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  1. Hi all, I have a jvc-x5500 projector and absolutely love it! Recently had to move and now have a temporary solution with blackout cloth from spotlight taped to the wall ghetto style and with increasing pressure from the minister of war and finance I need to make it more permanent. So my options are completely dictated by budget which at this point is not huge ;( Can’t go over $400 1) get a frame made and stretch the blackout cloth 2) buy one of Carl’s place white Screen and frame it 3) Westinghouse 120 fixed screen ( mate can hook me up to get this one real cheap ) any suggestions or tips would be most appreciated. secondly can someone potentially share their settings for the best “HDR” mode please?
  2. Hey all my projector has arrived and let me say holy mother of God this has just blown me away!! Just how detailed the contrast and the blacks! My only question is in the quest for colour accuracy how do I go about calibrating this beast? A total noob here with the calibrating side of things but am a very quick learner, any help will be much,appreciated
  3. I was surprised by the recommendation as well, there is a bit of ambient light in my room and as I'm,renting cannot totally block out the light, and it was suggested that the ambient light situation be fixed to,truly appreciate the difference,
  4. After very careful consideration and speaking to multiple stores and based on my current room,setup I was guided to,buy the 5500 as I don't have a proper ht room setup and difference in my scenario will not be noticeable, just pulled the trigger on the 5500. Hey at least this means I can upgrade my computer to,game at 4k ..Thanks a lot for all the input guys
  5. Was into 3d tbh it's a bit boring now ..Jurassic world was enjoyable in 3d but wearing glasses I can't deal with just takes a way from the experience I think ..
  6. Cheers for your reply mate , you have been very helpful. I'm going to call around the stores you mentioned and let's see how we go,
  7. My projector is our main tv computer screen it's out only display hence why lamp life/price is a factor but 500is manageable price
  8. I will bite the bullet I think.. the Rio price seems very good and it's free shipping if I read right and as I live in Tassie shipping can be a ***** ha. Worst case scenario should I encounter any warranty issues at the very least there is acl to fall back on ... btw what kind of prices will I be looking at for lamps?
  9. Man that price is so mighty tempting, normally I deal with suppliers at my work place to get some trade prices, I prefer to deal directing supplier or a reputable retailer , without knowing if they are any good don't think I could part with that kind of money
  10. Fair call I'll add the jvc to the list ad well .. On the topic of jvc is there is noticeable difference between the 5500 and the 7500? Wow just read your thread about your jvc let me say the sample images are outstanding! The contrast ratio looks out of this world! Mate you may have just made me change my projectors choice .. now to see if the 5500 to the 7500 is worth the jump ..
  11. Hey all, Currently have a epson tw9200w and am looking at upgrading it long story short had a fire at my old house and my projector was covered in SOOT and I've been given the go ahead to buy a new projector , Minister of war and finance has approved a maximum of 7k so question is will I be losing the image quality as it seems like the epson has better contrast ratio?(compared to the w11000) . Source will be my pc with chemo 2.0 and Xbox one s So any help will be much appreciated Current projectors I've been looking at Benqw11000 and the epson 8300 I just want good picture and performance that my 7k will get me
  12. margins normally are at 30-40%...obviously brands differ, mate of mine works at an av retailer . dyna have bout 34% margin
  13. well decided to go for http://www.sunfire.com/productdetail.asp?id=15 will post my views forthwith
  14. any opinion on Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 guys? eastwood hifi recommend that and quoted me mid 1900 .. worth a look? can't seem to find a lot of comprehensive reviews ... thanks for the suggestion
  15. thats kinda risky for me since i might endup getting charged gst lol
  16. where exactly can i get that if you can be kind enough to give me a link
  17. thanks for all your replies guys really awesome suggestions ... i might wait until LSK bring their 1kw sub kits in and might go from there ... got a quote from hsu for 2 uls 15 subs delivered to australia was going to be around 2200 so that might be worth a look as well i suppose
  18. crossover is at 80hz .. and it is near the center speaker
  19. that's whats missing in my setup atm ... i want to feel the bass as well and for it not to be quiet as flabby as my klipsch is... i want tight bass ans a bit of boom as well lol if that's even possible with my budget
  20. ahh the lower freq makes sense ..pity we cant get the hau research subs here cos if we do ill get them in a heartbeat ive heard nothing but amazing things about their subs .... they go down to 10hz i believe and with 2 of em ill be laughing ...
  21. my current sub does a secent job but i just wanted better lol ... my klipsch is 400wrms constant and 800 dynamic... the svs is almost has twice the power ... bigger drivers ... ooo a quick question what is the difference between a 13" and a 15"driver .. sonically
  22. that might be the way i think .. how good are the dayton amps they have tho? i totally get how rewarding it can be .. i do that with my computers and custom cooling options ..diy from scratch takes time i dont have thats all thanks for the suggestion tho ... the bass traps i might get tho ...
  23. goos lawdy so many replies lol .. well as good as all the above suggestions are they may be a bit beyond my skill set.. the lsk kit i might be able to manage but the rest might be a bit too much for me
  24. could try it i suppose but i have absolutely no experience in DIY i can follow instructions lol..
  25. i wish but not that loud honestly i don't know how loud my current setup is lol.. all i know is when i do watch movies my amp is usually at -8db..the whole reasoning behind me spending a decent amount of $$ was to get as close to a true cinema experience ...
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