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  1. Good to see though that they will continue to service their arms as mine will long outlive me and with an overhaul every 10 to 15 years should continue to work superbly.
  2. I was just about to post the Bond trailer. 😁 Looking forward to it greatly.
  3. With mandatory helmet laws in Australia, bike share schemes are just never going to work. You have got to either wear a helmet someone else has sweated into (yuck), carry your own helmet all of the time or ride without a helmet and risk the wrath of Mr Plod who will give you a hefty fine. The helmets on the share bikes are the first thing to be vandalised and thrown away. We've got the Lime bikes here in Sydney which are e-bikes and I'm noticing a lot have their battery packs stolen which renders the bike pretty useless. I don't see though how the level of danger to both riders and pedestrians in the city goes up as you say? The top speed of 25 km'h is significantly lower than what the majority of people could ride on a non e-bike and surely the same laws will apply to a share bike as to an owned bike in that they can't be ridden on a footpath and the normal laws apply as they would to any cyclist so I can't see any safety issues here.
  4. For those with a VPN and the ability to fake a BBC account........ BBC iPlayer - Jeff Lynnes ELO - Wembley or Bust WWW.BBC.CO.UK Thrilling concert film showing ELO playing for a massive audience at Wembley Stadium.
  5. Album Of The Year. Volbeat- Rewind, Replay, Rebound Discovery Of The Year. Gary Moore-Still Got The Blues. I haven't the faintest clue why I overlooked this brilliant album for years. Bought in on a whim mid year and haven't stopped playing it since.
  6. 1917 looks odd as in it's all rather clean and pristine with a notable absence of mud and the detritus of war.
  7. Be interesting to see a Toyota Corrolla and twin cab Hilux superimposed upon one another. I'd be surprised if the difference wasn't similar but folks seem to park their Hiluxs okay.
  8. There's a documentary that looks fascinating just released regarding the making of Who KIlled Don Quixote He Dreams of Giants review – Terry Gilliam's inspiring La Mancha sequel | Film | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe have made a compelling follow-up to their 2002 look at the disastrous production of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote new
  9. I've got shelves full of dvds of films I watch again and again that I never tire of, quite a few of those dvds replaced videos so I've got films I've watched countless times for countless years. I can't see how anyone can watch a film on commercial free to air such as SBS with the constant advert interruptions whether during a break or scrolling across the bottom of a film during the action. Physical media is a wonderful thing. Yes it takes up a lot of room but who wants to sit in an empty room with nothing collected? It's like being in a dentist's waiting room. I love the clutter of books and records and tapes and dvds, it's part of my life.
  10. At one point weren't BP manufacturing solar panels here in Western Sydney? I have half an idea they were but went off shore so i can sort of see a connection between the company and renewables.
  11. The thinness of a record has no relation to the amount of bass produced. It's the recording and mastering not the thickness of the record itself.
  12. Genesis- Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Classic Records. My least favourite Genesis album but every now and then (years apart) something like Carpet Crawlers becomes an earworm and I have to dig out the full album and give it a spin.
  13. Interesting to see my post about the Dura Ace 9000 and 9100 is now close to 3 years old, time doesn't half fly. 18 months ago I ended up getting some 9100 as the 9000 was no longer available anywhere. Still brilliant wheels and i'd have around 20,000 on my current set so no complaints from me. I'm letting the brake track wear more than I used to as it's fixed to the carbon fibre rather than an integral part of the wheel so my thoughts now are that I'll use them until the brake track wears to the point I can spot carbon fibre underneath rather than them just looking worn.
  14. I bought the Aliens Evolution boxset a few weeks ago and have been going through the movies. Prometheus is excellent, first time I'd seen it. Aliens, the original sequel is utter garbage, far worse than I remember back in the day and I can't believe it was well received on first release.
  15. I enjoyed 3 but it did come across as a bit convoluted. Still love the first one and often pull it out if I want some fun.
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