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  1. I think that's the most sensible debunking of this ridiculous idea of melting vinyl I've come across yet. Well done Shane.
  2. Part of me thinks that's a good idea but the larger part think that absolutely sucks. I can't say exactly why but having to pay a subscription to have something in a car (especially as important safety wise as blind spot detection) rubs me up the wrong way.
  3. Same here listening to my mum's music. A lot of it I thought was old folks rubbish when I was a teenager but as I grew up I realised just how good it could be, and stuff I dismissed has become some of my favourite music. It sometimes horrifies me now that I dismissed music because it wasn't of my generation, I could have missed so much.
  4. I knitted a Stereonet beanie as an order. Might have to buy some red wool then if a change is afoot.
  5. I don't know if that really means much and this kind of survey wouldn't change my view on buying anything. The difference between the last car and the top car is 1.14 problems and I doubt that's 1.14 wheels falling off or 1.14 engines failing. It's probably more like 1.14 window seals not quite right or 1.14 rattles around the dash. Now if the difference between the top and bottom of the list was 25 problems that would be another concerning matter all together.
  6. Well you don't if every bugger in front of you is in an SUV. Eventually the benefits of a higher driving position are outweighed by everybody driving the same. Then where? Everybody ends up driving the tractor unit of a b-double to the shops and school? Or something like this?
  7. Yep, prices are unbelievable. Keep an eye out daily though as most don't sell at those prices and quite often someone will list a pack of ten for $20 or so that they've found at the back of a wardrobe. I picked up a couple of packs of decent BASFs for not a lot of money in the last year and they are great.
  8. I love the Jaguar XF Sportbrake in the linked article. I've always preferred estates over saloons and the best car I've ever owned was a Saab 9-5 estate and really regret ever selling it. Ours was the Linear spec model with the low pressure turbo which was plenty of fun. The Aero with the high pressure turbo and better suspension was an absolute hoot.
  9. Does it? Really? You have to have a thick skin to own a particular brand of car? How odd. Why on earth should other people's opinions bother you, it's a motor car?
  10. I've got a couple. It's not so much there's no lead in groove as such, it's that whoever cut the album has started way too early so the music starts within a gnat's wotsit of the edge of the record.
  11. For well over 30 years I stored all my records on shelves facing forwards as the photo below shows. I tried to keep 70 in each pile so each time I bought a new record I would file it alphabetically which meant the display changed, especially if the record happened to be in the A section. I moved them all to a series of Ikea Expedit when I simply ran out of room. When we get around to buying a new house down here I shall find one with a listening room big enough that I can go back to this style of storage as I simply love being able to see the sleeves in all their glory and to have them ever changing as long as I continue to buy records. The point of this post though really is to say that there's a lot of fuss about record storage and possible damage to records. The very first record in the first pile was ABC's The Lexicon Of Love from 1982 and as I never bought anything alphabetically lower than that, it sat at the back of a pile on a slight angle for probably 30 years and was never upright. It is still as flat as a pancake. As long as records aren't stored lying down I would say that 99.9% of warps come from the factory either by poor quality control during manufacture or way over tight shrink wrap when packaged up and sent off to shops and warehouses.
  12. Your set up looks fine. Not too many or too few records in each cubby hole and as regards closeness to the window it's really not an issue. Records are far more robust than people give them credit for. It's true that you can easily scratch one if you're a bit cack handed but weather and indoor conditions won't cause any issues. I've had mine in freezing cold and damp English houses and a stinking hot Western Sydney house and on a boat in enormous boxes between the two and never a problem. You're more likely to run into problems by the careless clots that manufacture them and before you even get to open a new record it's been warped and scuffed at the factory that made the damn thing..
  13. I've got two SME turntables, a Model 10 and a Model 20/2. Between them I have an SME IV and V arms. The two cartridges fitted are a $1000 Phase tech Alexandrite P-3 and a $4000+ Phasemation PP1000. This combination has been pretty much static for 6 or 7 years now so I've done lots of playing around swapping arms and cartridges between the different turntables, the Model 10 was the main turntable during the summer when I was in Sydney as the 20 takes a long time to settle at speed when the temperature gets in the high 30s and above so I would move the V arm and expensive cartridge on to that for the season. I've come to the conclusion over time that the turntable itself makes the biggest difference sonically. I put this down myself to the lower the noise floor the more information even a cheap cartridge can retrieve from the groove. I'm most definitely in the camp of spending the most money on the turntable, then the arm and then the cartridge.
  14. Marillion-Clutching At Straws. It took me a couple of years to warm to this album, for one thing it followed the superb but very different Misplaced Childhood, but in the main I think I just wasn't old enough to appreciate the themes. As the years have passed it's become one of my favourite albums by anyone. Some days though it's best to keep it hidden away in the pile.
  15. When I take photos of knitted items to sell I use my camera and set the white balance with a white card but still run into difficulties with bright reds. I don't think I'd seen such an extreme colour change before like with the mauve when it became royal blue.
  16. Thought this was interesting and sort of highlights the white balance issues around digital processing of colours. I took some quick photos with my iPhone of some swatches I'd knitted this morning and noticed that the mauve wool came out completely different so I went to take it again and depending on how close I was to the swatch the colour changed. So I made a short video😀
  17. That's because I substantially edited my post. My head is nicely retracted now. Back on topic. The first copy I bought of Steve Winwood's Roll With It album in 1988 had the label for side 2 across the whole playing area, the centre of the record was blank. Now that would have been difficult to play. Around 1980 I bought John Martyn's Bless The Weather album and that had the centre hole about 5 cms off centre where the runout groove normally is so there might have been a bit of wow and flutter with that if I could have found a record player to play it on.
  18. Sorry Andy, i missed that. I'm being deliberatively argumentative today for some reason and need to pull my head in.
  19. Not a chance of that happening fortunately. A jumper sleeve will do it for sure but a paper label? No way.
  20. It will certainly sound pretty ordinary in a white noise kind of way but really, a stylus made of diamond playing on a paper label shouldn't effect the life of it in any way as it just skates over the top and there's no wear.
  21. Got lots of them with wonky labels, not only recently but going back 40 years. If it doesn't encroach on the playing grooves it doesn't matter Got more than a few records from the late 70s on that I've got a file to the centre hole as it's too tight. It's really not a modern phenomenon and has been happening forever.
  22. I've got Ragpicker's Dream as that had a vinyl release. Looking on Discogs I see they are an outrageous price now so this might make you weep. I bought it from HMV on Pitt Street when it first came out. At that time there were hardly any rock/pop records being released, most of it was still dance 12" singles and the vinyl was in the separate dance room within HMV. Shoved at the end of the racks were maybe 20 new release rock/pop, 3 or 4 copies of each. None were shrink wrapped and it was hard to find a record that hadn't been mishandled as people who didn't really know what a record was would take them out of the sleeve, leave fingermarks, jam them back in, tear the outer sleeves and so on. That $450 album on Discogs was once $12-99 and for each one sold there were probably 3 or 4 the shop chucked in the bin as they had been trashed. The return to popularity of vinyl was a huge learning curve for some.
  23. No such thing fortunately. If something works for you then not a soul will frown upon you.
  24. Sullivans Lookout today to see how much snow on Mt Bogong. Couldn't see as the cloud never lifted but some nice stuff fallen towards Falls Creek.
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