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  1. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    @Ian McP I have the above album in the collection 👍🏼
  2. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I will follow up with another John Klemmer album A double album with some of the best and most beautiful Saxophone 🎷Jazz to be heard Artists - John Klemmer Title - Mosaic
  3. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    A quick spin whilst it’s a quiet time at home before I go to a shareholders meeting And this record is putting me in a stable mood Genre is electronic Jazz with the standout instrument being the Saxophone 🎷 Artist - John Klemmer Title - Waterfalls
  4. I’m looking forward to it’s debut ✅ Nice work
  5. Tube Preamp / headphone amp combo

    You can get a hand made Earle Weston tube pre with a head amp http://www.westonacoustics.com/page0071.html I have one 👌 - but my custom model also has a NOS DAC as well
  6. New caps for crossover

    You have that wrong It’s Australia post that charges that price If you were to email Nigel and ask 20 questions and he provided the answers free - that would be worth a lot more than a charge he has no control over Speaker bugs service is impeccable - I can say that because I purchased all my crossover components from them
  7. Hello from Sydney - back to vinyl

    Welcome @Orthy to SNA Do you have your turntable and records ready to spin
  8. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    It’s very hot in Brisbane town today So a little cooling , soothing jazz fussion is what’s called for A nice jazz fussion record that flows unhindered like a winding river Artist - Jacob Magnusson Title - Special Treatment
  9. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Now for something different This is a French band formed in 1966 but 3 members were Moroccan born and one Italian born ( so not to French 🤪 ) A mix of styles from prog to rock to world to soul & country influences in one album This album was from 1975 and released on Buddha records The album art has a little French flair and should fit in well with the LGBTI in our midst Artist - Les Variations Title - Cafe De Paris
  10. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    A last year addition to the collection but just getting around to spinning it This is a truely brilliant album, no one will comprehend how 3 artists can bring so much feeling into sound waves for our contemplation A remarkable prog album - and very immersive Artist - Emerson Lake Palmer Title - Brain Salad Surgery UK First Pressing 1973 Manticore Label - K53501
  11. Re AC connector I used a quality Schurter filter IEC connector with inbuilt fuses from RS components Not cheap Not sure if this is the correct model but it’s close https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/iec-filters/7085667/
  12. Get well soon mate Had a family member with it From memory there is about 5 options You have tried option 1 and possibly 2 with medication to assist in passing the stones naturally Option 3 is shock wave treatment to break up the stone Speak to your urologist for the next step or options as it’s surgical after that
  13. Best new car $20k must be auto

    Also contact John Cadogan - he can save you thousands on a new car https://autoexpert.com.au/
  14. Best new car $20k must be auto

    You want a company to look after and support its customers if something goes wrong For that reason I would go with a micro model Kia Toyota Mazda Honda Jazz - I put this one last because it’s CVT May be iffy if you don’t service it before recommended schedule ( have owned 2 ) Although it’s got the best overall interior
  15. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Sadly we come to the end of my Alice Cooper collection This last album is from 1989 Many albums we released prior to this last album that I am about to spin but marriage and raising kids put a stop to record purchases for all artists during this period However this album it’s probably the best album Alice Cooper released after Welcome To My Nightmare An edgy genre that could classed as popular metal Artist - Alice Cooper Title - Trash