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  1. Tonight I am settling in for a listen to an album that could be said to out of place in my collection Its a debut album from a band out of Denver Colorado in the country folk genre The first track - Flowers In Your Hair - is very good. But way to short Artist - The Lumineers Title - The Lumineers
  2. I’m a recent convert to Rush And I’m glad someone suggested them for a listen
  3. I have one on the bucket list However all are ex Miami USA If the departure port is ex Australia then I would book one today
  4. This remote attenuator thread has passed me by First time I have seen it Im also interested to convert from manual volume to remote - for my Nakamichi CA5 II preamp because I’m getting old and lazy to get up to change the volume
  5. Good that you posted a photo as there are a few models I would say a median price Without the remote control $1200 With remote control $1600
  6. I have passed on the information to my mate on the farm that is located in Spicers Hollow about the Hercules Terra Trac - So he can look out for them on the next tyre change 👍🏼
  7. Thats dedication 👌 I have the individual LPs - 6 of the Yes albums I like most But Yes Songs is a live release and I don’t have it in my collection What is your favourite album ? I tend to swing between Close To The Edge and Fragile - depends on my mood
  8. I remember watching the Hello Dolly movie about 1970 with Barbara Streisand
  9. I was 6 yo at the time Think my fav album is Revolver but that depends on my mood 🤪
  10. Im working my way to the Beatles collection To much Prog and Jazz to get through first
  11. When an album as good as this in not played for a while - it summons you into attention A flawless jazz blues guitar performance that is so seductive you don’t want to stop the record With superb accompaniment from some top band members This album has made my day Artist - Grant Green Title - Idle Moments
  12. I am currently listening to this album on YouTube from 1981 Prompted by someone in the USA I just love this album and need an LP to be added to the collection Robert Fripp The League Of Gentlemen
  13. Lamb Lies Down is great album that grows on you My life was enriched in my youth when I started listening to progressive rock
  14. I have a treat for the spinners tonight *** One fantastic live concert was recorded as one continuous session in 1975, and released as a double LP in 4 parts Yes this album is of legendary status In the Jazz rock fusion genre that blew listeners minds at the time as the entire album was mainly spontaneous improvisation I present to you Artist - Keith Jarrett Title - The Koln Concert 1975
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