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  1. I am finishing off my Jazz weekend with another classic album Live at the club ( but I have that read the venue was actually at the capital studios in LA in front of an invited live audience ) A lively and enjoyable jazz album that puts a smile on your face just by listening to it Artist - Cannonball Adderley Title - Mercy Mercy Mercy
  2. I’m settling in to another Jazz weekend that started yesterday Let me just say that the only thing I dislike about this album is the corny cover art That said - now onto my description of this Free Jazz genre album First released in 1959 and I was mesmerised from the first track If you have never heard musical instruments talking to each other then listen to 2 horns talk in this album Totally unique and another masterpiece Artist - Ornette Coleman Title - The Shape Of Jazz To Come
  3. I’m not finished yet with my jazz collection This next album is close to perfection and the guitar is the leading instrument Smooth and effortless guitar riffs that bore into one’s being Artist - Kenny Burrell Title - Midnight Blue On Blue Note Records - 2005+Reissue 200gr MONO ID - BLP 4123
  4. Yea baby A great way to start a Friday morning
  5. I only have the Dave Brubeck- Take 5 album Thanks for the recommendation- I will have a YouTube listen 👌
  6. Wow what a way to finish a relaxing Jazz Sunday Spinning an album from 1957 - Yes well before the golden period of the mid 60s This particular artist combination with Philly Jones, Red Garland and Paul Chambers is something magic Just blown away with the alto saxophone and piano combination Artist - Art Pepper Title - Art Pepper meets The Rhythm Section
  7. This next record needs to be added to a best Sunday afternoon record spinning session Its toe tapping Jazz and addictive Have a listen to the first stanza of the track beat in the video below and answer back on what popular song it was used in Artist - Horace Silver Quintet Title - Song For My Father (Cantiga Para Meu Pai) On Blue Note Records - 2008 Reissue
  8. I have read that this next album is an understated masterpiece First released in 1962 but was actually recorded in 1957 and sat on by RCA My pressing is German Under RCA l- Jazz Special series Released In 1982 and has a different cover to the original This album is emotional and reflects the artists moods, while on a holiday in Tijuana Artist - Charles Mingus Title - Tijuana Moods
  9. It’s my opinion that anyone into jazz would have this album as a favourite Recorded in 1959 and still sounding fresh today Wow what an album It’s has a sculptured beauty in musical form Im blown away with all this amazing jazz / Jazz fusion I am spinning Artist - Charles Mingus Title - Ah Um
  10. @mwhouston Its been a few years since I have finished my goal And since then I enjoy listening to music on an almost daily basis Also I haven’t even thought of any more tweaks or upgrades since Thats saying something as I have been building HiFi gear for 35+ years I will still upgrade turntable plinths and the like but in reality all one can say is I can die happy now
  11. I went into the crossover project in a holistic way Nothing hap hazard but everything was planned with a purpose All to achieve the very best the speakers can sound You can read on the thread about the crossover build and changes from start to finish All with my sometimes detailed notes as to any changes those tweaks achieved
  12. You will find all the details on this thread https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/64191-3-way-eliptrac-horn-klipsch-la-scalas/ The full crossover build details and schematic are near the end section
  13. I will continue spinning Jazz this weekend And this album is just superb Although this is a Cannonball Adderley release the other band members would be considered the “Dream Team “ They are Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones, Art Blakey Artist - Cannonball Adderley Title - Something’ Else On Blue Note Records - 1997 Reissue 180gr Original release was in 1958
  14. Here is an older photo of my horn speakers Components have now changed or updated since this photo And after many tweaks with custom built crossovers they are sounding superb
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