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  1. Recent discussion on Analog Planet suggests using a blank disc to set anti skate is an incorrect method. Not that I agree with a lot of what Fremer has said over the years but there's some interesting stuff here. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/wam-engineerings-new-improved-wallyskater-v21#comments
  2. The 6er? Too expensive to keep on the road when I didn't drive it often enough. It certainly wasn't in the silly price bracket but just parking it in the driveway with rego, insurance etc cost me a couple of grand a year. When I would drive it every weekend for good distances it was worth it but as the years passed and I took it out less then it became a very good looking money pit. It suffered from not being driven too so when I did take it out I'd have issues that always cost around $1000 to fix.
  3. I've been watching and loving the videos of Gordon Murray talking through the T50. I hadn't kept up with the price of the F1. Staggering. I remember sitting in an F1 when it first came out when on display at Birmingham New Street train station in the UK. Don't think that will happen with the T50 somehow.
  4. Ha! Had my tights on but they are a bit old and tend to fall down when spinning for a long time. Easy to overheat on a 1000m plus climb so let them fall down and become calf warmers and then pulled them back up before the descent.
  5. Some kind soul lent me his mountain bike a few weeks ago. Perfect for keeping the winter climbing legs busy as the mountain descents on the roadie in the winter are a bit too treacherous and as for the wind chill........... Not that riding up mountains on a mountain bike is any warmer but you can't half go to some good places and the descent on dirt and chunky tyres feels a bit more confident than damp bitumen and 23mm road tyres . Mount Porepunkah this morning. Stunning on the way up and down but couldn't see a whole lot from the top.
  6. For as long as I can remember Audi have been using a wagon to introduce their stonking variants of saloons. I like it.
  7. I must admit that crossed my mind when Andrews mentioned it yesterday. Didn't join the dots this morning but now you mention it.....
  8. Just plain black? Too easy 😁 I'll give you a shout soonish.
  9. Well those 4 went quick. Must be the weather. If I can leave this post up for a day or two if the mods don't mind just so folks can see it. Anyone like the look of anything here or on the Facebook page then feel free to pm me and have a chat. I've got lots of free time at the moment so might as well knit my days away.👍
  10. Good man. Number 1 is all yours. I'll pm details
  11. Hi Kayne, I've just walked out in the Alpine sun of the back yard and I reckon purple describes it well. I love colour but my actual colour vision is pretty ordinary so I tend to go by the name and a hunch. I'll shoot you a pm if it looks the go.
  12. Take a look at the linked Facebook page. There's a couple or three on there. Anything you fancy send me a PM here so you get mate's rates. If you fancy something in a different colour then shout out too as I can knock one up in a day or two if I have the colour here. I have a good stash of wool .
  13. Further information: Stereonet has been good to me over the last few years allowing me to list my knitted items when all I had to do was post rubbish in the Vinyl section. To repay Marc for his kindness I'm listing 4 scarves to sell i've recently finished and I'll donate the $200 to the fighting fund. Each scarf is $50 and Express postage is $10. For those new to this, I knit while listening to music. I only use good wool and in the case of the 4 listed it's 100% grown and produced here in Australia. None of this- grown in Australia, sent to China, processed there and shipped back to be sold cheaper. That nonsense really winds me up and I won't have a bit of it. With the Covid 19 lockdown I've been able to churn out a fair few items and I've listed them on a Facebook page. The price I've sold them here has been to recoup the cost of the wool and that's it which suits me fine but listing them on Facebook I've bunged a bit on the price to see if I can make some dosh to buy some records or a SUT or a case of beer😁. To the good folks of Stereonet the price will always be mate's rates however, so if you see anything you like on the linked to page then PM me through here and we'll sort things out. Scarves will always be $50 and beanies will always be $30 with $10 express postage per order. Hope that all makes sense and here's the link to my Facebook page....https://www.facebook.com/Diggory-Knits-100272208441909/ 1. Cleckheaton Superfine merino from Wangaratta in Raspberry and Mid Navy. SOLD 2. Bendigo Wool Mills in Raven and Marigold. SOLD 3. Bendigo Wool Mills in Blackberry Nip. SOLD 4. Bendigo Wool Mills in Hunter and Magnolia SOLD If there's anything I've neglected to mention or haven't explained then feel free to ask. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  14. Looks like all the studio albums are then. I remember maybe 10 or 15 years ago trying to get hold of all Marillion vinyl and would daily check ebay. That's how I ended up with the Korean Holidays In Eden
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