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  1. Beautiful. I sold my Agate Green 635 pretty much exactly a year ago from now. I loved it but it had become a real money pit, not only the constant and expensive repairs but the cost of rego, green slip and insurance got more prohibitive every year. My heart misses it but my bank balance certainly doesn't
  2. That's what can happen with the larger ones that aren't put together properly the poster should really have said. I wouldn't fret it unless you're someone who can't understand basic instructions.
  3. The Hunt-Back On The Hunt. Hard rock from 1980. Apparently their first album was prog but this is more good ole 80's hard rock. I enjoy it more 40 (!) years later than when I first bought it. Canadian group born out of Dillinger
  4. Watched Angel Has Fallen last night. Not as enjoyable as Olympus or London but still worth a few hours of your time for implausible shoot 'em ups.
  5. Double album. The record works well as a single album but if you have to get up 3 times to listen to it all the way through it would really take away from the joy of the album for me. What's the track listing? Does side 2 start with We Have Heaven or Cans And Brahms? Where's the break for sides 3 and 4 in what should be an almost continuous 5 tracks of music as on the original album?
  6. Good looking Sony. An ES?
  7. I fail to see why that would be inherently worse and my argument would still stand that if the playback system for a record is far superior than that for a CD then the record would sound better. If it sounds better is the goal, not what the master is.
  8. I never get this argument as it assumes that people's digital and analogue replay are of the same quality. I've got a 20 year old Cyrus cd player just plugged into the CD rca of my pre amp but my analogue system has been thought about, chopped and changed, researched, honed to a T and costs the same as a pretty good motor car so a record being digital will still sound substantially better on my system that the comparable cd. In fact, any record played back on my record player sounds so good that it's years and years since I last gave a toss as to whether any point in the recording/ mastering chain was digital, analogue or a combination of both. So there is a benefit to buying new lps (even at $75) as they will sound brilliant on my hifi compared to if I bought the cd.
  9. I dunno. I can go online and buy the cheapest ticket for Alice Cooper's concert tour next year and pay $101 for one evening of a shitfight to get there, having to deal with tossers in front of me holding their phones up all night, paying stupid prices for unpleasant food and drink and battling crowds of obnoxious nobheads to get home, or I can buy a record for $75 that will still give me joy in 30 years if I'm still alive and can be listened to over and over and over again. Not everything in life is as cheap as you want it to be.
  10. Phil. The excellent 'take a look at me now' remaster.
  11. Laser record players don't remove pops and ticks, if anything they amplify them so records have to be truly pristine. They are indeed analogue. Just because something uses a laser doesn't make it digital. It's what the laser reads that defines whether it's digital or analogue.
  12. While I'd agree that a laser turntable is a different way of retrieving the information from the groove I think it's a bit unfair to say that it's not part of the analogue community as a laser turntable is still analogue.
  13. Nonsense statement. You wash vigorously and dry yourself off vigorously with a towel. If you treated a record that way you would trash it. The use of tap water on records and on your skin has absolutely no relevance to one another.
  14. In 1986 I was on holiday in the States visiting my girlfriend in Boston while she was working there on a exchange program thing. I hired a cheap car from the airport as part of my budget airline ticket but when I went to pick it up there was nothing available except a V6 3 litre Camry so they bumped me up to that. Lovely car with automatic seatbelts that moved into place as you put the key in the ignition. This thing flew. At tollgates in Mass. I'd drop my money in the basket and floor the throttle and in the blink of an eye you would be way over the speed limit. We made friends with an American girl with a big barge of a fat Yankee car with some ridiculous 18 cylinder V12 and she used to scream when she was in the back seat when I pushed the accelerator to the floor as she'd never selt such acceleration.
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