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  1. The description of these speakers sounds like a Zu audio review. They must play in the same ball park.
  2. I think the BS vault can output to an external DAC. However the Innous is well reviewed and good with Roon..
  3. I was looking at one of these and bulked at the price. Picked up a Bluesound Vault 2 s/h and could not be happier. Same as you i have ripped all my cd's. Close in sound to my CAL CL -15 player which runs PCM dac, not as good, but close. Do you want to use as the main source and critical listening or back ground while you do the odd job around the house?
  4. did i say - i love my sui 701-x! i did!, well i do! Happy Friday - to all Sui lovers.
  5. This is great cable and a bargain for 3m! Easy to strip for potential buyer.
  6. Thanks all, the quote is in on a custom cab 3 way 1093PQTL's, with option of a Schitt Loki tone control if he pulls the trigger and its needed. Well under budget delivered. Edward says bass is not bloated on these - they use paper drivers which in my limited experience helps with drivers over 6" in keeping the bass tight. It's up to me mate know - thanks all for the input. We will see on SQ.
  7. Cheers looking into that loki as well given the excellent price. I have emailed Edward.
  8. I'm around, head down - but yes, I've not posted much for a while. A few sneaky drop ins on Cafads Sansui x thread. 'Ive been settled and happy with my Zu's and amp at the $ spend. I did recently splurge on a a Blue sound vault 2 from a member which i have found fantastic. I even have an entry level TT for guests now! Raising teenagers and almost done! Thanks for the heads up on the Linns all check those out. Keep healthy and happy, i always appreciate your comments on various threads. drop me a pm anytime if u feel the need or bored also if you ever in the sunny state make sire to look me up. cheers Damo
  9. 1093DQTL ? the 12's look to big for him at nearly 400 wide.
  10. Thanks for the input- that's very helpful and adds some perspective. I wanted him to buy Rantan's emits at 1600, but alas the poor fool wont be convinced that SQ is better than colour. At this stage he seems taken by the Adelaide speakers so were leaning that way. Given what he has had they will seem a massive jump in SQ any way. I also think the summoners will suit his taste in less refined recordings. The subtlety of the Dyns may be lost when he opens his bi-folds and blast said recording onto his back porch.
  11. Ta leaning this way. there are big 1120 x 300 x 420
  12. Hi Rantan great to hear from you again. I was on to these in a flash but he wants a different colour- see my post above.
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