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  1. These posts that seem to be popping up a lot regarding overseas and Australian prices are getting tiresome. The world is not and never will be one market with identical or even similar prices whether it's hifi, cars, wine, peanut butter. Take your pick. I'd rather be living here than in the US and buying an amplifier cheaper. There are more things to life.
  2. The equipment you spend thousands on last for years, maybe decades. A $50 record you buy can last for a century or more. Even at the cheapest rate of $25 a month you're paying $300 a year. Ten years of that and it's $3000 for something ephemeral that you never own. Seems like a rip off to me especially when you consider the pittance that the performers are paid.
  3. Seems an odd thing to say. Getting the capacitance right can be make or break for a cartridge.
  4. Superb compilation. It introduced me to a lot more Free when I bought my copy around 79,80. All I really knew up to then was Alright Now and My Brother Jake. I wish I had it close to hand as I'd love to spin it now.
  5. Tull-Benefit. Aged pretty well for a 50 year old. I need to do some dusting I think.
  6. Nearly $1200 for a DL-110? Um, no thanks.
  7. Indeed. We've been stymied at every opportunity of meeting so it would be good to have the restrictions lifted and finally meet. Bright was looking glorious today at the end of the Myrtleford ride.
  8. I'm guessing that because so many valves were manufactured for use militarily they have ended up on a list as munitions or such and so get caught up as prohibited. Can't see anybody being bothered getting into the system that is catching them to amend the software or whatever it is.
  9. Great to see another local rider. All it takes is an amble over Tawonga Gap and we're in each other's back yards 👍 Riding back from an easy ride to Myrtleford this morning and I see the snow is rapidly melting on Feathertop. With this gorgeous weather it won't be long before all the peaks are clear.
  10. You're correct. I've owned up to my embarrassment above. Damn internet
  11. Did I? I remember posting about really liking Audi wagons and saying that I liked how they brought out their stonking versions in wagons before the saloon variant but I don't recall liking that one. Perhaps I was on the grog? I shall have to search back......... Edit. Blimey, I did. Hoisted by my own petard. How embarrassing. It must be the image in the linked to video that has put me off or maybe I've got more conservative since July. The horror!
  12. Can't see anything subtle to be honest about that ugly brute of a wagon. Might go like stink but it looks an absolute shocker. Audis have always aged better than nearly any other brand but I reckon that is going to be confused with a Kia or Hyundai in a couple of years. All that black plastic!
  13. Gawd, I absolutely hate this move to SUVs. There's going to be no other option by the look of things the way car companies are withdrawing cars from the market.
  14. No, he means one that spins the liquid off by centrifugal force. That still leaves a residue though that only a vacuum can remove.
  15. You must have been using it incorrectly and you'll excuse me for saying, but why on earth would you not watch it until the end before the nozzle passed onto the label? It takes all of 30 seconds to clean a side, to leave makes no sense at all. And even if the nozzle goes on the label for a week and a half it makes no difference as you let that bit of thread go into the waste jar so a new, clean piece of thread is exposed. As for your comment about dulling the sound, that's simply not true. It makes no difference at all. I'm struggling to work out how you used the machine. Did you read the instructions?
  16. I've had a Loricraft PRC3 for about 4 years now. It's superb and does such a good job that I gave up cleaning ultrasonically within a month or two of buying the Loricraft. It runs almost silently, hasn't put a foot wrong and does a top quality job. If you've got a really, really dirty album then the ultrasonic would do a more thorough job getting ride of the dirt but for any ordinary album that might be noisy it will clean it up to be silent. It's so easy and quick to use that if you fancy, you can clean every record each time before you play it. I don't as I don't see the need, but I make sure any record I play has been through the Loricraft at some point. It's really not an onerous business compared to faffing around with the ultrasonic. Pricey for sure but with the price of my cartridge up over $5000 now I look on it as an investment with the extra stylus life you get from only ever playing pristine records.
  17. But this bollocks Andy and always has been. Is having a delicious risotto inconvenienced by having to stir it for half an hour to get the texture spot on?Is enjoying a perfect slow roasted piece of beef brisket inconvenienced by having it in the oven for 5 hours? Is listening to an awe inspiring live music presentation inconvenienced by having to wait in line to enter the concert hall, wait for 45 minutes for the artists to appear and play? Of course it isn't. Why has music now have to be some blam, blam, blam? You want to hear a song and it's got to be playing within a nanosecond? I just can't understand it. What on earth is wrong with doing all the things you have listed and then sitting down and enjoying the music on a record? It's part of the process and I love it. If anyone feels inconvenienced by having to wait a short while to hear some music then they are better off giving the whole thing up. *edit. How inconveniencing do you reckon this is?
  18. No it's not. It was a reaction to you saying about the inconvenience of playing a record and had nothing to do with the appreciation of listening to music in whatever format. I'll say it again. There is no inconvenience in playing records.
  19. He pronounces Porsche just fine. The same way any English person would. He would probably say Germany rather than Deutschland too.
  20. Yep, the last two times I went up there wasn't a single car or ute to be seen which is why I was so surprised yesterday with the amount of traffic. I love the descent towards your part of the world once you've been to the top.
  21. To be honest I wasn't expecting such a lot of snow and there was more traffic heading up than on the Hume. I suppose you don't have to faff around with chains and national parks and all that, all you need is 4wd. The biggest issue and what really stopped me going any further was the tramlines created by the traffic as it packed the snow in narrow tracks which made you slide around. Good job I abandoned though as if I'd gone all the way to the top and then down to One Mile Creek Road as was my intention, then I think the longer descent would have done for me.
  22. Beautiful wintry blast here. Had a go at Mount Porepunkah but couldn't get much higher than 800 metres as it got too hard to find grip. If there were no tramlines from the cars it might have been manageable but you would get stuck in a rut and slide all over the place and as it's steep it all gets almost impossible. Gorgeous though.
  23. Lots of things that made me think the time was right. Not an opportunity I wanted to pass up.
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