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  1. Give a little love Big hair Great outdoor concert @ Woodstock
  2. The other album that came on Friday is a jazz fusion double album Artist - Al Di Meola Title - Splendido Hotel Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Al-Di-Meola-Splendido-Hotel/release/3602500
  3. I have a few different releases of some albums in the collection But not many
  4. Just arrived in the mail Friday - 2 LPs I was missing this LP from the collection And it’s a beauty One of the worlds best finger guitarists Artist - Leo Kottke ‎ Title - 6- And 12-String Guitar Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/artist/191662-Leo-Kottke
  5. Internet was down all morning so I put on some more Prog in between other records Genesis Rush YES
  6. From the vault LP #42 This LP is the last from the vault and the last of the Santana trio Artist - Santana Title - Borboletta
  7. A beautiful but powerful soprano voice Left us to early RIP Eva Cassidy
  8. Guess what’s coming next to finish off 🤫
  9. From the vault LP #41 Second LP of the trio by Santana This album has a serenity about it that is just beautiful to the ears An overall band melding that is not dominated by the guitar of Carlos Some beautiful soulful moments on this album Artist - Santana Title - Welcome Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Santana-Welcome/release/6456354
  10. It makes it unique 👌👌
  11. Possibly - my recollection was something to do with Southern Man and the guitar sound
  12. I have that album and it sounds great ( because I played it recently ) If one closes their eyes while listening you get a feelIng of flying and being close to a seascape in the music
  13. I remember hearing or reading something about Devo being part of a Neil Young album
  14. From the vault Lp # 40 Finishing off with a trio from the same artist and order of release The first one is actually a second copy but the same release ID This album is part of a trio - as was pointed out not long ago in this thread Caravanserai Welcome Borboletta The story of Caravanserai - is the eternal cycle of reincarnation, every soul going into and out of life Artist - Santana Title - Caravanserai Australian release
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