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  1. DAMO 1147

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    Has there been any threads/chatter around comparing a modded SL1200 mk 11 to 5 with the new 1200G and GR?
  2. DAMO 1147

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Your front end looks great, are you sold on the plinius as best match so far?
  3. DAMO 1147

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I want to join this club but not this color. sooo nice. I'm sure they will be fantastic.
  4. DAMO 1147

    KEF LS50 price drop?

    That's him - nice fellow! Has not been around the Stereonet parts much lately but still cooking with Zu's. I have been impressed with Adam's new speakers - they could force a change to Zu cubes in a 2nd system and new mains. how do you add those @members to these posts?
  5. DAMO 1147

    KEF LS50 price drop?

    How handsome is that thick fellow in the Brown shirt at that old GTG!!
  6. DAMO 1147

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Well I'm not a PMC owner - yet, but I have been very impressed with the Adam's Twenty5 .22. Yes I/m ready to trade up from my loved Zu's sound - I must be ageing. The question i'd like to ask is who has heard the twenty5 range for a comparison. How to the .22 compare with the .24 - same size driver's and then onto the .26's? I have no issue with the .22 sound it's just I'm not into stands really. I like the full box experience. Any thoughts appreciated cheers Damo.
  7. DAMO 1147

    Next Gen OLED TVs

    Anyone have a 2017 model OLED they like to comment/review?
  8. HI Decky, ill take this, regards Damo.
  9. DAMO 1147

    FS: Squeezebox Touch

    Thanks for the suggestions on the cleaning gents. I wont be using my stash of HibiKi I brought back form Japan for cleaning that's for sure. Did the single malt and beer thread go the way of the dodo with the new website? Also this unit is sold pending payment.
  10. DAMO 1147

    FS: Squeezebox Touch

    Hi All, Agree there great little units, thanks for the comments. I should have mentioned it comes with original packaging and all accessories. The remote is the only thing that is not in excellent condition. It's been sitting in the draw - not in use and its gotten sticky - not sure why. I will be cleaning it up tonight, but I'm letting everyone know now. My apologies I did not mention that in the original post. Cheers Damo.
  11. DAMO 1147

    FS: Squeezebox Touch

    Item: squeezebox touch Location: Gold Coast Price: 195 includes postage to metro eastern seaboard locals Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: going mini Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal as friend if credit Extra Info: Worked flawlessly 2nd owner - one of the great bang for buck audio products Pictures:
  12. OK I've had some extra time with the dac v the CAL cd player. My impressions are: They are both from the same kitchen and the kitchen is serving up rib fillet on the bone. Meaty, substantial fare. Both units present a sound that is not clinical or thin, it flows, its deep and it has lots of live jump factor and add beautiful tone. Both are maybe what's considered a dark sound but to me it more a natural live sound. Differences: The DAC has a bit greater range it sparkles a little more up top and has great bass extension. Even mines deeper than the cd player - very impressive. There is more separation, however for me that was at the expense of some coherence. Over all I thought the cd player a touch more coherent. From memory this is very close to a PDX level 2 with tube. Better than any 1K dac that I have heard. Best BFB [bang for Buck} - DAC I have heard for sure. Obviously the cd player can also be used as a dac so it offers that extra dimension, I'd happily have either in my system. cheers everyone - Damo.
  13. Had a few moderate dacs mostly I've been a cd man bitfrost klein and clay' fancy dac audio GD Rega dac ill let you know my impressions after a few more hours
  14. Currently checking out the denafrips against my cal cl-15 courtesy of a steznet member