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  1. If you got a DAC that can connect to a computer, you can use the volume control in the computer to emulate a balance dial. Don't know about Mac, but you can definitely do it with Windows.
  2. I guess also whether you need DSD. The Ares 2 do native DSD, and comes with very good Windows driver. Neither of the 2 DACs you mention do that. Strav is great to deal with.
  3. Bump with addition items under consideration, and before I pull the trigger on a brand new amplifier.
  4. Item:Headamp GS-X Mini or other balanced headamp Price Range: $2000+ depending on what's on offer Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for Headamp GS-X Mini, SPL Phonitor X or XE, and similar balanced headamp, must have 4 pin XLR output. I am located in Melbourne, postage or pickup.
  5. No balanced cable included with the Pro, but with an extra set of earpads. The headphones itself is the same.
  6. Personally I don't like a lot of planars and dislike most of the Audeze LCD line except for the X, XC and LCD-1. While they have excellent bass, I found them a bit too "veil" for my liking. Also anything beside the X and XC seem to require quite a decent amp to sound good. The LCDs are also very heavy and I found them uncomfortable to wear. I haven't play with a lot of the latest Hifimans so can't comment on sounds and the drive capacity required but I never really like their build quality. Some of their stuff sounds great, HE-6 is a classic, but the build quality is a bit too rough for my liking, especially toward the higher end models. The Clear is easy drive, light, comfortable to use, sounds good even out of a Sony portable player which are generally not that powerful and very good build quality. I think it is great value at $1200, but a bit hard at $2200. As an aside if you like planar try the Final D8000. Will set you back a decent amount and requires a good amplifier, but once it get going it is very good.
  7. Clear was selling at $1200 for a while, think the price bounce back after the new financial year. Haven't play with a Xonar Essence one, will be interesting to see how you go.
  8. What amplifier are you running? HD800/S and LCD-2 will need something slightly beefy, in which case the upgrade path become a lot more expensive. At around that price, Focal Clear is an option and it is not as demanding on the amplifier.
  9. Which energiser are you getting? Are you getting an Stax amplifier (i.e. SRM-353X, SRM-DM50, etc) or are you getting a transformer box similar to a Woo Audio Wee? If you energiser is an amplifier than what Addicted to music said is correct, but if you are transformer box then you need to plug that into a stereo amplifier to power it.
  10. Stellia is very good, I found it very close to the Clear which is an excellent accomplishment for a closed headphones. It doesn't isolate very well when I tried it though. Without good isolation, I couldn't justify the getting it especially with a set of Clear and Z1R already.
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