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  1. Sorry I haven't listened to my system for months now so can't offer any more feedback. chu
  2. Heaps of demo sales there. Picked up a Blue USB microphone for $40 (RRP $149). Sale closes 28/2/2020
  3. chu

    Tennis Talk

    This is McEnroe at his best: "He had the doctor, He had the trainer. He had the drinks. He had the food. He had the whole kitchen sink". And Hewitt: "He's probably sick with the scoreline, down a double break here in the third set." And Djokovic himself: "I can't really explain it at the moment... she (the doctor) told me that I have maybe few conditions and things like that" and "I didn't have any injuries and it was very strange to me .... my energy completely collapsed." It was a miracle that he suddenly found all energy after that collapse. Problem is that miracles like this happened so many times. I think Murray has "suffered" this miracle least once, also in an Australian Open final. As to male tennis players who does a Chris Evert, Thiem is not the only one. Sampras did this too.
  4. chu

    Tennis Talk

    Imagine John and Nick wearing those outfits as a team. John wouldn't have much rooom to coach his pupil though.
  5. Hi Steven365, Still waiting for your reply. If you haven't yet received my PM please let me know and I'll send it again. Thanks chu
  6. chu

    Tennis Talk

    I think John McEnroe commented that "does this guy ever get tired" when Nadal ran like a horse & won a long rally during the 4th set against Nick last night. Perhaps only a better machine (Djokovic) can equal or beat Nadal on a regular basis on the best of five tournaments. With the exception of Federer, brilliant non-machine players such as Stan or Nick can only beat him occasionally, probably over the best of three matches.
  7. Ok. I'll try even though I'm illiterate and may struggle with its setup. PM on its way.
  8. Thanks. Good food and good music don't normally come together so this one seems to be a rare find. Actually, with gears like these, one may just admire them and forget about eating.
  9. Do you remember the restaurant's name?
  10. What are the speakers' brands? They must produce wide & colourful soundstage with such contamination.
  11. Baargain. I bought Clay's last Gross dac two months and have been enjoying it ever since. It is said that the Fein dac is even better than the Gross.
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