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  1. 2nd in line for the m18 please Chu
  2. Oh! the speaker cables do have directions too. I thought only interconnect cables that could be made directional. Chu
  3. Only if it also had coaxial input then...
  4. Thanks Clay. I was thinking of a Klein dac but that product has no 3 input version. it seems that I'll have to bite the bullet and get a 3 input Fein instead. Chu
  5. Hi Clay, Are you going to price the 3 input version aggressively too? Thanks Chu
  6. Mrs Beebleborx? Don't blame the SMH writers, Trevor😀
  7. Just bought a pack of these today. Placed two at the back of my system to test. Better separation of instruments (on Dance Macabre), better depth. Cons: slightly less bass perhaps narrower width. At $9.99 per pack you can't go wrong. Chu
  8. I'll take the Curious cable and Gieseler PSU if they are still available. Thanks Chu
  9. This could be a valid reason to persuade my boss to visit Perth.
  10. Hi Clay Can you make one with USB and Coax inputs? Thanks Chu
  11. Even Picasso would have been wearing that label if he drew her portrait.
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