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  1. Site issue all morning

    Same here. Also the page sometimes just doesn't load anything, just a white background. Safari 10.1.2 and OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
  2. electric cars

    Pretty impressive showing by solar powered cars these days. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/oct/15/this-is-the-future-solar-powered-family-car-hailed-by-experts
  3. currently drinking

    At Heathrow waiting for the flight home. A bottle of Stella Cidre. Much better than I expected. Not too sweet with a bit of bite. Very clean. Nice glass. The first of a few I reckon as my flat is 7 hours away
  4. Sponsor Classifieds?

    Just scrolled through the classifieds to find the sponsor's sales so yes, you are right. I wouldn't be very pleased as a sponsor though as your advert will disappear to another page in a day so I would have thought it would get less hits overall. I'm sure it was well thought through first though.
  5. Sponsor Classifieds?

    I can't find the sponsor classifieds section anymore. Have they gone or am I missing something obvious?
  6. Notification Spam

    Yep, I'm getting them too but I have notifications turned off.
  7. electric cars

    I'm in the UK at the moment. EV cars are plentiful as are charging stations. As you fly into Heathrow over the English Channel and Thames estuary there are enormous wind farms out to sea, almost filling the whole view. Most amazing of all is as I've been riding my bicycle through rural areas I keep on coming across farms that have one of their 50 acre fields full of solar panels, this in a country that gets a pitiful amount of sunshine. Viewed from here Australia is neanderthal as regards renewable energy and electric vehicles and from everything I read regarding various shades of political policy it isn't going to change anytime soon.
  8. currently drinking

    Robinson’s Of Tenbury Wells Flagon cider in The Duke William Stourbridge. A delicious almost flat cider bursting with apples reminiscent of a fine scrumpy. The perfect way to wash down a steak and stilton pie with cheesy mash and garden peas.
  9. My local park at the moment on this blustery October morning, Mary Steven's in Stourbridge. The looooong wait until next summer begins.
  10. Soundsmith Cartridges - thoughts?

    I've never heard a Soundsmith cartridge but i've had 3 or 4 retips done on various cartridges over the years and the work has been top notch. What I really like about their products though is the ongoing cost of even their top models is dirt cheap. Trade in values of cartridges from other manufacturers even when moving up the line on a significantly expensive cart is pathetically low yet even the most expensive Soundsmith cartridge can be rebuilt for less than 20% of the cost of a new one. You're lucky to get 20% off the price of a new cartridge with other manufacturers.
  11. Random cars of interest

    I was riding my bicycle up the Malvern Hills in England today. You can't go to Malvern without a ride down a side road to see......... I so much want to have a blast in this.
  12. Not half. If you have a low compliance cartridge in an arm with too low an effective mass for it, it will mistrack on loud passages or when a sudden, strong transient comes in. With a low compliance cartridge a lot of energy goes directly into the arm as the stylus tracks a groove and can struggle to hold everything in its place. Never owned a 103 so couldn't say exactly but I have read a great deal over the years that they are more fussy with arms than others in Denon's range such as the 304 etc.
  13. Technics. No sonic reasons as such but as I grew up I always lusted after Technics gear in the same way that a kid might have a Ferrari poster on their wall rather than a Lamborghini. When I finally earned enough to be able to buy hifi gear on hp with my mum as guarantor I was so excited to buy a Technics mid sized stacking system. Now that I've been through a lot of gear and have a stonkingly good couple of systems I still pause and investigate further whenever I see a new release with the Technics name. With them getting back into hi end hifi recently (although of course unobtainable in Australia) I still think I would swap all I have and save a bit for their best stuff just because the name carries so much positive weight for me.
  14. electric cars

    I like the Porsche. I reckon the designer of the interior was a fan of the Raleigh Chopper pushbike when he was younger.
  15. currently drinking

    Too true. A pint of cider and bag of Black Country scratchings and I'm in heaven.