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  1. I just took delivery of a PB-4000 and absolutely spewing I could've spent a bit more for the big brother. Stoked with the performance of the 4000 would be an understatement. Great price.
  2. Hi all, Currently running with a yamaha RX-V3071 AMP that has the capability to use smart phones to control zones and the likes, HOWEVER does need an ethernet connection to be controlled. I cannot run an ethernet cable to the amp because of its location within the house, however was wondering if there is anyting of recommendation that can utilise receiving a static IP and then converting to an ethernet port that I could use for the amp? I have had a quick look at multiple options but was hoping someone could recommend a specific brand that works well?
  3. He doesnt want to freight them mate, otherwise they wouldve been in a few hours.
  4. Hey, Ive just finished repairing the foam surround on my paradigm ultracube 12 driver, and now when plugging back in and testing noticed that one of the passive radiator surrounds has also ripped.... Has anyone repaired a passive radiator? I cant imagine they would be cheap/easy to replace since paradigm quoted me $900 odd originally for a new woofer (before repairing). Any help appreciated. I noticed there are some generic ones, but assume they would need to be able to handle the big displacement of the woofer.
  5. I’m about to pull the pin on a new one. Not sure of the price on an 2000/3000 but I can get the pb/4000 delivered to cairns, Qld for $3500
  6. Good point. I was just looking through images then and seen quite a few people running 2 bulkheads down each side about 1m in from the walls.. I might look in to this option. Im thinking the cable tray I was going to run overhead with downlights might rattle like hell from the PB-4000 too... I was just doing some reading on the JVC. Sounds like a good thing!
  7. Sorry, I appreciate your feedback and take it on board I just spent a lot of money on the wall mural and am worried about the height only being 2.1/2.2m
  8. The ceiling is now virtually impossible. If sheeted off with gyprock, the ceiling height would be a maximum of 2.2m because of how lov the services are and covering a substantial part of the wall feature. Is it possible to line completely with sound absorption foam? I’m prepared to make up huge frames filled with pink bats and spandex outer layer type material? do you think it would work with the left side done in gyprock and the right side left as block? I can roll out carpet on the floor, no problems.
  9. So the main reason I cant put in a false ceiling is that all the services for the house are hanging from the ceiling (toilet, and shower) and would like to keep open to identify any leaks that begin from any tap washers/piping before they get bad an risk possibly destorying speakers and ceiling gyprock. I was planning on hanging some heavy curtains along the Left hand side 8.8m long wall and running good bass traps/dense foam on the right hand side 3m section before the mural. I was planning to place the projector at roughly 4.5m and only have one seating area also?
  10. Firstly, sorry for another advice thread but this may be a little different. I am turning a shed storage area underneath the second story of our house into a Theatre room 80%,/ man cave 20% Room dimensions are 8.8m*3.8m*2.7m. The walls - masonary block construction which are all below ground level, except one longer side (8.8m) which is the laundry and staircase on the other side The floor - concrete Ceiling - concrete suspended slab. Colour - low sheen black straight out of the taubmans black base. however right side wall has a graffiti mural starting from
  11. Let me know what deal you find for the tw-9400.. I am also looking for one!
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