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  1. Hey guys, trying to contact brodricj to purchase some Packege gear off him. I already sent him a p.m but doesnt look like he has signed in since dtv joined with stero... If anyone has his mobile or email would be appreciated.. Also anyone else on here have access to packege networking gear? Cheers
  2. McIntosh MX121

    what is this on par with in terms of the marantz offerings to give people a better understanding of the model number? Is this similar to a 7702mk2 or a 8802a?
  3. Cheers Quark.. Yeah i thought so.. leaves everything for dust at the current price point new or old ! Cant beat that picture quality or blacks
  4. After each globe change you really need to re calibrate. So changing your entire projector i would definitely re-calibrate.
  5. Good speakers for those who are wanting to break into H.T you will be very happy with the sound. I used to own them myself
  6. Item: X35 projector (black) Location: sydney hills area Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: used but perfect condition Reason for selling: upgrading to 4k Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Kept in my H.t room hanging off the roof. always had a/c running, pet and kid free house. Only onto the second globe since i purchased it brand new. Its fully isf calibrated and still puts out an amazing image. Only upgrading as im going 4k Pictures:
  7. stuff the banks https://transferwise.com/au your welcome
  8. What are some of the z wave products ? So are you talking to Alexa over Amazon dot/echo or are u talking to vera ?
  9. I can see value in it, with the coffee maker being warmed up. Or bed room lamps being turned on by voice. Also for the HT room to have that wow factor and while seated dim the lights and turn them back on again when your done. In terms of doing anything else with it like grocery lists ect i can't see myself doing that. Even turning music on and off with Sonos when they set it up. That would be cool but will I be able to say what album to play or what playlist I want to play. Or is it just turn on and off. ?
  10. Love that guys reviews. Best lounge room tv Sony A1 Oled and best HT room tv Panasonic Oled
  11. To Upgrade to Atmos or Start Again?

    agree with the boys.. upgrade to a nice marantz pre in your price range.. Get some more krix in ceilings , get an xpa 7 as well and your set.
  12. http://procision.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL029629&pathId=71&page=10 Seems theres been a mini - refresh.. higher lumens among other things
  13. Hey Rich, im seeing a new Procision range on the jvc site. x970R and X770R .. any ideas what these new models bring and when they will be for sale?
  14. people discredit the panasonic.. because they look "dull" thats actually how a tv is ment to look calibrated.. thx mode on teh panasonics is the best looking natural picture around hands down..