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  1. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I need to get this release on vinyl Might get lucky at the next record fair
  2. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    @Janjuc Great album 👍🏼 Yes I believe this new packaging is a backward step By their argument / explanation I offer this - 45 RPM records haven’t stored to well due to being offered in paper sleeves If it’s for reasons of removing disposable plastics, then they should offer integrated plastic lining with the paper sleeve cover, thus reducing the need to dispose by over 90%
  3. Full Range

    What is this cable?

    @andyr - Thanks Andy lets see what unclemac responds with In past research that I have done on this cable - Its best used with 1) Short lengths of 1 to 2 mt 3) Multiples of exact lengths in parallel - 6 lengths per side is a good number when used with SS amps But one length is OK when used with tube amps
  4. Full Range

    What is this cable?

    @unclemack Pete-mac is correct I was looking for this cable last year to be paired with my tube amp So if interested - I would like to buy some if the price is right 🤞a 4 mt length to make a 1.8 to 2 mt pair PM me if interested
  5. Full Range

    Poll: What cartridge design do you prefer?

    That would be the Soundsmith Hyperion https://www.stereophile.com/content/soundsmith’s-hyperion-phono-cartridge-cactus-needle-cantilever
  6. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Dean Martin had a liquid voice Must play some of my Dean records
  7. Also If you bring in more than your duty-free allowance for general goods, you’ll need to pay duty on all of your goods not just on the excess.
  8. If you’re aged 18 or older, you can bring in $900 of general goods duty-free. If you're under 18, you can bring in $450 worth of general goods duty-free. This does not include bringing in commercial goods.
  9. Full Range

    New to Brisbane

    Join the QLD Audio Club They have a GTG every month Joining fee applies
  10. I agree with this post Get an electrician in to check the wiring , switches , light fittings ect and replace any items if needed
  11. I have a power cord that does all what the PranaWire does but did not cost the price of a small car I put the price comparison in because it’s absurd money for a piece of wire when compared to the engineering used to make a car
  12. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    What a great album 👌
  13. Full Range

    Poll: What cartridge design do you prefer?

    I voted MM and that includes MI Moving Iron However some of my MM / MI carts need an MC phono
  14. Full Range

    SOLD: FS: Records - 5 (The Angels)

    I remember the last time I saw The Angels was on my bucks night at a Newcastle club What a night This post has just taken me down memory lane ✅
  15. Full Range

    If they say so

    We actually have decades of use of paper sheaves for records I bring to your attention to 45RPM records Not many good examples exist unless stored & untouched Compare that to LP records placed in plastic sleeves