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  1. Loud cartridge

    Perfectly normal. It's called Needle Talk. Some cartridges have a noticeable sound, most will be dead silent. I've always put it down to a combination of stylus profile and cartridge body design where the cartridge body amplifies the resonance.
  2. Is this warping typical?

    I didn't see a shrink wrapped record until around the mid 80s when I started buying records at the Virgin shop in Birmingham which was the first time also that you would just take a record to the counter to buy rather than have the record and sleeve separate. I can't imagine every single shop taking the shrink wrap off so I would imagine that some were never shrink wrapped in the first place in the pressing plant and it wasn't the standard way of doing things like it is now. When I was still buying records in the early 90s from the shops in my local town they still weren't shrink wrapped.
  3. Is this warping typical?

    But it doesn't work. An edge warp will not be flattened out by using the washer and the clamp. The clamps on my SME turntables are screw down and you can get an enormous amount of force pushing down but the thin washer that is used to slightly lift the centre of the record just won't help enough to press the outside of the record down. Dish warps with the convex side up and edge warps can only be flattened using a peripheral ring.
  4. Is this warping typical?

    The washers used to raise the centre of the record are unfortunately far too thin to help with one side of a dish warp, you need something at least the thickness of a 20 cent piece and then it raises the centre far too high to be able to screw down a clamp on all but the tallest of threaded spindles. Nothing but a peripheral ring can help with an edge warp.
  5. Is this warping typical?

    I have to disagree with a lot of comments regarding warping of records. Perhaps here in Australia you had to put up with crap but where I grew up in the UK warps were as rare as hen's teeth and it was even rarer to take a warped record home as the record shops I went to kept the records behind the counter and you took the sleeve to pay. Then they would carefully remove the record, inspect it on both sides under a decent light before placing it in the sleeve that you had chosen from the rack. It was most unusual for them to reject the copy because it had any problems so they were coming perfectly from the pressing plant. Warps now are far too common. Nobody checks records before them being sent out. Everything is sealed, often far too tightly and record plants on the whole are clueless and use far too heavy slabs of vinyl that aren't allowed to cool down enough so dish warps occur . 180gm and heavier are an absolute crock of unnecessary shite and serve no purpose whatsoever.
  6. How to demagnetise tape deck heads?

    Well I found it was very easy to hit the heads with it when I used one especially on a deck where the opening was pretty small. And a tape head is very sensitive indeed.
  7. The split on the sleeve is alas very common with sealed records being posted as it's when the package is dropped and the record cuts through. The label issue is junk though for such a limited run. Records are placed manually into the sleeve anyway and to not have this picked up is piss poor quality control.
  8. How to demagnetise tape deck heads?

    Always hated those wand demags, never liked moving them around close to really sensitive parts of a tape deck. I've used one of these since about 1982, still on the same one that works fine and I use it maybe twice a year on the Teac in the house and the Becker in the car. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TDK-Cassette-Tape-Electronic-Head-Demagnetizer-HD-01/272886914221?epid=1804103645&hash=item3f8953dcad:g:EdMAAOSwyQNZ4Zq1
  9. Melbourne In't Hi Fi show

    I couldn't get past the third paragraph. Sorry. Or should that be sorry!!!
  10. It could just be called Music. Sums it up succinctly .
  11. Was most unfortunate yesterday to have to sit through the steaming turd that is Ben Elton's Three Summers. Absolute garbage with every 'joke' and every 180 degree change in lifestyle/prejudice/opinion/sexuality seen coming half an hour before and when it does arrive does so with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I would have got up and left after 10 minutes but thought my wife must be enjoying it. Turns out she would have left after 10 minutes but thought it rude. Bugger. Ben Elton can still deliver the goods. The BBC series Upstart Crow is really good and almost on par with Black Adder. This film was rubbish though.
  12. Eh? There's a shedload of music discussion on the music thread. The fact that it mentions streaming in the url has got sod all to do with anything. Bloody hell, running a forum must get the eyes rolling a lot
  13. ?? This has always been here.... https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/38-music-streaming-services/
  14. Fuming...

    To be honest I reckon most people would just roll their eyes and wonder why someone was so desperate for a mobile phone that they would queue outside a shop before it opened. Maybe it's just me that thinks that kind of behaviour is weird?
  15. Just out of interest, is there anything that can stuff up this magnetic strip? Too close to a speaker for example? I've got in my head the idea of a strip of tape such as from a compact cassette fixed to the inside of the platter and we all know how sensitive to damage that can be from magnetic forces, but my idea of tape might be a million miles away from the actual material involved.