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  1. Glad to hear you finally found your holy grail amp Brendon 👍 I heard this amp in Brendon’s system and it sounds very nice. Not quite up to the Accuphase level but mighty good considering it’s price point. Glws buddy
  2. Item: Accuphase E-260 Integrated Amplifier & Dac-40 Option Card Location: Perth Price: SOLD Item Condition: Very good other than one very minor scuff mark as seen in third photo Reason for selling: Too many amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Imported directly from Japan about 2 years ago. Professionally converted to 240 volts, no step down transformer required. Beautiful finish and build quality, premium Japanese gear that will last a lifetime. The amplifier works flawlessly and will make the next owner very happy. Can ship anywhere in Australia and has original double packaging, remote and owners manual. Please PM me with any questions. Pictures:
  3. Conch

    SOLD: FS: SOtM SPS 500

    VERY good power supply here! Can be used with a split cable to power two devices. GLWTS mate
  4. Conch

    SOLD: FS: Two Magnificent Turntables!

    Very nice Steve! Glad I’m not into turntables....
  5. Not really an issue with Accuphase as they are super reliable. The dealer actually recommended that I purchase the option card from Japan directly when I requested a quote 🙄
  6. HI Paul, I have the E-470 as well, bloody incredible amp! I have not heard the DP-430 player unfortunately, I have heard several other Accuphase disc players. They are all outstanding IMO, only thing is I dont play discs so not on my radar. I guess it comes down to how much you play cd's? Cheers Liam
  7. Hi Lurka, I have had the dac 50 for a year or so now, I also own the dac40 too. They are both great dacs with similar sonic traits. Dac-50 does dsd but the dac-40 does not. I run optical from my tv and USB from my custom passive server into the dac-50, it sounds great and works flawlessly with all sample rates. What integrated / pre are you running mate? I recommend buying direct from Japan to save approx 50% on local pricing. cheers Liam
  8. These guys are awesome, I’ve used them a few times. They create custom box sizes and double/triple boxing is a breeze. https://theboxman.com.au/ You guys over east might have someone who provides the same service?
  9. I use win 2016 core mode and jriver server running 24 bit audiophile DLNA output to share my library over my home network to a sotm sms200ultra renderer. Dsd is sent via dop and the Gieseler Gross Dac plays back up to dsd 256. Trouble free and sounds bloody fantastic!
  10. Hi Dave, Jriver DLNA server function is very well designed and can be setup to output the audio in the original format if desired. Eg flac, dsd, wav can be sent to the renderer in the original format. https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/DAC_Settings Give it a try, it sounds bloody awesome 👏
  11. Nice one mate, got any photos of the inside?
  12. Price drop 😊
  13. Conch

    " One Disc to Rule Them All "