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  1. Be interesting to see a Toyota Corrolla and twin cab Hilux superimposed upon one another. I'd be surprised if the difference wasn't similar but folks seem to park their Hiluxs okay.
  2. There's a documentary that looks fascinating just released regarding the making of Who KIlled Don Quixote He Dreams of Giants review – Terry Gilliam's inspiring La Mancha sequel | Film | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe have made a compelling follow-up to their 2002 look at the disastrous production of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote new
  3. I've got shelves full of dvds of films I watch again and again that I never tire of, quite a few of those dvds replaced videos so I've got films I've watched countless times for countless years. I can't see how anyone can watch a film on commercial free to air such as SBS with the constant advert interruptions whether during a break or scrolling across the bottom of a film during the action. Physical media is a wonderful thing. Yes it takes up a lot of room but who wants to sit in an empty room with nothing collected? It's like being in a dentist's waiting room. I love the clutter of books and records and tapes and dvds, it's part of my life.
  4. At one point weren't BP manufacturing solar panels here in Western Sydney? I have half an idea they were but went off shore so i can sort of see a connection between the company and renewables.
  5. The thinness of a record has no relation to the amount of bass produced. It's the recording and mastering not the thickness of the record itself.
  6. Genesis- Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Classic Records. My least favourite Genesis album but every now and then (years apart) something like Carpet Crawlers becomes an earworm and I have to dig out the full album and give it a spin.
  7. Interesting to see my post about the Dura Ace 9000 and 9100 is now close to 3 years old, time doesn't half fly. 18 months ago I ended up getting some 9100 as the 9000 was no longer available anywhere. Still brilliant wheels and i'd have around 20,000 on my current set so no complaints from me. I'm letting the brake track wear more than I used to as it's fixed to the carbon fibre rather than an integral part of the wheel so my thoughts now are that I'll use them until the brake track wears to the point I can spot carbon fibre underneath rather than them just looking worn.
  8. I bought the Aliens Evolution boxset a few weeks ago and have been going through the movies. Prometheus is excellent, first time I'd seen it. Aliens, the original sequel is utter garbage, far worse than I remember back in the day and I can't believe it was well received on first release.
  9. I enjoyed 3 but it did come across as a bit convoluted. Still love the first one and often pull it out if I want some fun.
  10. Yes. Yes. Yes. A wee bit cheaper than a Lange Und Söhne too
  11. Nah, any turntable is better than no turntable. Post away.
  12. A problem I've found as the years go by is trying to find decent storage for my ever growing collection of cassettes. I managed to pick up an unopened one of these this week which will tidy stuff up a bit but most of what is available is often worn out and cracked and looks worse than the 40 year old stuff I've got. I'd love to have the woodworking skills to be able to make some really good looking storage but I don't and I reckon talking to a professional woodworker would make things prohibitively expensive. Does anyone know of a place selling new storage so everything is the same rather than mix and match as I have now? I know you can get rough sized stuff that tapes will fit in from places like Howard's Storage but I'm after dedicated, properly designed for cassette drawers or racks. '
  13. Are they worth it? You decide 😀 https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/15053/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=walkman+wm-d6c&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=2
  14. That SA-X formulation wasn't for sale for very long which was a shame as it was superb. Still, the ones that followed have lasted too but that was a stand out. Very, very dark tape, more like a metal formulation to look at.
  15. I've read the last few pages and been biting my tongue. Today I was looking for something to play in the study while it was belting down with rain so dug out a tape I'd made in February 1990 from a Fish cd i'd borrowed from a mate, (home taping never did kill music) and it sounds bloody awesome without any mention of it being a 29 year old recording. The naysayers are wrong, if done right it is still ,(as it always has been) a viable and excellent format.
  16. Funny thing was when I flew to England in May on Singapore Airlines on both the way out and back Aquaman was constantly on someones screen and it appeared the whole plane with one or two exceptions watched it regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity so it appeared to be very, very popular. I will admit I wasn't tempted to watch the whole thing but now and then I would spend 5 minutes watching a scene on someone's screen a few seats in front of me and to my left. Didn't seem to let up with things going on every minute of the film.
  17. As you're using a Phasemation cartridge and you're in Melbourne I'd be tempted to see if Warwick from Sonicpurity has any of their phono stages available to audition. I use a Phase Tech phono stage with my PP1000 and it's a wonderful match.
  18. I love the colour of the main body of the Nagaoka. I had an MP 300 which looked the same and it looked good enough to eat like it was made out of really rich butterscotch
  19. The best. Coney Island-Van Morrison
  20. Terrible postage price but I have to wonder how come Import CDS from the US on Ebay can send albums free and are often the cheapest price out there?
  21. Very good. All of the recent Phil As An Old Bloke reissues have been top notch sonically.
  22. I find some people are just deliberately argumentative tosspots so to bung them on the ignore list is a thing of joy. Long may it continue to exist.
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