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  1. Any cyclists here?

    11-50 cassette
  2. I was hoping you were going to sell this one day as I missed out when Gerlach released it. PM on it's way
  3. I taped a BBC Radio 1 programme back around 1980 that alas I don't have any longer. It was in a series called Guitar Heroes (or similar) and this episode featured Steve Miller. One part that still stands out is when Steve went to record his first album in the US the studio told him "No sound effects" Apparently the only place where he could do what he wanted with the record was in the UK so he went to London to record it.
  4. When I used MM cartridges I used to very much enjoy Nagaoka. I owned an MP-11 and an MP-300. The MP-110 comes in under the lowest part of your budget and within your price you can venture up to the MP-200. Lovely full and rich sound.
  5. Trigger fail

    Isn't that what all Australian electrical equipment is supposed to be? 230v? The UK was 240v but I always thought it was 230 here. I know it can be all over the place especially in WA .
  6. Spending money on older cars.

    Any excuse to dig out a photo of this.... There comes a point though with an older car when common sense and cost/use ratio has to go out the window and enthusiasm comes into play. That's when the wallet gets drained.
  7. Spending money on older cars.

    Don't know if that was intentional but it made me laugh. You can do a lot in a wagon....
  8. Spending money on older cars.

    Well a new car will cost you a damn sight more than $1000. If those repairs keep the car running fine for another few years before you're up for a thousand bucks again then you're on to a winner.
  9. Someone elses subwoofer from a neighbouring house or passing car.
  10. Dangers of cycling

    Arrogant and aggressive motorcyclist with irrational hatred of cyclists on the Upper North Shore. Alas we all know how that ends up http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/ben-smith-jailed-for-eight-years-jail-over-death-of-cyclist-steven-jarvie-20170703-gx3bhd.html
  11. Dangers of cycling

    It's easy to overtake on that top section when it's flat though which is where you are on about, I know that road as well as you do. I really don't see any issue especially as the side of the road is pretty poor quality and the fact remains that it is a road through the national park and apart from those getting to work at the marina is not meant as a cut through from Asquith to Turramurra.
  12. Dangers of cycling

    There are bits and bobs of cycle paths in the city that stop and start abruptly but nothing of any decent length. Those in the city are in pretty poor condition with a fair few potholes and often are held up at lights where the cars can go, pedestrians can go but the bike has to wait for the bike lantern to change but often bikes don't trigger the light sensor. There's one separated path around the bay at Concord but that's all I can think of. Everything else is shared path or a white line painted on the road on the edge of where the cars can park. There was a dedicated path along College Street in the city that was ripped up by the Liberal government but that's about it. On those bike only lanes though you still get wheelie bins, pedestrians ambling along, doors being opened if the cars park on the outside edge. Really, the road is the safest place to be and if you're commuting is the fastest way to get around.
  13. Dangers of cycling

    Bikes will go faster than cars down into Bobbin Head. For a car to overtake is reckless, dangerous and would take you above the speed limit. You shouldn't be driving a car on the road if a bunch of cyclists in a national park make you feel so much grief. Fukcing idiot indeed.
  14. Dangers of cycling

    Because group riding on shared paths is hazardous to both pedestrians and cyclists. Cyclists move too fast to be mixing it with pedestrians. There is often a lot of street furniture on shared paths. Pedestrians are often distracted by phones, headphones, dogs etc so can't be relied upon not to move in front of a cyclist. Cycle paths in cities are more often than not in the dooring zone of cars parked and are one of the most dangerous places to ride. Good paths are wonderful when bikes, pedestrians and motorists are all separated. Alas these are rare and the vast majority of 'cycle paths' are in fact shared paths. Fine for ambling along slowly but it's often safer and quicker to ride on the road, claiming the lane so everyone is aware of your presence and can safely be overtaken.