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  1. Emotiva XPA5 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Emotiva-XPA-5-Power-Amplifier-200W-x-5-Channel-Home-Theatre-Amp-rrp-899USD-/301696954224?hash=item463e8a2f70
  2. Thanks Riv, as long as they get it working AND it doesnt happen again (if it happens again most likely it will be the day after it runs out of warranty) then I am happy. Last 2 days it has worked perfectly, but ill still take it in next week.
  3. Thanks, ill have a look at that one and use it as the benchmark :-) Thanks again for all your help and advice kwarrior
  4. Sounds good kwarrior, I will do just that! Any particular colorimeter you recommend?
  5. Yes I have seen there are some good other brands out there apart from Epson, but for now im pretty happy (when its working). For the first time last night I watched to ECO mod... the fans went nice and quiet....but I hate the picture compared to in Normal mode. Perhaps I can tweak brightness and something else to compensate? I rang Electron Flow and they are now in Moorabbin just for information.... have to go for a drive now.
  6. Excellent, thanks for that kwarrior, I have noticed sometimes it has got stinking hot in there (the room is separate to the house and closed completely with heaps of sound insulation and double glazed windows so it does sometimes run hot), sometimes I put the split system cooler on which is right behind it to try keep it cool but stil the fans run real loud. I am in Melbourne so will give them a call thanks! Looks like the spare lamp I bought (from Epson itself was cheapest I found for original OEM ones) isnt required as yet...
  7. Its only 1 year old so still has 12months warranty on it. Rotel I tend to agree with you. I have checked the lamp contacts and they are fine. Yes its suspended upside down from the ceiling kwarrior, why do you ask? I tried it last night and it worked perfectly all night! I turned it down to ECO mode (not really a fan of that though) in case perhaps it was getting too hot on full mode... not really sure though. new-user did Epson say what the problem was?
  8. Gday Guys, My TW6100 is about a year old now, and I'm on about 1600hrs lamp life. The picture is still 100% and I run it in Full mode not ECO. What happens when I start it up, sometimes the blue light flashes for ages, then you hear the fans start up. Now you then expect the lamp to light up and the EPSON image begin to appear on the screen. Recently, and intermittently, it starts up, blue light flashing, the fans come on......but the lamp never comes on. This sits in this state indefinitely, and I just switch it off at the plug. Other times, I get two red solid lights after a while. After this happened the first couple of times I waited a day and tried it again, and it started up normally, the EPSON appears, and I can watch a whole movie fine. Then I may try again another day, and the lamp doesnt come on at all. Recently, the last few days, I cannot get the lamp to come on. Anyone had a similar issue, my repair guy (I had the projector in for an unrelated issue) said that my lamp might need replacing soon, could it be that? I have ordered one anyway as Ill need it eventually, just hope im not addressing the actual cause of the problem. Any help much appreciated!
  9. Never needed after sales service because the beast has run faultlessly since I got it! When I was making the purchase, however, the email communication was fantastic and I would imagine their after sales response would be similar.
  10. I would say yes, given that the tweeter and midrange speakers appear to be from the same range (albeit different size mid) as those used in the cc-490. Would be bl00dy close if not 100% match.
  11. I have the same speakers exactly, and they are fantastic I can vouch for that! The only question I have is "Have you heard the Studio 100s?". If so what were your thoughts?? Ive heard that they werent much if any improvement but more bassy, which makes no diff if you have a sub. Definitely the cc-690 is a big stepup, if I were you, which I am not, I would try the cc-690 first with your 60's and see how you go, remembering that in HT the centre does A LOT of the work the mains not as much.... just some thoughts... Highly recommended to any prospective buyers though! (and if you do want to ship interstate, I still have the boxes for the 60's and the 490 if you want to come grab them, im in Newport next to Williamstown and not selling my speakers in a very very long time!)
  12. So 50% + 40% = 90% and 60% + 30% = 90% Thats pretty simple arithmetic too, but both of them add up to 90%. Where did the other 10%'s go? If its 50% chance in-phase and 40% not, is there a 10% chance they arent connected at all?
  13. GDay Mike, Any info on the 5 channel power amp?
  14. Nah, I have just finished my surround setup with speakers, receiver, separate amplifier, and I needed a TV to hang on the wall to finish it off. Looks much better now and honestly im happy with the TV, especially when I watch Fox Sports HD, looks sensational :-)
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