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  1. Earlier today I received a bunch of CDs Mainly Prog thanks to @progladyte So I will go through them and post my impressions of what music was received First up is an Aussie band Aragon - Don’t Bring The Rain Aragon is a band from Melbourne formed in 1987 and one member has a Greek name I had heard of them, but this is the first time I have sat down to listen My observation of this album after 4 spins Genre is heavy rock / Prog in nature Style - somewhere in between Rush and Marillion (to my ea
  2. I agree with both artist choices And that’s about double my post count 🤘
  3. Thought I would pen down a mini review of the new album The 50th anniversary of - In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson (2 LP ) First up I listened to the alternative LP just to get a feel for the background of how the album was put together One track “ Epitaph “ on the alternative album was Greg Lake’s voice only After listening - It made me understand as to why some takes were not used ( and frankly I agree with the bands decision) —————— Now onto the remix of the 1969 LP I found that great respect was given The record is
  4. I have that the original as well AU pressing This one https://www.discogs.com/Jethro-Tull-Stormwatch/release/2445206
  5. I completely agree with the cover art observations
  6. The album from Discrepancy records has just landed not more than 40 minutes ago ( but will play it when time allows ) So I decided to share with the SN members. The first time I purchased this album was around 1971 and I lent it out several years later but never came back home Then I replaced it with a 1978 re issue album that I still have in the collection This release is the 50th anniversary album - Steve Wilson mix, that has great reviews so I have decided to add it to the collection from 2019 Artist - King Crimson Title - In The Cour
  7. It wasn’t me - I think it was Marc See thread about merging the Vinyl and Other spinning thread
  8. We had a little storm here and now that it has passed I am spinning again More of the same as the last spin with jazz / Jazz fusion on the Garrard Bill Bruford with Allan Holdsworth and others rip it apart This record is a 2013 reissue Artist - Bill Bruford Title - Rock Goes To College Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Bruford-Rock-Goes-To-College/release/6574315
  9. The issue is more about people’s passion about the formats Pretty sure the vinyl purists won’t like it one bit - and it may also rub people the wrong way if something that is dear to ones heart is taken away from them One solution is to give the currently spinning thread a catchier name and trial it for a while A catchy heading may be all that’s needed .
  10. The weatherman said rain is coming tomorrow So I went out and cut the grass and now it’s time to relax with a spin Something more into the jazz fusion side now A brilliant drummer in anyone’s book Artist - Bill Bruford Title - The Bruford Tapes Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Bruford-The-Bruford-Tapes/release/1969352
  11. Haven’t played my copy for a while It’s a great album
  12. I think they are CDs that look like records that can be played in a DJ scratch CD turntable player I believe that they can scratch just like vinyl
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