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  1. I fail to see why that would be inherently worse and my argument would still stand that if the playback system for a record is far superior than that for a CD then the record would sound better. If it sounds better is the goal, not what the master is.
  2. I never get this argument as it assumes that people's digital and analogue replay are of the same quality. I've got a 20 year old Cyrus cd player just plugged into the CD rca of my pre amp but my analogue system has been thought about, chopped and changed, researched, honed to a T and costs the same as a pretty good motor car so a record being digital will still sound substantially better on my system that the comparable cd. In fact, any record played back on my record player sounds so good that it's years and years since I last gave a toss as to whether any point in the recording/ mastering chain was digital, analogue or a combination of both. So there is a benefit to buying new lps (even at $75) as they will sound brilliant on my hifi compared to if I bought the cd.
  3. I dunno. I can go online and buy the cheapest ticket for Alice Cooper's concert tour next year and pay $101 for one evening of a shitfight to get there, having to deal with tossers in front of me holding their phones up all night, paying stupid prices for unpleasant food and drink and battling crowds of obnoxious nobheads to get home, or I can buy a record for $75 that will still give me joy in 30 years if I'm still alive and can be listened to over and over and over again. Not everything in life is as cheap as you want it to be.
  4. Phil. The excellent 'take a look at me now' remaster.
  5. Laser record players don't remove pops and ticks, if anything they amplify them so records have to be truly pristine. They are indeed analogue. Just because something uses a laser doesn't make it digital. It's what the laser reads that defines whether it's digital or analogue.
  6. While I'd agree that a laser turntable is a different way of retrieving the information from the groove I think it's a bit unfair to say that it's not part of the analogue community as a laser turntable is still analogue.
  7. Nonsense statement. You wash vigorously and dry yourself off vigorously with a towel. If you treated a record that way you would trash it. The use of tap water on records and on your skin has absolutely no relevance to one another.
  8. In 1986 I was on holiday in the States visiting my girlfriend in Boston while she was working there on a exchange program thing. I hired a cheap car from the airport as part of my budget airline ticket but when I went to pick it up there was nothing available except a V6 3 litre Camry so they bumped me up to that. Lovely car with automatic seatbelts that moved into place as you put the key in the ignition. This thing flew. At tollgates in Mass. I'd drop my money in the basket and floor the throttle and in the blink of an eye you would be way over the speed limit. We made friends with an American girl with a big barge of a fat Yankee car with some ridiculous 18 cylinder V12 and she used to scream when she was in the back seat when I pushed the accelerator to the floor as she'd never selt such acceleration.
  9. You really are over reacting both here and in dropping 10 km/h when you see a camera especially when you consider that by dropping 10 km/h you're in effect dropping 13 km/h as far as a fine being issued is concerned. Overtaking is clearly not an option as once the inconvenienced driver behind you has slowed down due to your unexpected drop in speed, has checked their mirror, made sure they can pass safely and then started to overtake you've speeded up again which leaves the other driver stuck. To slow down unnecessarily and then speed up is so inconsiderate to other road users. If as you claim all those cameras have been shut off due to inaccuracies then I would say that disputing a fine from one would be a very simple process as there are tonnes of them that are on the news all the time in every state. Can't say I've ever had one from either a fixed or mobile camera and I don't slow down when I see one, just remain at the legal speed limit which I was travelling at in the first place and not inconveniencing the drivers behind me.
  10. Whats courteous about suddenly driving below the speed limit and impacting on other road users because there's a speed camera? That attitude strikes me as bizarre. Just drive at the speed limit. You won't get booked and you won't be a menace to other drivers.
  11. Stuffy Sunday Summer afternoon in the study
  12. Alas that isn't giving the finger to the mobile camera people, it's doing it to the other poor drivers following you who have to hit the brakes as you've needlessly slowed down and then have to speed up when you decide you can drive at the speed limit again. That habit is one of the most frustrating on Australian roads and doesn't make the slightest bit of sense to me.
  13. The problem with classical music on records as compared to rock, pop etc and would have been a reason that classical music listeners were amongst the first to move to cds was that a full piece of classical music , a symphony, an opera, anything more than one movement really has an interruption when the record comes to an end. With classical this can be an unwelcome, jarring experience that removes you from being immersed in a piece and having to return to the mundane real world of changing sides. Rock music though, especially pre cd days would use this to an advantage. The epic track towards the end of side 1 for example that had you itching to get up to play side 2. Side 2 would start with something special to draw you in all over again and the full album would become almost 2 entities. 4 in the days of double albums that were intended as such rather than the modern habit of having double albums just because modern recordings are 70 minutes rather than the 40 they used to be. In other words cds were perfect for listeners of classical music as finally they could hear a full piece as intended without any long breaks, just the planned small breathing space between movements where you can have a cough and a sniff. As an aside, the removal of time constraints on pop/rock albums when cds came in destroyed the art of track selection and the flow of a record. You would still start and end with a bang but so often I found tracks mired in the middle of a cd- tracks 4,5,6 and 7 for example were often filler, the kind of stuff that would have been b-sides in the past. Or they went on far too long. 6 and 7 minutes used to be an epic track but it became something with multiple repeats of chorus, elongated and pointless noodling by the drummer in the middle and often faded out rather than came to a close as you could tell the band had lost interested and didn't know where to go with the song so it just petered out feebly.
  14. I've got the old Expedit. A 5 X 5 and a 5 X 1 alongside. A to Z starting from the top left as you face it. Boxsets sitting on top and some in the last Z section that are slowly being moved as the total record amount increases. I must admit, I much prefer the way I used to do it on normal shelves with the covers facing outwards so the display changed as you bought more albums and moved each section, but the Expedit is a much more efficient use of space.
  15. Good to see though that they will continue to service their arms as mine will long outlive me and with an overhaul every 10 to 15 years should continue to work superbly.
  16. I was just about to post the Bond trailer. 😁 Looking forward to it greatly.
  17. With mandatory helmet laws in Australia, bike share schemes are just never going to work. You have got to either wear a helmet someone else has sweated into (yuck), carry your own helmet all of the time or ride without a helmet and risk the wrath of Mr Plod who will give you a hefty fine. The helmets on the share bikes are the first thing to be vandalised and thrown away. We've got the Lime bikes here in Sydney which are e-bikes and I'm noticing a lot have their battery packs stolen which renders the bike pretty useless. I don't see though how the level of danger to both riders and pedestrians in the city goes up as you say? The top speed of 25 km'h is significantly lower than what the majority of people could ride on a non e-bike and surely the same laws will apply to a share bike as to an owned bike in that they can't be ridden on a footpath and the normal laws apply as they would to any cyclist so I can't see any safety issues here.
  18. For those with a VPN and the ability to fake a BBC account........ BBC iPlayer - Jeff Lynnes ELO - Wembley or Bust WWW.BBC.CO.UK Thrilling concert film showing ELO playing for a massive audience at Wembley Stadium.
  19. Album Of The Year. Volbeat- Rewind, Replay, Rebound Discovery Of The Year. Gary Moore-Still Got The Blues. I haven't the faintest clue why I overlooked this brilliant album for years. Bought in on a whim mid year and haven't stopped playing it since.
  20. 1917 looks odd as in it's all rather clean and pristine with a notable absence of mud and the detritus of war.
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