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  1. Also, IMO its best to hear class D amps with your actual speakers.
  2. Sounds like a familiar theme - back into it with full speed. I'm not sure these will be an huge upgrade - what nad an rotel gear have you got already? A bigger delta increase in SQ may be to spend extra on the speakers.
  3. Yes this my thinking but mk2’ ect are not that cheap either. With some mods then it gets up in price too I guess.
  4. With the recent announcement that Technics is returning Aus, I’m wonder if a 1500C TT @ Gulp $2000 is going to sound any better than the old SL1200 mK 2 to mk 5’s. I like the look without the faders but it’s hard to see it being worth that type of coin. Does anyone now what these decks are worth in Japan we have friends that go often. cheers Damo
  5. Baz, Ill take the: Kiss:Double Platinum I'm on the coast so pm for pick up. cheers Damo
  6. Oh good buying here, excellent speakers, I’ve heard them a few times and i was always impressed. The finish on these are super fantastic as well, glws
  7. Ok ive been living with my aux 701 for some months now . Short review: It makes my eye brows raise, and a cracking great smile appear on my face often followed by a chuckle and shake of the head. Fabulous amps these Sansui’s. Sound: tight, clear, transparent but still easy presentation. I was wanting some more detail but not loose that tube feeling when I swapped amps and this has been a home run. i can honestly say I’ll never sell this amp. many thanks P Mac aka the guru! cheers Damo
  8. Not your style, so ill take it off your hands for 99c, it will be my first dark side purchase.
  9. Ill take these ones please: COG Sharing Space 3 Colin Hay Transcendental Highway 3 Jeff Buckley Grace 3 jimi Hendrix - Covers In from the Storm 2 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 3 Rollins Band The End of Silence 4 Rollins Band Weight 4 Rollins Band Come In and Burn 4 Rollins Band Nice 4 The Mark of Cain Songs of the Third and Fifth 4 The Mark of Cain This Is This... 4 Tracy Chapman Crossroads 2 cheers Damo
  10. Hi, Sorry i cant see the back plate. Are these dirty weekenders or Omen Mark 2's? As i understand - the Zu boys place new drivers and electronics into recycled cabinets for the DW's but i did not think they are for sale in Aus.
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