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  1. I have the UK original and the Aussie. The Australian one is poor, thin and insipid compared to the UK. Never heard the US release but from my experience of US release albums in the latter half of the 80s they are often nothing to write home about.
  2. Although they are sitting unused in a rack back in Sydney at the moment, I used a B-110 integrated and B300 power amp for quite a few years powering a pair of Vienna Acoustic Beethovens in a large lounge room. Although not a particularly hard load to drive both Densens never felt like they ran out of steam no matter the volume. They don't appear to be that chunky an amplifier but the heat sinks work really well by using all the casing of the amp to dissipate heat. I really enjoyed their dynamic sound signature.
  3. Hmm, I have the recent remaster and a UK original. The remaster is dull, lacking any life and a waste of space for me and reminds me of a cassette tape where the head is dirty. So my opinion doesn't match up with others. The digital one with the magnifying glass section on the sleeve goes the other way and is as bright and sharp as a poke in the eye so is almost unlistenable. I'm at a loss as to why I keep buying the re-issues and also at a loss as to how professionals with a fortunes worth of studio equipment and good ears can turn out such dreck when the original was so good.
  4. That's one hell of a place to get the sweet spot......
  5. I dunno. I quite like how some posts take on a life of their own. You asked at the start ; Anyone keen on the Roger Waters 45 4LP remaster ?.. It would have been an almighty boring post if all the replies were people replying yes or no.
  6. I once listened to Soul Cages where it was run through an old Marantz amp/tuner with the oscilloscope and you could watch how the phase was messed around with. Really like the Q Sound sonics.
  7. It's the lyrical content in quite a few songs rather than the music that I don't like, especially that truly dreadful one about the Chinese girl and her perfect breasts in Watching TV. Also the song on the album where he makes snide comments about Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm no fan of Webber but snarkiness amongst musicians grates. The album reminds me of some books I've read where it's in dire need of a good editor, there are too many instances like those two that I've never felt with any of Floyd's albums or Pros And Cons or Radio K.A.O.S
  8. I've always found it a struggle to bother putting on record 2 of my original album so can't imagine getting through 8 sides of it all. Sonic masterpiece for sure but I'm afraid I'm firmly in the camp that thinks Amused To Death is a load of old tosh. It's a shame as I love Roger's other work, both solo and with Floyd. I actually wonder how much better if at all the 45rpm album will be. I've got What God Wants on a 45rpm 12 inch single from when it was first issued and sonically it's brilliant but so is the 33rpm album version
  9. 100% of the time. All music to me is audiophile worthy. Being an audiophile is surely no more than loving the reproduction of music.
  10. Great album. I read this article last night, really interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/oct/16/peter-frampton-interview-memoir
  11. I've always thought Calling Card was a great album
  12. Comfortably Numb definitely stands out for me as does another of Gilmour's solos on Dogs from the Animals album. A brilliant one that I never get tired of hearing is 10.c.c's Eric Stewart on Feel The Benefit from the Deceptive Bends album.
  13. Well yes, it is my opinion which is why I wrote it. I've got 2300 lps from when I first started buying records in the late ish 1970s up to now and have only ever had a handful or two of bad pressings, most of which would have been in the last 15 years or so.
  14. Bollocks. A few records are pressed poorly, the vast majority by a country mile are perfect.
  15. Especially on an album like Aqualung when a lot of thought would have been put into the original tracklisting and the way the songs worked with each other. It might be sonically superior but when the flow of music is disturbed like making this a double album you might as well go back to the very first MOFI of steam trains if you want a sonic spectacular.
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