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  1. They sent out an email a while ago advising no demo of headphones due to Covid19, but I think you can still demo speakers subject to social distancing measure. I think it was also on their website for a bit. I called ahead last Saturday to their Melbourne store to ask whether I could demo headphones and was told no. I think in store pickup is still OK though.
  2. No headphones demo at Addicted to Audio at least as of last Saturday. I am not sure about the amps, but might be worth calling ahead to check.
  3. I agree with Bengineer, Clear is the pick of the bunch. But it is not very bassy. The LCD2 has much better bass, but I found lacking in separation, sound stage and as a result a bit muddy. It is also very heavy. HD800S is a bit more expensive unless you can go second hand, but bass is also not strong in that one.
  4. Home office setup. Sony WM1A -> Sony TA-ZH1ES (DAC mode) -> Violectric V281 (Pre-amp mode) -> Stax ED-1 Signature Diffuse Field EQ -> Stax SRM1/MK2 PP -> Stax Lambda Signature.
  5. Apparently the Stella and the Elegia use the same frame but with different drivers. I like the Stella a lot just never brought one, but I found Elegia very slow and muddy.
  6. $1699 is the RRP from Sony. Never quite understand why prices of Sony's stuff move that much.... I am assuming no retailer can offer such discount without the distributor's support. Really wish Sony will price their stuff properly and stick to it.
  7. Yeah, I saw that was trying my luck to see if anyone here is interested in getting rid of their one. Thanks for the offer on the Z1R, but I will probably skip. I haven't tried the Sonorous Viii so don't know if that suits me. The ZMF is more a purchase to satisfy my curiosity.
  8. Item: Final Audio D8000 Price Range: Negotiable based on condition etc. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  9. The extra pad is probably worth more than the cable. Depends on whether you are fuss, some sort of XLR cable can be have for about $100 AUD, but the pad is pretty expensive. Also the black pro version looks a lot better (my opinion), the pad will probably be a bit more dirt resistance (or less noticeable) than the light colour standard version.
  10. Based on your preference Grado GS1000, GS1000e and GS2000e are probably worth considering. They are over the ear headphones and are great for jazz and classical. The GS1000 can be have for pretty cheap second hand and is probably the pick of the bunch price vs quality wise if you can find a pair. For the price you are thinking, a cheap second hand Stax setup might also be worth a look. A 353X with some Lambdas? I quite like the Lambda Nova Signature, but they are quite rare.
  11. There is a left\right balance adjustment menu. Up to 3 db in 0.5 db increment. Don't know how well it works though.
  12. I think the only model within the ZX500 series is the 507. Sony usually uses the last digit in the model number to differentiate the storage size. I think the B after will probably be the colour, although I haven't heard the 507 with different colour. Both the ZX500 and the A100 series come with full Android with Google Service, which means Play Store, Netflix, Tidal etc. i.e. no need to side load apps. But I think only the official playback app have full access to all resolutions (i.e. other player like Poweramp might down sample to 44 kHz, etc). I have seen Tidal running in the A100 on demo in A2A Melbourne, which probably is just as well as it only has 16 GB internal memory. Both models take MicroSD though. I happen to really like the Sony's implementation of 4.4mm balanced output in the WM1A, so I am looking forward to the ZX507. I saw the listing on Sony Australia's website, just don't know if they actually have stock. A2A is generally pretty quick with Sony's stuff, so I was thinking either the first shipment have sold out or it is not in country yet if it is still pre-order on their website.
  13. Is the Z507 in country already. I know they are out in other territories. Last time I talked to A2A they said late January, so I assume they are not available yet. I am a big fan of Sony's stuff and have been using a WM1A since it came out. Really looking forward to the new player.
  14. The Fiio M15 and the Sony new Android Walkman the Z507 are meant to be available soon as well.
  15. Hiby and all the Chinese DAP like Fiio may not work out of the box. My understanding is they run Android but not with Google service, so no Play Store, Maps, etc. Sony latest Walkman (A100 series and Z507) does run full Android with Google Service and Store, so they might work. But they are USB C devices, don't know what converter you need to get data to function (might work straight away, haven't tried). Also don't think they will have GPS, so things like Map might be problematic. A100 is available in Australia and comes with a very cute case and graphic, I don't think 507 is in country yet.
  16. Item: 2 pin 4.4mm balanced IEM cable (for Westone, Noble, Empire Ear, etc) Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Interested if anyone have a cheap 4.4mm 2 pin balanced cable for sell in Melbourne.
  17. The Aeon 1 is quite good, but his other stuff are ordinary. Hard to justify without demo.
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