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  1. Here is another easy listening LP my the same artist Great memories from these tunes Artist - Paul Mauriat Title - Blooming Hits
  2. Something easy listening from a French conductor Artist - Paul Mauriat Title - Greatest Hits
  3. That is mind a blowing collection Especially for a jazz fan
  4. If all the reviews are to be believed Then I should look for the 1/2 speed release as they say that it’s very very good Think you have that one ?
  5. @Janjuc Question If you were to buy / replace the Tubular Bells album by Mike Oldfield Would you replace it with Like for Like or Replace it with Moolight Shadow that has all the best parts of tubular bells plus some of the best tracks of other albums LP 1. Tubular Bells - Two Sides Excerpt 2. Amarok Part 1 - Two Sides Excerpt 3. Mike Oldfield's Stream - Theme From Return To Ommadawn Pt. 1 4. Moonlight Shadow - Remastered 2000 5. Sailing 6. Slipstream 7. Guilty - 7" Single Version 8. Good News - Remastered 2000 9. In Dulce Jubilo
  6. Someone was playing Mike Oldfield the other day So I’m following up with a spin myself Today the record at first or even the second listen can be a little confusing to the listener But after a few listens it all comes together when all the complexities meld into one Artist - Mike Oldfield Title - Ommadawn
  7. Not sure how I ended up with so many of this title But I have 3 copies of this album ?
  8. Not only a top 3 favourite Prog album it’s also one of the first albums that I purchased Played it 3 times already My speakers just love it Artist - King Crimson Title - In The Court Of The Crimson King
  9. Love you already I’m waiving hello from Brisvagas 🖖
  10. Listening to some evening radio last night and the disc jockeys were announcing that it was Neil Young’s birthday So what is an audiophile to do Listen to ones albums in the collection Artist - Neil Percival Young Titles - On The Beach - Harvest - Comes A Time - After The Goldrush
  11. I had this album as an eBay watch item - slipped my mind and time passed Anyway I got an offer via eBay to purchase at 40% off - that equated to $15 + shipping for a brand new sealed album It’s a 2003 European reissue and remastered pressing Score 👌 Artist - Genesis Title - Trespass https://www.discogs.com/Genesis-Trespass/release/4663595
  12. That is a great album and also in my collection
  13. All 70s Prog I just love the musical output of that era
  14. I need to get another copy of Tubular Bells So I was thinking ? How am I going to spend my $50 JB HiFi voucher - JB 20% of music this weekend will help Edit - No 20% off in QLD as I just called to check - They said Black Friday should have large discounts? Trouble is I have 3 LPs on the list Deep Purple - Machine Head Cream - Disraeli Gears Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
  15. Some heavy Prog rock - And a bit of a rare one from 1971 More bass heavy than most Prog of the day Members played in Rare Bird and King Crimson Artist - Fields Title - Fields
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