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  1. Hume Highway should be 130 km/h. It's a perfectly good road comparable to UK and European motorways where the limit is just that (UK is 70 mph but the traffic moves along at 80 mph) 110 km/h is idiotic as is the speed kills mantra. Inappropriate speed kills such as the ridiculously high 50 and 60 k/'h limit on local roads where it should be 30.
  2. With my PTG/II my favourite setting was 470 ohms on my gear, the closest you can get on yours is 600 which is 3,4,5,6 up. Just play around with it to what suits your ears. You can't do any damage to anything at all by trying different loadings.
  3. Swedish Tesla Car Club test drive ICE car 😀 https://teslaclubsweden.se/test-drive-of-a-petrol-car/
  4. Ooh, I like SP-10s even with agricultural arms.
  5. Designers appear to struggle when there's no need for a grille, something really looks awry.
  6. Well I don't believe it's tribalism or a pissing contest as we all have our favourites and in a case such as yours where you store the record outside of the sleeve then the scrunching issue is moot. The thing that bugs me which is why I tend to comment on threads such as these is that this forum is great for newcomers asking questions as there's so much disinformation and plain rubbish spouted about the subject of vinyl, and more often than not when people ask about sleeves MOFI is often repeated as if it's some kind of holy grail when for some of us it most certainly isn't. Often those that recommend them have little experience. MOFI have fantastic marketing over the years that I think is completely undeserved when you consider the price asked, whether it's their records or their sleeves. None of their products I find to be poor but none of them have I ever found to be worth their price or reputation. I know this has got bugger all to do with the insidious vinyl misting problem especially as that's an outer and not inner sleeve issue but I wanted to spout my opinion as this is the internet.
  7. Ooh, Bitcoins and Elon Musk singing. I missed the exciting stuff by the look of it. I suppose you could bung a Bitcoin in a charger to get some electrons like we used to have to with the telly in the bedsit. Back on topic. Saw a car carrier with 6 white Model 3s heading down the M7 this morning while I was out riding so some lucky people are having their orders filled.
  8. Fair enough. I clean all mine first too with a Loricraft vacuum but to then faff about with overpriced MOFI sleeves is something I'd rather not do. I am careful with my records and have been since I bought my first one in 1976 but the messing about trying to get a MOFI sleeve into a standard outer sleeve isn't something I'm interested in especially as I believe the paper/poly sleeves are the best in the business. The problems with the batch of MOFI sleeves falling apart a few years ago is something best avoided too.
  9. But that doesn't explain why you throw out excellent paper/poly sleeves. This shows the problem with MOFI sleeves. With a MOFI record you slide out the inner foldable cardboard and then place the rice paper sleeve inside that then reinsert which works but is rather convoluted. With a standard outer sleeve where you slide the MOFI inner ihere is no strength whatsoever in the corners of the MOFI like there is with paper/poly to prevent them folding over, getting jammed and all scrunched up. A right royal pain and one you pay a premium for.
  10. Why? Paper/poly lined are head and shoulders above anything else. The poly inside means there's nothing to scratch the record and the paper outer makes the sleeve stiff enough to slide in and out of an outer sleeve hundreds and thousands of times without scrunching up or jamming. The combination of paper and poly also keeps static to a minimum I find when sliding the record out. I'm interested why you would throw something perfect out.
  11. It's the outer sleeves that have caused the problem over the years. These from Decibel won't create any problems http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/9224-ultimate-lp-outer-sleeves-2-5-25/ Inner sleeves, the MOFI are okay if you use the inner cardboard MOFI jacket but are a right royal pain in the backside otherwise as they scrunch up everytime you try to slide the record back in the outer sleeve. Hugely overrated. The best are the paper/poly lined from Covers 33 in the UK. Postage can be expensive but worth buying. I buy them in 500 lots. https://www.covers33.co.uk
  12. There's an NRMA one at Jugiong just off the Hume Highway that was recently installed. Saw it when we came back from Bright at Christmas. Next to the park and opposite the wonderful pub and cafe.
  13. Unfortunately it only takes one time when you doze off to kill an innocent person but if you feel laws are only made for the incompetent then I guess I'll leave it to you as you clearly know best.
  14. 6 hours without a break? Bloody hell, no wonder there were close to 1200 road fatalities in Australia last year. That's idiotic and more than a professional driver can drive for.
  15. Beautiful. I sold my Agate Green 635 pretty much exactly a year ago from now. I loved it but it had become a real money pit, not only the constant and expensive repairs but the cost of rego, green slip and insurance got more prohibitive every year. My heart misses it but my bank balance certainly doesn't
  16. That's what can happen with the larger ones that aren't put together properly the poster should really have said. I wouldn't fret it unless you're someone who can't understand basic instructions.
  17. The Hunt-Back On The Hunt. Hard rock from 1980. Apparently their first album was prog but this is more good ole 80's hard rock. I enjoy it more 40 (!) years later than when I first bought it. Canadian group born out of Dillinger
  18. Watched Angel Has Fallen last night. Not as enjoyable as Olympus or London but still worth a few hours of your time for implausible shoot 'em ups.
  19. Double album. The record works well as a single album but if you have to get up 3 times to listen to it all the way through it would really take away from the joy of the album for me. What's the track listing? Does side 2 start with We Have Heaven or Cans And Brahms? Where's the break for sides 3 and 4 in what should be an almost continuous 5 tracks of music as on the original album?
  20. Good looking Sony. An ES?
  21. I fail to see why that would be inherently worse and my argument would still stand that if the playback system for a record is far superior than that for a CD then the record would sound better. If it sounds better is the goal, not what the master is.
  22. I never get this argument as it assumes that people's digital and analogue replay are of the same quality. I've got a 20 year old Cyrus cd player just plugged into the CD rca of my pre amp but my analogue system has been thought about, chopped and changed, researched, honed to a T and costs the same as a pretty good motor car so a record being digital will still sound substantially better on my system that the comparable cd. In fact, any record played back on my record player sounds so good that it's years and years since I last gave a toss as to whether any point in the recording/ mastering chain was digital, analogue or a combination of both. So there is a benefit to buying new lps (even at $75) as they will sound brilliant on my hifi compared to if I bought the cd.
  23. I dunno. I can go online and buy the cheapest ticket for Alice Cooper's concert tour next year and pay $101 for one evening of a shitfight to get there, having to deal with tossers in front of me holding their phones up all night, paying stupid prices for unpleasant food and drink and battling crowds of obnoxious nobheads to get home, or I can buy a record for $75 that will still give me joy in 30 years if I'm still alive and can be listened to over and over and over again. Not everything in life is as cheap as you want it to be.
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