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  1. There was a post recently regarding the Mober LP 12. This help?
  2. I adore Interstellar and no matter how many times i watch it there are 4 or 5 scenes that never fail to move me strongly emotionally. Brilliant film but it took a few views to comprehend the end. Not the end of the film itself but the end of the main scenario with the endless rooms. It also helps with the enjoyment that the soundtrack is so good and the cinematography stunning.
  3. Big Dream Theater fan here but I don't tend to rush out and buy their albums straight away. From your description I'm looking forward to it even though I prefer their longer songs. My favourite album being Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence with the title track being 45 minutes long :>)
  4. Caravan-For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night. Can't think why I ended up with a Japanese pressing of this terrific album. Glad I did though as it sounds superb.
  5. I love the look of the Honda, especially when you compare it next to the creased to bejesus modern Civic
  6. I was a bit reluctant to post here at first as I don't have any experience of the Model 15 but as you asked for general SME opinion I'll chime in. I own a Model 10 that i bought new in 2002 and a Model 20/2 that I bought around 6 years ago (if memory serves). Both get used heavily daily, the 20 in the lounge and the 10 in the study. I've never found any fault with either. Neutral but definitely not sterile. If it sounds sterile then the recording is sterile. Superb build quality, apart from an annual drop of oil in the motor and (in the 10) in the bearing, a change of belt every two years and that's it. The 17 year old Model 10 fires up like lightning and has never put a foot wrong. One thing in particular I love about SME is when you buy one of their turntables that's it. There are no 'upgrades'. No change of belt material, no swapping in another flywheel, no third party suspension manufacturers, no motor controller 'improvements' to be had. Sure, you might find some goose on the 'net who reckons you should swap the feet out for something else but some folks just can't help themselves. If you want another level of performance you save another 5 figure sum and buy the next model up. They sit there on the rack and play music day in day out. I wouldn't change either of mine unless I found $30,000 in which case i wouldn't say no to having a Model 30 in the set up.
  7. Tom Evans is a UK company and their phono stages are in plastic boxes. Fine as long as you can keep it well, well, well away from a power source of any kind but bloody awful if you are close to anything 240 volt as it will hummmmmmmmm. Along with NVA, another UK plastic bodied piece of kit they are the last companies i would recommend for a low noise floor in a phono stage.
  8. I watched McMafia on the BBC iPlayer last year. Enjoyable.
  9. One I used to watch a lot before the vcr stopped working was Where The Green Ants Dream. I should look for it on dvd.
  10. Muriel's Wedding? Muriel married the swimmer in a scam and mother had mental issues.
  11. I'm running low on tapes so I'll grab the lot of new ones. PM sent and all that......
  12. Who are Cord? I've never heard the name before. Chord hifi and Chord Cables from the UK are well know and respected but Cord are new to me. Are they a professional electronics company?
  13. Well hopefully the bloke who threw the fire extinguisher at me had his car spontaneously combust 5 minutes later.
  14. Had a fire extinguisher thrown at me.
  15. Zero evidence that a cyclist isn't riding safely. Race track? What race track? Riding for exercise is no sport, it's a legitimate use of the road. Is expecting drivers to drive safely a case of forcing them to alter their habits? So the usual habit of a driver is to drive unsafely? So have I. Riding at 40 km/h hour it is close to impossible to avoid a bottle, a pothole, a piece of detritus when riding in the gutter. If you had been riding since you were 8 this would be blindingly obvious. No. I'm saying that riders who ride close to the kerb and not safely claim the lane encourage drivers to close pass. This is something that is blatantly obvious to anyone that rides on the road. Where was there any mention that a car has to cross to the other side of the road and create danger? This is a strawman argument. A driver waits until it is safe to pass and the does so safely. There is no danger. It is no such thing, You choose to ride in the gutter and for some reason you expect others to do so. You are free to do what you want but you can not expect others to do the same when they consider it dangerous. I consider it dangerous to ride in the gutter on a busy road and consider it safer to claim the lane. You are not the law. What 'type' doesn't ride safely? Claiming a lane is safe and there is nothing discourteous about that. All a driver has to do is wait until it is safe to pass, exactly in the same way they would if they came across a heavily laden B-double or timid learner driver or council mowing tractor. None of these would be considered discourteous or unsafe but you choose to label cyclists as such. Not all like what? Safe? A cyclist using a full lane does so to be visible, to avoid detritus in the gutter, to encourage car drivers to use a full lane to overtake safely as they would another vehicle. To class this in such a pejorative way as road hogging shows the contempt you have for other cyclists. The fact that you have ridden a bike since 8 years old is no excuse. Well yes I am. I'm rather sick to death of aggressive drivers trying to force me off the road or ill trained and inconsiderate drivers risking my life each time I go out to ride. By the same token I'm rather sick of people on forums posting negative, ill informed comments about bicycle riders and using the excuse as them being bike riders to post uninformed nonsense. I was drawn to post in this thread as someone above agreed that the cretinous driver who drove menacingly in a cycle lane should be an Australian of the year. So yes, I am defensive. Alas my defensiveness counts for nothing when I'm hit by a one and a half tonne vehicle. Why? Because a cyclist has the same rights of everyone on the road. To leave and arrive home in one piece alive. Not dead or critically injured. If you really think that a car driver's right to drive at the speed limit overrides the right of a cyclist to not be run over then you have no argument whatsoever. You might have been riding since you were 8 years old but you have clearly never ridden at 40 or 50 km/h close to the gutter trying to dodge all the rubbish there. To say that a rider has an inability to avoid such dangerous objects shows you have no comprehension whatsoever of how dangerous it can be. Utter, utter bilge. I drive a 4 tonne truck every day in Sydney traffic and never once in the 25 years I've been doing it has the long queues of traffic on the Pacific Highway, the Pennant Hills Road, the Parramatta Road, King Georges Road etc. etc. been caused by a single cyclist. It is cars. Cars with single drivers in them. To even hint at the dreadful traffic in Sydney being caused by cyclists show that you have no argument and you're just making it up as you go along. And here we have it right at the end. A cyclist should keep out of the way. It took a lot of garbage to get to the point didn't it? You consider a cyclist to be less important that someone in a car. You should have just said that in the first place so I could have just ignored everything you said.
  16. Well, 'they' was one incident which appeared to be a genuine unfortunate accident created by both rider and pedestrian not paying attention. As mentioned in the article, neither was commiting any offence. I've looked through the Road Users handbook but can only find this quote highlighted. .....When a bicycle lane is marked on the road and has bicycle lane signs, bicycle riders must use it unless it is impracticable to do so... I'm not disputing that there might be a fine applied but I can't find anything about it on the RMS website but I could well be missing it.
  17. And you will also find posts in this thread complaining about cyclists riding on paths, shared paths too so really we're on a hiding to nothing aren't we?
  18. So pedestrians never join the path apart from at its start? That makes no sense. If a cyclist rides on the road how can they knock out an elderly on the same road? What is that elderly doing on the road where he doesn't expect a bike to be? Your original argument was regarding a shared path. There is no law saying that it has to be used and as far as I'm aware there is no law saying a bike lane has to be used in NSW where there is a dedicated lane but I stand to be corrected on that if you can link to the specific law. I know that bicycles can not ride on some roads where it is specifically sign posted as such.
  19. Yes it is. If a car driver can't overtake safely when the occasion arises they shouldn't be in possesion of a licence. It is no such thing. Regardless of its purpose it is a legitimate and legal use of the road. Roads are not exclusively for cars. Claiming the lane is by far the safest way of riding a bicycle on the road. To ride at the side of the road is fraught with danger as all the detritus, drains, gutters are there. It also encourages drivers to sneak past creating more danger. That you choose to ride dangerously doesn't mean every rider should. There is nothing antagonistic about riding safely on the road. If a driver feels antagonistic to a cyclist who is choosing to ride safely then they should never have been given a licence. Type of cyclist? Please, what's next 'lycra lout'? Claiming the lane is a safe way of riding a bicycle whether it's a solo rider or a group. To class this as road hogging is a deliberately pejorative term. Here we go back to 'type' again. The speed limit is a maximum, not a minimum speed. Why should some kind of driver's 'right' to travel at the maximum speed limit override a cyclist's right to be safe? As you so eloquently stated prior, rubbish Nope. Cars are quite clearly the problem when it comes to traffic. Stand at any road junction, any set of traffic lights, any major urban road and those mile long queues holding people up from going about their productive business are motor cars, not bicycles. Any hold up created by a bicycle riding on the road are as I said before easily overcome by a patient, sensible, aware and a alert car driver using his accelerator and brake correctly.
  20. Oh rubbish. A car driver can easily overtake a slower moving cyclist. All it takes is a bit of patience to wait until a safe passing spot. Cycling safely on a public road is not a personal indulgence. It's every bit as legitimate an activity as driving is. Why is it unreasonable? The road is there for all users regardless of speed. All a driver has to do if a cyclist is using the full lane safely is wait until there is a safe passing place and can overtake. The amount of time held up by a cyclist travelling slower will be made up in moments once the car has overtaken. It's about time car drivers learned to be patient and to realise that the road is there for all traffic. Why do you say cyclists 'hog the road? I would say a 1 and a half tonne car using the full lane with one person in is the road hog, you can fit half a dozen cyclists in the same place. The queues of traffic I see banked up mile upon mile in city roads in Australia are not bicycles, they are cars. Cars hogging the roads slowing down the traffic far, far more significantly than any bicycle.
  21. The cretin has been duly charged https://au.news.yahoo.com/man-charged-driving-bike-path-abusing-cyclists-riding-road-010915941.html
  22. Well then it's not a dedicated cyclist path, it's a shared path with pedestrians and to ride at a decent pace on a bicycle puts pedestrians at risk. Shared paths are great when you are riding slowly but if you want to ride somewhere at a decent speed safely then the road is where you should ride. Car drivers should learn patience and overtake when safe, not force cyclists off the road to mix with pedestrians at inappropriate speeds. Cyclists have just as much right as motorists to be on the road and to be in a safe environment.
  23. Good review in The Guardian. I was expecting something really snarky as is often the case but it sounds like a good night. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jan/20/phil-collins-review-life-affirming-mor-ballads-delivered-against-all-odds
  24. The Dendy (maybe other places too) are going to do a singalong showing next month 😀
  25. Went and saw it again on Saturday, this time at a larger cinema with a significantly louder soundtrack. Loved it to bits again.
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