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  1. Item: gemme audio vivace v2 Location Hamilton vic Price: 2000 Item Condition:vgc Reason for selling:downsize Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Have all origional boxes manuals but are very heavy 50kg each can organise to be able to pick up from Hawthorn Melb vic I've used 2a3 300 b and earls topaz monoblocks and other class a solid states Pictures:
  2. Thanks mate with the right speakers it really is a good amp and great build quality
  3. Item: valve amp Location:Hamilton vic Price:1300 Item Condition:vgc Reason for selling:simplifying Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:has rca red base and nos tungsols and jj300b,also has original valves all tubes about 400 hrs amp is about 4.5 years old bought from Australian importer genuine 240 volt with all original triple packing boxes Pictures:
  4. Ignorant stupid but what a GREAT guy now put mum on and go have a bath move on
  5. I was sticking to the rules I don't think phone numbers should be put on the forrums that's all I can say politely
  6. I don't think pm regards to anything stated just a pm persnonal message none of your business
  7. Mate 100percent ausie all the way even the dirty blonde under each arm no fortune cookies here
  8. Yea mate it was a close call between my topaz mono blocks and the pre but I was listening to the pre at time of posting but agree with the topaz and the after service is killer
  9. Agree with Kat on the earl Weston time machine pre just loving it not only as a pre but 70 percent of the time as an amp
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