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  1. As you're using a Phasemation cartridge and you're in Melbourne I'd be tempted to see if Warwick from Sonicpurity has any of their phono stages available to audition. I use a Phase Tech phono stage with my PP1000 and it's a wonderful match.
  2. I love the colour of the main body of the Nagaoka. I had an MP 300 which looked the same and it looked good enough to eat like it was made out of really rich butterscotch
  3. The best. Coney Island-Van Morrison
  4. Terrible postage price but I have to wonder how come Import CDS from the US on Ebay can send albums free and are often the cheapest price out there?
  5. Very good. All of the recent Phil As An Old Bloke reissues have been top notch sonically.
  6. Try playing that one on a record player.
  7. I find some people are just deliberately argumentative tosspots so to bung them on the ignore list is a thing of joy. Long may it continue to exist.
  8. The BBC iPlayer radio app is brilliant for Radio 3 and all other BBC radio stations for that matter. No geoblocking, masses and masses of podcasts and always lightning quick to load. I often listen to Radio 4 and Radio 3 on my Iphone while messaging my sister in England while we listen to the same programmes on either side of the planet.
  9. Ditto. I still think 2 was the best.
  10. I assume the Coles Radio is there so the supermarkets can tune into it?
  11. Try a pack of these from Decibel. The Ultimate outer sleeves are really good. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/9390-oversized-ultimate-lp-outer-sleeves-2-5-10/ *edit. Just re-read your post and you say you're stocking two sizes so perhaps you have these already. Still, I'll leave it up in case people are looking for oversized outers.
  12. I bought my first PP-1000 about 6 or 7 years ago after running though the Phase Tech catalogue going up in price each time. I'm now on my second which has had a retip so I suppose you could now call it my third. Unless life forces me to change dramatically I have no intention of ever changing as the PP-1000 is a stunning cartridge. I can only imagine how good the 2000 is.
  13. How about a 6 piece fold out sleeve? A sextfold?😀 Isaac Hayes, Black Moses
  14. I would quite happily go back to the lighter weight pressings as 180 gramme and above is no more than marketing and has no sonic benefit. I love gatefolds and triple and quad folds though.
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