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  1. It’s a fake for sure Those plugs definitely do not comply and can be purchased from China as single items
  2. Not a song as such but have a go at this combo Artist - Third Ear Audio Start with - Intro Length 1.28 Follow up with - Third Ear Audio - Ethereality - length 6.47
  3. Had a listen to this brilliant album A new vinyl arrival to the collection Lets listen to Po-Jama people again ( why not ) Artist - Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention Title - One Size Fits All A US release on Pallas label - 2015 Audiophile pressing in Germany on 180gr
  4. I roast my own coffee for my prosumer set up at home And I do lots of DIY audio So that’s also a theme
  5. This Re Issue is a US release but pressed in Germany on 180 gr from 2015 This is the Official Release #20 Source: 1975 1/4" Stereo Master Tape and I have read good reviews of this pressing That’s why I got this LP
  6. I wonder what this is ? Just arrived This is an album that was on backorder for over a month Will give it a spin tomorrow Frank Zappa -
  7. Spent this afternoon and early evening listening to UK So good I played them twice Artist - UK Title - UK , Live , Danger Money
  8. So what happened to the disappearing guitar?
  9. This one is for @April Snow and other prince fans It’s a cover of a favourite George Harrison song performed by some of the greats The solo by Prince @ 2.28 is amazing
  10. I have a Pallas album - Title- The Sentinel But it’s different spelling - so not sure if it’s the same band?? This one https://www.discogs.com/Pallas-The-Sentinel/release/1133603
  11. Re Phil Collins posted earlier I have 3 LPs Phil Collins ‎– ...But Seriously - 1989 Euro release Phil Collins ‎– Face Value - 1981 US release Phil Collins ‎– Hello, I Must Be Going - 1982 Australian release
  12. That is an understatement It changed the musical direction of the time and created a new genre, and forged a path for many bands that followed
  13. If you can’t find PM6A I have 3 X PM6C units - but may need a rebuild Currently stored in original Lowther transport boxes When rebuilt they will be considered new again ( that goes for any model Lowther driver unit )
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