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  1. Opinion on the red has not been great which is why I asked. A lot of good reviews on the At 95 ml with technics decs. Also I’ll be limited to mm carts.
  2. Also what type of At-95 cart is it getting and can that cart styli be upgraded to a micro line?
  3. Im in! Will it cost $1200-1500 Aus? 899 euro
  4. I recently auditioned some Wharfedale Lintons, based on some positive reviews - Ah not my cup of tea by a long shot. So grain of salt with all reviews.
  5. Lets let him fix the amp before heading into the kitchen - eh! Then Simon can take oyu out for coffe and cake wiht the $$ he earned.
  6. In residence at Simon's - thanks all.
  7. Hi Simon, I thought that you may be able to check it. I'll let you know.
  8. crickets i can go to norhtenr NSW too.
  9. My sansui aux 701 is protection blinking and won’t come out. Andy above mike’s at Ashmore says he not doing the old stuff anymore. Anyone know of someone that can check it? it may just be a simple fix as it has been working great up until now. thanks in advance. is my pride and joy! Damo
  10. Hi Just letting you know I’m checking with my friend on this amp. I will let you know tomoz. cheers Damo
  11. Is this a belt drive wiht auto return and is the auto still working? My mate could be interested.
  12. Has anyone heard / own the Nina's and compared them to Harberth od similar dimesions?
  13. Anyone done an actual comparo 1500C and 1200GR?
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