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  1. I only have one record that i would describe as jazz and that's a Stanley Turrentine lp. It's a genre i've never investigated but last night i did a google and you tube after seeing this post and it looks like a new world has opened up. Great stuff. Looks like my wallet might take a pounding.
  2. I love Pat Travers even though some of his albums are really patchy. His second lp Makin Magic is a stunner, one of my desert island discs. Great drumming by a youthful Nico McBrain too.
  3. Just sliding back into the gutter slightly, Guy Noble on ABC Classic this morning was getting rather excited over Titz. Yesterday evening i had a bucolic episode with Vaughn Williams, William Walton and Frederick Delius all on the one lp. Greensleeves, Lark Ascending,Two Pieces For Strings,Two Aquarelles etc. It sent me to sleep dreaming of walking in the woods sometime in the last century.
  4. Cool indeed but i wouldn't want the bugger handling my records.
  5. Second Japanese re-issue with the blue obi.
  6. Yep, i've got that Decca reissue, it's a good 'un. I've only got the 2 copies of the 7th. The one i was listening to last night sounded excellent to me which was the Deutche Gramaphon Resonance label 2535 306. According to the notes on the sleeve it's a top quality performance. The other copy is the one with the odd off balance sound level which is one lp from a Deutche Gramaphon boxset of Beethoven's Symphonies 1-9 plus a few overtures which is by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic. The 7th is the only crook recording amongst the lot
  7. I've got everything by Mike Oldfield, he's the only musician i collect the cds of. I'm afraid i have 51 vinyl copies of Tubular Bells. Pressings from all around the world, different colour labels, different issues etc. For example, did you know that the first Japanese release was in fact an English pressing released as a promotional tie in with British Airways? Amazing stuff i think you'll agree
  8. I've got the first 2 albums on tape and then nothing until i got the Pop Art boxset a couple of years ago that i've played to death. I really should start at the very start and get all the lps. My wife likes most of the music i play but doesn't take that much interest. I can't keep her out of the lounge when i put any of the Pop Art set on though. Go West has her dancing around the room like a 16 year old.
  9. Pet Shop Boys-Yes . King Of Rome from the lp was my favourite song of 2009. My wife dislikes it as she digs out her exercise mat for the lp to do some silly walking on the spot to the beat and has to slow for that track. I wonder if Yes will ever get around to recording an album called Pet Shop Boys?
  10. I've got quite a few, pop, rock, classical etc but my favourite is just one lp. Stereophonics Performance And Cocktails as a collection of 7 x 10" singles at 45 rpm. It gives the tracks, especially Stuart Cables drums some real grunt. Hurry Up And Wait is a stonker of a track and superb for showing off the bass and attack of your system.
  11. How old is the cartridge? It could just be that the stylus is worn and needs replacing.
  12. Beethoven's 7th symphony. I've played this over the years out of a boxset by the Bavarian Radio Orchestra but for some reason the recording is focused on the left all the time which makes listening, especially in the study, quite an odd experience. Last week though i bought a Von Karajan and the Berlin Phil recording, a 1978 pressing on Deutsche Gramaphon of a 1962 recording. My word it's excellent. The extraordinarily boisterous 4th and final movement nearly had me leaping out of my chair.
  13. Tracking weight okay? Not too light? Stylus clean with no film of gunk on it? What cartridge is it?
  14. It's called a dish warp, it often happens on heavier pressing like 180 and 220 gram. If records are stored flat it can happen but sometimes it's just a pressing defect. If you have a turntable with a clamp then it clamps flat quite easily. Even without a clamp though it will play fine as it's not like a wavey warp where the stylus can leap out of the groove when it hits the peak and the music sounds like you're on a boat.
  15. It's as much a Moody Blues lp as a Moody Blues lp. Lots of multi layering, lots and lots of melody, orchestrations. No Graeme Edge poetry though. Justin Hayward in the gatefold looks frighteningly like Barry Manilow pictured above in this thread though.
  16. I used to play my sister's copy of this back in Blighty endlessly in the 70s but it got forgotten over the years. I bought it last week on Ebay and have had it spinning this morning and for the first time in years and years i've played the same lp over again when i got to the end. Brings a tear to me old eyes it does.
  17. Excuse my ignorance but is this a record box with the cover of Led Zep 1 stuck on the front or is the complete Classic Records collection of the Led Zep re-issues they've done in various weights and various speeds. If so then are they squeezed tightly enough in the box to flatten out the Classic Records Classic Dish Warp ™
  18. Great album. I had it blasting out last saturday.
  19. I bought this a month or so ago in town when i was browsing at Redeye and thought i'd take a punt. I'm glad i did as it's superb. The vinyl pressing is top class too. After playing that earlier i had the urge to drag this out on a fabulous Simply Vinyl pressing
  20. Yep funny old world isn't it. I played the lp earlier today as this thread had piqued my interest and i hadn't listened to the album in a while but i was still disappointed and was hanging out for it to kick into life without having to crank the volume up. The last section of Cloudbusting where all the singing and drumming builds up to this huge crescendo just lacked any balls and i was urging and urging it along but it never went anywhere. Here's the deal though. If i get another copy and i prefer it whether it's this new remaster or some other fancy pressing then expect a pm and i'll gladly send you the EMI 100 copy so there's two of us happy chaps:>)
  21. Quite the opposite, the sound is now superb. I think the Plinius was really struggling to get the best out of the cartridge and that coupled with having to have the Densen way up high to get a decent level of sound which then introduced a lot of amplifier noise made for a bit of a mess. With the Plinius at 47k there's ample volume and there's a warmth and richness to the cartridge that wasn't there before. I was a bit sceptical about using a SUT and then going into 47k but no more.
  22. As it's a glorious sunday morning i've got the Complete Sacred Choral Music 7 lp boxset by Vivaldi on. It's on Phillips, John Alldis Choir and the English Chamber Orchestra conducted by Vittorio Negri. Beautiful recording and pressing and often a real workout for the cartridge with masses of sopranos all giving it their full voice. I can't manage all 14 sides in one sitting so i have a couple of lps a week. I haven't a religious bone in my body but my word there's some beautiful music written for all the deities out there.
  23. I've got the EMI100 reissue of Hounds Of Love and it's a right crock of **** and sounds like there was a sock (or a pair of Kate's undies) over the microphone during recording. I'll have to get this one if the sound quality is good as i love the lp.
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