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  1. Hergest

    Anti Magpie Mods

    Yep, I've tried everything under the sun but still get a bloodied ear now and then. Avoidance technique is really the only thing you can do at this time of the year.
  2. Doesn't come with one nor a plinth. The SP 10 is a motor unit, speed controller and platter. WAs designed to be dropped into a console in a radio station. Plinths are available online or you can make your own. There are some stunning jobs out there.
  3. Hergest

    Dolby on or Dolby off?

    I never used Dolby B or C to record nor playback on my own recordings as i always bought good tapes where hiss was rarely an issue so the recordings didn't need it. I would use B on playback of pre recorded tapes as their quality was all over the place, some brilliant, some woeful. Since owning a couple of Teac decks with Dolby S though i use that setting for recording and playback especially as modern tapes can be hit and miss regarding quality. The Dolby S tapes are also played back in the car on an old Becker Mexico that only has B capacity but they don't suffer for not using any noise reduction as the car is an old BMW with rather ordinary speakers anyway and a sports exhaust that doesn't lend itself to critical music listening. Interesting discussion. I know the vast majority of my friends in the 70s and 80s would turn Dolby off for playback as they thought it muffled the treble. But they were nearly always rubbish recordings on crap tapes anyway with the idea of cleaning the heads never entering their minds.
  4. Hergest

    Dangers of cycling

  5. Hergest

    electric cars

    Breakthrough in hydrogen tech? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-08/hydrogen-fuel-breakthrough-csiro-game-changer-export-potential/10082514?section=science
  6. Hergest

    Cartridge & Tonearm Matching

    470 ohms hit the sweet spot with me. I was using a Plinius M14 at the time and went through 3 Jubilees on a couple of turntables. When the Jubilee was superseded by the Cadenza Black I got one of those but I never found it as good as the Jubilee and it seemed immune to whatever loading you used with the exception of taking it right down to 10 ohms.
  7. Hergest

    Cartridge & Tonearm Matching

    Once ran a Jubilee on an RB600 on a P25, absolutely glorious combination.
  8. The picture disc has the model aeroplane, there might be other pressings too. I first heard the Viv Stanshall and Oldfield drunk version of the Sailors Hornpipe on the Boxed set, thought it was a hoot.
  9. You lucky bugger. I'd love to be introduced to Oldfield's music for the first time again. Try his other albums in sequence, especially the next 3 being, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn and Incantations. He's done plenty of other stellar albums over the years too such as Amarok and Songs Of Distant Earth but the first 4 are very special. It's always interesting to follow a long career when there's so much on offer even when some of it is fairly ordinary.
  10. Hergest

    currently drinking

    A pint of Stowfords for me and a Butty Bach for my sister at The Bunch Of Carrots in Hereford. Lovely.
  11. Hergest

    electric cars

    Saw a new Leaf yesterday when we went out for the day here in Herefordshire in England. Made me look twice as I thought it was an attractive looking car.
  12. Hergest

    electric cars

    Seeing quite a few electric/hybrid versions of cars I didn't know were available as such here in Canada at the moment. Probably due to some US legislation which has then made them easily available throughout North America.
  13. Hergest

    Post some pics thread...

    Insect life in Ontario.
  14. Where any self respecting prog fan should live if they moved to the northern suburbs of Toronto in Canada.
  15. Hergest

    Post some pics thread...

    Lake Ontario this morning from Oakville with the iPhone