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  1. Marillion-Clutching At Straws. It took me a couple of years to warm to this album, for one thing it followed the superb but very different Misplaced Childhood, but in the main I think I just wasn't old enough to appreciate the themes. As the years have passed it's become one of my favourite albums by anyone. Some days though it's best to keep it hidden away in the pile.
  2. When I take photos of knitted items to sell I use my camera and set the white balance with a white card but still run into difficulties with bright reds. I don't think I'd seen such an extreme colour change before like with the mauve when it became royal blue.
  3. Thought this was interesting and sort of highlights the white balance issues around digital processing of colours. I took some quick photos with my iPhone of some swatches I'd knitted this morning and noticed that the mauve wool came out completely different so I went to take it again and depending on how close I was to the swatch the colour changed. So I made a short video😀
  4. That's because I substantially edited my post. My head is nicely retracted now. Back on topic. The first copy I bought of Steve Winwood's Roll With It album in 1988 had the label for side 2 across the whole playing area, the centre of the record was blank. Now that would have been difficult to play. Around 1980 I bought John Martyn's Bless The Weather album and that had the centre hole about 5 cms off centre where the runout groove normally is so there might have been a bit of wow and flutter with that if I could have found a record player to play it on.
  5. Sorry Andy, i missed that. I'm being deliberatively argumentative today for some reason and need to pull my head in.
  6. Not a chance of that happening fortunately. A jumper sleeve will do it for sure but a paper label? No way.
  7. It will certainly sound pretty ordinary in a white noise kind of way but really, a stylus made of diamond playing on a paper label shouldn't effect the life of it in any way as it just skates over the top and there's no wear.
  8. Got lots of them with wonky labels, not only recently but going back 40 years. If it doesn't encroach on the playing grooves it doesn't matter Got more than a few records from the late 70s on that I've got a file to the centre hole as it's too tight. It's really not a modern phenomenon and has been happening forever.
  9. I've got Ragpicker's Dream as that had a vinyl release. Looking on Discogs I see they are an outrageous price now so this might make you weep. I bought it from HMV on Pitt Street when it first came out. At that time there were hardly any rock/pop records being released, most of it was still dance 12" singles and the vinyl was in the separate dance room within HMV. Shoved at the end of the racks were maybe 20 new release rock/pop, 3 or 4 copies of each. None were shrink wrapped and it was hard to find a record that hadn't been mishandled as people who didn't really know what a record was would take them out of the sleeve, leave fingermarks, jam them back in, tear the outer sleeves and so on. That $450 album on Discogs was once $12-99 and for each one sold there were probably 3 or 4 the shop chucked in the bin as they had been trashed. The return to popularity of vinyl was a huge learning curve for some.
  10. No such thing fortunately. If something works for you then not a soul will frown upon you.
  11. Sullivans Lookout today to see how much snow on Mt Bogong. Couldn't see as the cloud never lifted but some nice stuff fallen towards Falls Creek.
  12. Ooh, that I like. How does the arm work? Air bearing? Sapphire and bit of wire? Servo?
  13. I had an OC-9mk2 that was probably the quietest cartridge as far as surface noise was concerned that I've ever owned. Really full bodied sound but with an unpleasant top end that got wearing. This was a fairly common complaint around 10 to 15 years ago but from comments on the Mk3 I've read the top end has been tamed. I currently own a 33PTG-II and that has all the pluses of the OC-9 with none of the drawbacks and has a lovely smooth top end with no lack of detail and some good midrange oomph. Has to be set up absolutely bang on or you can get a bit of groove noise in one channel at the start of a record. Not particularly hard but fiddly. Worth it though.
  14. First snow of the year on Mount Hotham. Driving towards Harrietville and having this fill your view is awe inspiring.
  15. All gone now. Many thanks for the interest and I hope folks stay a bit warmer this winter. Hopefully more soon.
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