compared to my UK and Japanese pressings for Diamond Life and Promise....
  11. Item: Audio Research Ref 5 SE Price Range: $Neg Item Condition: Used, in excellent condition Extra Info: Looking for a Black model in excellent condition as an upgrade to my LS27
  12. Thanks all for the responses to my query and some great suggestions. Because I had two MC inputs, I was going to solder in a 47k resister input into the one on the Right hand side (referring to photo) to create another MM input and then still have the MC if needed later. However, Warren you right, I can build the loading plugs (like andyr has done in the thread below) and play around with different loadings as needed without worrying about internal soldering so will take that approach.
  13. Are you talk about something like this Andy?
  14. Above is an image of the MC/MC(Load) section of my phono preamp. I want to solder in resister loads internally, rather than using external plugs and just want to make sure I do this correctly as I don't have access to a schematic (and no help from manufacturer). My assumption is that I just need to solder the chosen resister load between the Shield trace and tip (shown with little red circles) to achieve the chosen loading, however I was confused why the previous solder point was so far away - wouldn't it be better to solder into the closer Via (white circle) and keep the resister lead length
  15. Further information: Works flawlessly and presents well with some minor blemishes to the front display and very minor marks on the top (all captured in the images). Comes with remote, NAD M51 double boxes, power cable but without manual (available on NAD's website). This is one of the Clay Geisner upgraded DACs replacing the original switching power supply to a linear one which makes a noticeable improvement (I was able to A/B compare both original and upgrade M51s for sometime as I owned both). There is plenty of information on the forums on SNA and dedicated thread o
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