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  1. Every man and his dog - with a little wine, would be very entertained by that list 🎶🎶🤘
  2. If I was a girl I would be blushing ☺️
  3. I am all sorted this weekend Have chosen 3 albums to spin Artist - Alan Holdsworth Titles - Metal Fatigue , Atavachron , Road Games
  4. Try this one and have a listen on the tube Dylan Carlson - Conquistador https://www.discogs.com/Dylan-Carlson-Conquistador/master/1354879
  5. Just before lunch I finished spinning the 801 LP One of the best live records from mostly ex Roxy Music members that formed an interim band to pass away the time, that lasted a handful of concerts But the material left behind is just incredible Still one of my all time favourite live albums 🤘 Artist - 801 Title - 801 Live
  6. Perfect for the government ordered home isolation
  7. I knew that to be the case With a keen ear — One can pick out some elements and interplay Coltrane later brings to Kind Of Blue
  8. I loved my repeat listens of the 2 Nirvana albums and now it’s time to wind down for the night with some brilliant Jazz This is also a new album purchase adding to my jazz collection I can only say that this album is simply superb — also be mindful that the band members were very young when this album was recorded one 19yo another 22yo Artist - John Coltrane Title - Blue Train
  9. Yes these Nirvana LP spins today are from JB HiFi
  10. Up next is the next recent Nirvana LP purchase The softer side of the original tracks Artist - Nirvana Title - Unplugged 25th Anniversary release https://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-MTV-Unplugged-In-New-York/release/14341626
  11. This the first Nirvana LP I have purchased So sorry I don’t have any LPs to compare it to But I have other Back to Black releases and so far all have great SQ Also have a look at the Discogs comments posted lower down the page on this version https://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-Nevermind/release/7097051
  12. My Sunday is set to play newly purchased Nirvana LPs So I’m starting off with Artist- Nirvana Title - Nevermind
  13. Just went and had a look No external number printed on the box apart from the box set ID And even then the ID is for the UK box set So on Discogs I have had to find the Gold box version https://www.discogs.com/The-Beatles-The-Beatles-Collection/release/2266194
  14. I also have the Australian 1981 reissue Gold box set still sealed
  15. I have the 1969 Australian pressing of Abbey Road
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