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  1. I can confirm the new Space Hifi Saturn Series 3m HDMI cables work for me with the following set up: Yamaha A3080, Sony z9, Apple TV4K, Oppo 203, XBox1X all at 2160p @60hz 4:4:4 Due to the relatively short cable run I'd been using other cables which worked (most of the time) but I would get the occasional dropped frame (black screen flash). Consensus seems to be that the Yamaha AVRs are particularly fickle with HDMI conditions. I upgraded on speculation and hope that it would resolve this. I tried some CableChick premium ones which didn't end up supporting the above resolution in 4:4:4. Upon closer inspection it turned out they were made with 30AWG copper. (CableChick happily refunded them and I have no problem with using them again for other things in the future). Guessing that the AWG and chipset specs would be the main determining factor in performance, I tried reviewing specs online looking for short run lengths of 26AWG or greater. The Space HiFi Saturn ones were the only version I could find (they are 24AWG) in short run lengths, a lot of the manufacturers don't publish specs which makes it hard. I had to wait a few weeks for them to be released as they are a new production version for the company. It's been about 3-4 weeks since install. So far they have worked and without any drop outs which is all you can really expect and want in an HDMI cable. https://www.spacehifi.com.au/cables-and-connectors/hdmi-cables/2m-hdmi-cable-space-saturn-series
  2. No, I haven't. Our lounge room is largish and opens up to the rest of the house with a big open void. We would typically run the amp at somewhere between -10db to -22db for most viewing. I found that this was hitting the upper limits of the V1079 and didn't think the step up in power between the two Yamaha's was that significant. It's probably more of a psychological thing for me though. I was told by the HiFi shop (the former Acoustic Foundry in Hyde Park, SA) that I blew a pair of crossovers of my brand new Krix Impax speakers when I was 18 due to the Onkyo amp "clipping" as it was up too loud. I had to make a lot of Whoppers & frys with months of layaway installments for that first purchase and it scarred me for life. It was a loan amp too as I was waiting for the first production release of my ME240 to be shipped. The moral of the story being that I now get skittish about not having enough surplus power. This new db volume scale system has also scuttered my rule of not running an amp past 2/3 - 3/4 of its capacity as It's that bit harder to figure it all out. I also plan to advance to a 7.4.2 set up from my current 5.2.1 so I wanted inbuilt surplus. The long term goal will be to get to a complete separation with a dedicated processor (such as the C5200) and the necessary power amps. For what it's worth these are the manufacturer power specs: Yamaha V1079 (old amp) --- 110 W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.06 % THD, 2 ch driven) --- 120 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9 % THD, 2 ch driven) --- 165 W per channel (8 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD, 1ch driven) Yamaha A3080: --- 150 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven) --- 230 W per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven) --- 230 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven) Emotiva XPA 3 300 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; one channel driven. 550 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.2%; 4 Ohms; one channel driven. 300 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; two channels driven. 490 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 4 Ohms; two channels driven. 275 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; ALL THREE channels driven.
  3. I'd say so. I think it's only probably chipset specs and AWG that are the significant factors. I'm going to get the 24AWG in a 2m length when it gets released, and hopefully that should be the end of it as far as worrying about hdmi cables go for this tech spec cycle for me.
  4. I found that the AvenCore premium ones from Cable Chick didn't support 4K @ 60Hz in 4:4:4 for a 2m length. They gave me a full refund on them which was very nice though. My suspicion is that it is due to them using 30AWG copper. I believe that most of the ones that have been working for people use 28AWG in under 5m or 26AWG in longer lengths. I was trying to find a short one in 26AWG without much luck but I found a company who is about to release some in a couple of weeks., so we'll see how that goes when they arrive.
  5. Cool. Let us know your thoughts when you have played with it for a while in comparison to your other models. I'm always curious as to what settings people run with as well. After an initial play I usually end up turning off as much of the internal processing as I can but sometimes there's some elusive ones in sub menus that take me awhile to find.
  6. Yeah I'm hoping so. Thanks for the feedback. The 3080 has an XLR output for each of the fronts but not for the center. At the moment I have them connected to the power amp via RCA for consistency. Any thoughts on pros/cons of having the left and right feed by XLR and the center by RCA?
  7. Hi, Thanks for your interest in the Nvidia Shield unit that I have for sale. I've had 4 people pm about it with three of them willing pay the $220 asking price. I need a way to sort it all out so I'm just going to go with a best offer scenario by the end of today. If you are interstate I'll cover the postage by Toll courier to wherever you are as it will go out through our work account (usually overnight to most cities). I will despatch it as soon as the money clears. If you are interested please send the following info: 1. Price 2. Payment Method 3. Post or Pick Up (if pick up when you'd like to collect) I'll go with the best overall offer at the end of tonight (Wednesday) and notify everyone accordingly.
  8. Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back to those that have pm'd me (there's been quite a few regarding this. Anyway, I just got home from training, I'm tired and I will send responses in the morning. Thank you for your patience.
  9. No. It suits the iPod Classic models (30 pin connector if I recall correctly)
  10. Received mine on Friday. There doesn't seem to be much about this model on the web at the moment so I thought I'd kick off a thread. Upgraded from a Yamaha RX-V1079 (which coincidentally happens to be for sale in the classifieds... ). I also received and installed as part of this upgrade package an Emotiva XPA3 and a pair of Martin & Logan Atmos speaker toppers. I've had limited time with it over the weekend and probably won't get too much for another week or so. The upgrade has addressed my main issues of the previous set up of now having Dolby Vision pass through, Deezer streaming and a power boost. The previous V1079 was underpowered for my taste. I have a personal dislike of turning up an amp past the 2/3rd mark which I need to do on quite a few movies. The power amp addition would have been enough if the V1079 had passed through Dolby Vision but alas it missed out on that firmware support. The speaker toppers sound OK during the test tone set up process but I haven't run any atmos discs to know if they are anything to thrilled about (I suspect not, but we'll see). I'll be honest that I was a bit surprised at the sound improvement. It was really a feature and power driven upgrade and I wasn't really thinking much about audio quality improvement but it is enough for me to immediately notice. It was also enough for me to try downloading HiRes audio files out of curiosity. I'd taken a bit of a step back in audio quality a couple of years ago when I moved from a 2 channel to an HT system set up. The reality was we watched a lot more content than I listened to and my wife was not overly impressed with turning on dacs, amps, and other devices in sequence just to watch a show. Anyway, to any new owners out there let us know.
  11. Item: Telstra TV Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: $60 Item Condition: Almost new Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method EFT, Cash, Paypal, Got this as part of a Telstra bundle. Hooked it up to have a look at it but as I have a media PC, and an ATV4K it isn't of any real use to me. When replacing my AVR I finally got around to stripping out the unused devices, this being one of them. Pictures:
  12. Item: NVIDIA Shield 2017 16Gb Location: Melbourne, SE Suburbs (will post) Price: $220 or best offer Item Condition: almost new Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: EFT, Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: An excellent streamer. I brought two of these units in from B&H. I've kept one in the garage/gym. In the lounge room though we ended up moving to the Apple TV4K as the wife liked it better (well probably mainly the itunes rental store). Not had a lot of use. Everything works and it has the latest software updates installed prior to doing a factory reset of it. Also comes with the Nvidia wall charger unit that I purchased for a relatively obscene amount at the time (not sure why I did this...). Pictures:
  13. Item: Pure i20 iPod dock Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: $25 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: EFT, Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Great device for pulling info from an ipod/ipad old style30pin connector to feed in to better sources. I used the coax/optical out to feed to an Audio-GD DAC. Due to the demise of the ipod I ended moving to an ibasso unit that feeds out it's own optical or coax. Pictures:
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