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  1. I would have ridden past it today then as I did the loop - Bright-Stanley-Beechworth-Railtrail back to Bright. What a gorgeous day it was.
  2. The 2013 Lynskey R230 atop Mount Buffalo yesterday afternoon. I've put 61,000 kms on this beauty and my bum and legs should hopefully still be able to put a lot more on.
  3. I would bet London to a brick that in the coming years it turns out that Amazon employees have recordings of people having sex and that they are all having a laugh playing them during lunch time in the Amazon canteen. Actual fact, just re-reading that it seems very unlikely. Amazon allowing their employees to have lunch breaks that is.
  4. Agree. In fact when there were quite a few second hand record shops down there, the only one that ever seemed a professional, inviting set up was Redeye, the others had piles of records all over the place that were a bit difficult to sort through and an over riding mildew smell to the shops and pricing that was often hard to work out. I managed to find a few gems in the late 90's but it was hard work and I always thought a newcomer to the area might struggle to sort out the record shops from the porn emporiums. That part of Pitt Street was a dump for years when there was the big empty hole on the other side of the road that became World Square. The block where Lawsons is (was) will surely be developed sooner than later.
  5. Problem with this though is that I would say the average age of the Stereonet member who might click on your poll is older than the average age of the people who are buying lps and turntables so all it gives us really is the average age of the Stereonet member who buys lps/tts.
  6. I agree. Cars that are dropped on their arse with stupidly big wheels always strike me as cartoonish.
  7. Oh I think they will use them again as it's more than likely that something will go bung with their digital storage and I bet they have no back up to that storage so they will end up having to play the cds. If MYSpace can lose all their old files then I think it won't be uncommon for normal everyday folk to do the same and there are plenty of posts on this website where someone has upgraded something in their digital chain and all of a sudden one component no longer tlaks to another. Thank heavens for records that will still be playable on the same equipment in 1000 years times. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/mar/18/myspace-loses-all-content-uploaded-before-2016
  8. Yep so I see. I've just looked at all the latter REM records, I've got the lot as I bought them when released. Looks like I need to take extra care of them.
  9. Bit of a splurge at Redeye today. Richard Thompson-13 Rivers Steve Hackett-At The Edge Of Light Joe Jackson-Fool Mark Knopfler-Down The Road Wherever Gary Moore-Still Got The Blues John Mayer-The Search For Everything
  10. Yes, it is a good 'un. Bought it at the start of the week and have given it a few spins since.
  11. Well if it was in the classifieds section then I might be but as it's in the What In Analogue Have You Bought Today? topic then I reckon I'll pass if it's all the same with you.
  12. You bought 500 records today and now you're selling them? Give them a chance mate.
  13. There was a post recently regarding the Mober LP 12. This help?
  14. I adore Interstellar and no matter how many times i watch it there are 4 or 5 scenes that never fail to move me strongly emotionally. Brilliant film but it took a few views to comprehend the end. Not the end of the film itself but the end of the main scenario with the endless rooms. It also helps with the enjoyment that the soundtrack is so good and the cinematography stunning.
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