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  1. Full Range

    Custom Plinth for Vintage Turntable

    Just in case you are in two minds about the upgrade @Spider27 This is a copy and paste description and observations of your turntable I found on Vinyl Engine Acoustic Research AR77-XB Description Truth in listening is what high-fidelity is all about at AR. A turntable, to meet the AR standard, must be strong„ utterly silent, dependable, accurate and reliable. No turntable on the market fulfils that ideal better than the new AR77-XB. It is one of the few turntables that still regards simplicity as a virtue. It is a fully manual unit, with a viscous damped cueing system as it's only automatic feature. It is unencumbered with gimmicks because we are convinced that there are still enthusiasts who believe in the designer's maxim 'less is more', and its resulting benefits: low price, low maintenance, long life. Today, more than 15 years after the AR turntable was introduced, its design principles and its performance remain standards for the industry. Its accuracy, reliability and playback performance simply have not been surpassed, even by turntables which cost infinitely more. Don't be misled by the modest price of the AR77-XB. You can't buy more accuracy or performance at any price. Specifications Speeds: 33, 45 rpm Wow & flutter: 0.03% Rumble: 65 dB Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous Drive system: ground, endless belt Tonearm: integral, low-mass tonearm with removable low-mass cartridge shell Tonearm type: balanced in all planes Tonearm length: 279.4 mm Effective tonearm length: 228.6 mm Weight: 5.89 kg Features: supplied with base and hinged dust cover. Viscous damped cueing. Completely isolated tonearm and turntable-platter assembly via damped 3-point suspension. Shure M91 ED cartridge is optional.
  2. Full Range

    Custom Plinth for Vintage Turntable

    I made my own plinth for the Garrard With help from a CNC cutting business And associated hardware like feet ect Even then it cost over $800 But It was engineered to be more than a basic piece of timber
  3. Full Range

    Custom Plinth for Vintage Turntable

    Send Duc a PM Edit - Just a heads up In some instances- Depending on the timber chosen It can cost over your budget But you can also try a local timber CNC business
  4. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I have found another laser etched album in the recent record clean up Hope the photo shows the laser reflection This laser disc is only inscribed on one of the two sides Artist - Styx Title - Paradise- Gala Premiere A 1981 Australian release - Special Laser Etched Cat# L 37525
  5. Full Range

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Happy International Record Store day Lets spin some vinyl or go out and purchase some This morning I’m spinning the second Man record in the collection A double album and the third release from this band Very well put together album that will delight most prog fans Artist - Man Title - Back Into The Future 1974 Australian Release Cat# L45393/4
  6. A friend of mine (/ex drummer ) recommended to have a listen to a band called Pineapple Thief So I did
  7. Full Range

    Aussie Politics

    Just to keep things level - a great video on a stupid idea floated by the Liberals great
  8. Full Range

    What can I do with 2 of these?

    They look like a Sonido brand model SFR 200 8” driver If that is so they would have about 95 dB So a low wattage amp will drive them If you are expecting big powerful sound with heavy bass you will be disappointed, but if you want to listen to intricate jazz and classical then you will hear sounds not noticed before Anyway get back to us if I’m correct on the driver guesstimate 🤪
  9. Full Range

    Post some pics thread...

    Sunset in New Zealand Ship to ship photo
  10. Full Range

    Aussie Politics

    A typical political trick Deconstruct and attack without getting the point just to win an argument I am not in or looking to win an argument Just expressing a point of view that encompasses all parties But because you tend to lean one way it’s apperent that any answer should bring it back to centre So I will just go and listen to some music and may revisit this thread in a month or so and see if anything has changed 🤞
  11. Full Range

    Aussie Politics

    I have my fingers crossed 🤞 It’s my artful way of saying walk in my shoes for a day ( applies to both parties )
  12. Full Range

    Aussie Politics

    Not all business is aligned to the liberal party Look I don’t want to get into a debate of I’m more LEFT or more RIGHT than you The point is You have a one track mind and you can’t acknowledge there is 1) Businesses that are fantastic to its workforce 2) Without business there will be no jobs 3) Without risk there will be no progress 4) And - One can’t exist without the other So what is the answer The answer is work together to the benefit of both I repeat The Benefit Of Both “One thing that I would dearly love to see is A union to purchase a failing business or company / turn its fortunes around and make it run at a profit “
  13. Full Range

    High Definition Vinyl

    I think you are correct Just something in my thinking made me question that issue
  14. Full Range

    High Definition Vinyl

    I would definitely get some titles to try when they become available If they can fit 30% more content ? Would 45rpm also make for better playback definition
  15. Austrian startup says new process promises 30% more playing time and 30% more amplitude Link — https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/04/high-definition-vinyl-is-a-real-thing-and-could-be-in-stores-next-year/