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  1. Moved to gumtree. If you were thinking about it hit me up. Thanks for looking [emoji481]
  2. Velodyne spl 12. Location. inner west sydney. Reason for selling. Not being used. Item condition. 9/10. Price. 1000 COD. I bought this one a few years ago when we had a huge lounge room. It was used for music only and sounds fantastic. There are tons of glowing reviews out there. Sadly in our new place it is overkill with my floor standers and it never gets used. it’s in super condition. I couldn’t find a scratch on it. The grille is intact and in great condition. I have the remote and cables. Sadly I’m not interested in shipping this. I have no boxes or packing and I’m very time poor at the moment. So it’s COD. I listed it here 1st as you guys will know what it is and what it can do. If it gets no interest I’ll shoot it off to eBay/gumtree. Thanks for your interest and please feel free to shoot me any questions via PM.
  3. Iv been asked to offload some CDs for a friend of my wifes, its a real mixed bag but its mostly 90's and 00's Rap and RnB. all your favs from high school! i have opened about 15 of em, all flawless. there are a coupe with cracked cases but mostly in good nick.all the price tags are in pounds so a fan may find an album that we didnt get in aus. There are some limited edition discs also. 60 For the lot, pick up from marrickville NSW, Selling them as a group. here we go.... Tupac - resurection Tupac - R U Still down Tupac - Better dayz Tupac - 2paclypse now Tupac - Me against the world Tupac - until the end of time Tupac + outlawz - Still i rise Tupac - all eys on me ll Cool J - 10 LL Cool J - G.O.A.T Justin Timberlake - Justified Justin Timberlake - Future sex/love sounds Irv gotti - The inc Dr Dre - 2001 Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran Busted - ?? Emenem - relapse:refil Emenem - the marshall mathers LP Emenem - The emenem show Out Kast - Speaker box / the love below The game - The documentary Swordfish - Soundtrack Xzibit - Man VS Machine Craig David - Slicker than your average Snoop Dog - Paid the cost to be the boss Snoop dog - R&G rythm & gangsta Timbaland - Shock value Emenim - The slim shady lp (special double disc) D12 - World Cradle to the grave - soundtrack Jarule - R.U.L.E Jarule - the last temptation Jarule - blood in my eye Jarule - pain is love Jay-z - Best Of Limp Bizkit - Significant other The Game - Doctors advocate 50 Cent - Get rich or die trying (special double disc) R. Kelly - R 8 mile (emenem) - Soundtrack Craig david - Born to do it DMX - Grand champ Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientel Jay-J Linkin park - Collision course Bad Boyz - Soundtrack There are also a bunch that dont fit into that lot, but are from the same era Razorlight - best of Frank Sinatra - the Sun Classic Crooners - volume 2 Damien Rice - 9 Michael Jackson - Michael Blade - Soundtrack Nelly Furtado - loose The Ratpack - Live in Vegas Cruel Intentions - Soundtrack Sting - Sacred love Al Green - Best of Sisters of swing - Compilation Sting and the police - The very best of Phil Collions - Best of Nickleback - Silverside up (X2 lol...) Snow patrol - Eyes open Gorilaz - Gorilaz Damien rice - 0 Avril lavigne - under my skin Anastacia - pieces of a dream James Blunt - Back to bedlam Ben Earl - Ther world and everything else The streets - original pirate material Kasabian - Empire Madness - Divine madness Kiss - Smooth Grooves .the best of pure RnB - Compilation Prodigy - Fat of the land Prodigy - music for the jilted generation. Manic Street Preachers - Best of (2 Disc) Travis - The man who Moby - Play Nirvana - Greatest hits remastered featuring "You know your right" Metallica - Master of Puppets Metallica - Black Album Yep, Mixed bag. :0 Pick up from marrickville NSW 60 for the lot!!
  4. I'm currently using um Merlin's with my colorfly C4 dap, it's a strange combination. Listening to the UM's on my iPhone they sound good but not great. Listening to my other iems on my C4 they also sond good, but not great, put the two together and BAM! Perfection... Curious to know anyone else's thoughts on the other high end daps available. Thanks.
  5. Agreed. Cheap price, I'd also buy this but i bought a colorfly dap a few months back. Glws;)
  6. I saw tame impala on Thursday night. Well worth a look if they are out your way;)
  7. Thanks for taking the time to post your pics;) much appreciated.
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