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  1. The BBC iPlayer radio app is brilliant for Radio 3 and all other BBC radio stations for that matter. No geoblocking, masses and masses of podcasts and always lightning quick to load. I often listen to Radio 4 and Radio 3 on my Iphone while messaging my sister in England while we listen to the same programmes on either side of the planet.
  2. Ditto. I still think 2 was the best.
  3. I assume the Coles Radio is there so the supermarkets can tune into it?
  4. Try a pack of these from Decibel. The Ultimate outer sleeves are really good. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/9390-oversized-ultimate-lp-outer-sleeves-2-5-10/ *edit. Just re-read your post and you say you're stocking two sizes so perhaps you have these already. Still, I'll leave it up in case people are looking for oversized outers.
  5. I bought my first PP-1000 about 6 or 7 years ago after running though the Phase Tech catalogue going up in price each time. I'm now on my second which has had a retip so I suppose you could now call it my third. Unless life forces me to change dramatically I have no intention of ever changing as the PP-1000 is a stunning cartridge. I can only imagine how good the 2000 is.
  6. How about a 6 piece fold out sleeve? A sextfold?😀 Isaac Hayes, Black Moses
  7. I would quite happily go back to the lighter weight pressings as 180 gramme and above is no more than marketing and has no sonic benefit. I love gatefolds and triple and quad folds though.
  8. Rodrigo y Gabriela-Metavolution. Spanish guitar with some real gusto, reminds me of Al Di Meola a bit. Side 2 is a cover of Floyd's Echoes. Rival Sons-Feral Roots. Some real heft to this rocking album.
  9. I migrated to Australia in 94 from the UK and settled in Sydney. At the time I had to take a driving test to get a licence in NSW as you couldn't just transfer it over. Is that not the case in Victoria? The only difference being that I didn't have to use P plates but I could only have a silver licence for 3 years rather than gold.
  10. Pretty awesome list of collectables there and well worth the entry fee. You so rarely come upon such gems.
  11. I was all ready to poo poo the idea but I think it's brilliant. I assume you could fit a really decent turntable.
  12. All are now sold. Many thanks to those who bought them and for the kind words of others. I might have enough to list before the end of winter but failing that there should be a big pile to list around Christmas time when it's stinking hot.......
  13. Which Cadenza though? I had a couple of Blacks and they were excellent but I'd be surprised if you could get one for anything like $1600. If you could then I'd jump on it in a heartbeat.
  14. Cheers Al, I'll bung it in with the others and let you know when the beanie is done. 👍
  15. Lol! Can't resist. Even with global warming the ACT will always have enough cold weather to justify your stylish collection.
  16. Item: Hand knitted scarves and beanies Location:Guildford West Price: Scarves $50, Beanies $30 . $10 Express Postage per order Item Condition:Freshly knitted Reason for selling: It's cold. Woollen goods ward off the cold Payment Method:Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: For those new to this, when I listen to music I knit. My mum taught me when I was young and we would sit and knit together while listening to music, nearly half a century later I'm still doing the same thing but not with my mum who is sitting at home on the other side of the world as a nuggety old lady enjoying her Bells whisky. Regarding the price, the wool and my business model; my business model is hopeless as I charge pretty much what the wool costs to make the items. Now and then I make $1.20 on a scarf and now and then I lose $1.35 but as it is only meant as a hobby that pays for itself then I don't really care. The price might seem a bit high for something knitted at home but that's where the wool comes in. I only use good wool of good provenance. There is a lot of Australian wool about that is grown here, shipped off to China to be processed cheaply and then returned to be sold in the country of original production. Call me a left wing old reactionary git but I loathe that practise and see it as environmental vandalism. I have no objection to buying an imported product of high quality produced in a third country but to grow stuff or dig it out of the ground, send it off overseas and then bring it back again gets my goat. End of rant. So the wool is use is either 100% Australian Merino, Cleckheaton Superfine from down in Wangaratta or 100% Merino from Uruguay produced by Manos Del Uruguay, a collective of not for profit female co-operatives throughout regional Uruguay. So right on as you could possibly get. Cleckheaton Merino is silky and smooth and soft. Manos Del Uruguay is thicker and luxurious and soft and comes in fairly wild colours, kettle dyed so the colours are mottled and varied throughout the item which can make for some interesting patterns. My wife bought me a bag of stuff from Nundle Woolen Mills up around the Tamworth area which I've knitted a few items with too which is also 100% Australian which I find most welcome. All items are audiophile approved and knitted listening to either an SME Model 10 turntable in the study or a Model 20 turntable in the lounge so they are imbued with unbounded sonic richness that will stand up to any double blind test. Even horrible audiophile approved 200 gram records of females gently crooning away while someone plonks away meaningfully at a piano sound excellent when you've got one of my scarves wrapped around your head. In fact I would offer the suggestion that the only way to listen to such music is with one of my scarves wrapped around your head. Some of you who have followed these occasional listings over the last couple of years might notice I've changed the price by dropping them. I've done this to save a bit of confusion regarding postage. Rather than price each item to include Express postage I've dropped it $10 so for each order add on the $10. If you buy 1 or buy 4 items it's $10. All items are knitted in a smoke, pet and perfume free home. I've given each item a description and number so if you want anything then just shout out the number if you want, either in this thread or by PM. Any questions feel free to ask. I've got a Facebook profile if you want to take a look at all the stuff I've made over the years. https://www.facebook.com/diggory.kints.7 Here we go then. #1. Manos Del Uruguay in Saffron and Green #2. Checkerboard pattern in Manos Del Uruguay Mixed Berries SOLD #3. I call this The Galah and have made quite a few of them over time. Cleckheaton Superfine in Old Rose, Cream and Stone.SOLD #4. Cleckheaton Superfine in Black and Old Rose. There's a matching beanie somewhere down below.SOLD #5. Manos Del Uruguay in Tigerlily. Plain knit as the colour makes its own sort of pattern as you go.SOLD #6. Twin cable Cleckheaton Superfine in Maroon. SOLD #7. I call the next couple School scarves as they are similar to what we wore at school...sort of. My wife calls them Liquorice Allsorts which is probably a better description. Cleckheaton Superfine School Scarf blue bordered. SOLD #8. Black bordered School Scarf in Cleckheaton Superfine.SOLD #9. Ribbed Manos Del Uruguay in green. SOLD #10. Beanie. Nundle Woollen Mills in Yellow SOLD #11. Cleackheaton Superfine in Burnt Red and Denim SOLD #12. Cleckheaton Superfine in Black and Old Rose to match the scarf up above. SOLD #13. Cleckheaton Superfine in Navy and Old Rose.SOLD Thanks for getting this far. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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