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  1. Now watching the first episode of a limited series 3 episodes in total - all about 1 hour each Title - Inside Bills Brain Decoding Bill Gates
  2. I’m still running Win7 due to the industry software programs I use, and I’m sure will not work on Win10 without spending hundreds of $$$ to update them I have had the warning come up about support stopping soon My take is that the malicious people creating viruses ect would be looking for maximum impact They follow the numbers I’m thinking that Win7 users are now in the minority ( apart from business users ) So I’m going to keep running Win7 until the PC dies Even then as I have the install CD for Win7 any new / future PC may get Win7 again
  3. I don’t have that LP But I do have Stormwatch
  4. All brilliant songs Thats why they can still be heard on the airways and in movies 40 / 50 years later
  5. Making good on my promise to find and purchase a copy I am spinning and enjoying this super album Artist - Boz Scaggs Title - Silk Degrees ID - SBP 234809 Australian release 1976
  6. My cousin loved CCR He would play CCR in the car by cassette tape he would play CCR at work and I came to love them as well Got to admit they were a really good band
  7. I wonder if anyone on SNA has one for sale in EX or better condition?
  8. I should get this live triple album Not sure if a new re-issue is better than the original pressing Any thoughts ?
  9. This is one is my favourite Santana album
  10. This album is by the new line up of King Crimson after about 10 years
  11. Just in case the person that introduced me to Frank Zappa in the early 70s is an SNA member I will get my memory to paint a picture and cross my fingers he sees this His name was Macca and I met him through a school friend Wattsy He lived across the railway line in Cardiff Newcastle Every time I visited - he had Frank Zappa on the turntable and I liked what I heard Became a fan very easily
  12. This LP is a recent purchase that I have only now had a chance to spin The famous Black Page is on this album A live recording from 3 shows Artist - Frank Zappa Title - In New York A US pressing on the Discreet label ID 2D 2290 - 1978
  13. Taken on my iPhone at my mother in-laws home These birds come in to visit - because she leaves food for them Not sure of the bird name
  14. Then your only option is to contact the distributor for parts
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