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  1. Hergest

    80,000 record collection.

    Don't let any government sound archive get within a mile of any of it. The bastards are flogging off everything they own anyway and bunging a tiny proportion of it on digital storage.
  2. Hergest

    UK 2018 trip

    Good stuff! I knew it would come in handy during an English summer. We had countless summer holidays where we raided all the jumpers and cardigans to try and keep warm of an evening.
  3. Hergest

    Currently Spinning

    Santana IV. The original line up bungs out an album for the first time since 1973. It's rather good although some of the lyrics are a bit creepy due to the band's age. "Come and sit on my lap little girl" "I'll buy you an ice cream" etc. If you like Latin dance this will keep you going for ages as there's some great rhythms. Top notch recording and pressing.
  4. It's brakes dammit! Brakes!! Not bastard breaks! That's one thing that really sh1ts me. Like when people say base in music when they mean bass. [/rant]
  5. SBS have always used the BBC World Service channel as nothing more than filler and it's the first thing to be removed at a whim. When it was on SBS 4 it used to dissapear for a month when the execrable Eurovision song contest was on. Yet the World Service is without doubt one of the world's stand out news and information broadcasts.
  6. Hergest

    Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Hmm, never come across a Kambrook tape before. Might be rubbish like you used to get with a gallon of petrol as a giveaway that would leave crud on the heads on the first play. I'm happy to be proved wrong.
  7. Hergest

    UK 2018 trip

    The wife and i once walked miles to Jamaica Inn when we were courting. By christ it was a bleak spot the day we were there with grey clouds almost touching the ground and wind blowing the solitary line on the telegraph poles. The pub was most welcome when we got there.
  8. Hergest

    Aussie Politics

    Oh no, please no! Guildford West shops this afternoon....
  9. Thanks for that. The only other I've seen is The Grand Budapest Hotel which I loved so I'll check out the others.
  10. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    The AT33/PTGII is very different to the likes of the OC9 from Audio Technica where the top end is concerned. It is most definitely smoother. I wouldn't be too fussed about 100 ohm loading, I find with mine that 100 turns it a bit too soft, 470 ohms works really well.
  11. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    I'm sure there are some people that reckon they can hear a 20 ohm difference in loading. I'd say best of luck to them but to me that would be a curse. I once owned one of Joe Rasmussen's FVPs where the loading was done via plugs with different values. A mate and I spent far too long one day messing about with endless values and it was only the large differences that showed any change, 100 and 470 and 1000 for instance. The same was true when we did the same with his Alan Wright Vacuum State pre amp. I love now owning a phono stage made by the same manufacturer as my phono cartridge so there is no load option, just what the cartridge was designed to be loaded at. Perfection, simplicity and superb sound. Call me happy.
  12. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    I believe my experience is extensive enough. The phono stages I used had values of (if I remember correctly) 10, 47, 100, 470, 1000 ohms and 47k ohms. I know you will go on about how your home made kit allows infinite loading using plugs with resistors soldered in but i defy anyone to tell the difference between say 470 and 500 or 560 ohms.
  13. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    Funnily enough I use aa AT33PTGII as my back up cartridge when my Phasemation gets retipped. I use 470 ohms for that but unlike the the AT OC9 which definitely preferred 100 the 33PTGII doesn't seem too fussy.
  14. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    I owned 4 304s on the trot and one 301 when the 304 was no longer available. I ran them through a AU300lc SUT into the MM section of my phono stages and would also try them into the MC section if I wanted to see how that sounded. The combo of the cartridge and SUT was always preferable with both cartridges even though the phono stages I used were perfectly capable of amplifying the lower 304 output. When I used them directly into the MC section of the phono amp where I was able to change the loading, 470 ohms was preferable over any other. Owning both cartridges and spending a lot of time with them leads me to my conclusion that the combination of them with the AU300LC gets the best out of them.
  15. Hergest

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    The AU300 sut was made specifically for the DL301 and 304 cartridges and the 470 ohm load is ideal as is the step up ratio. If you like how the combo is at the moment but feel the urge to try something different then the phono stage is what I would be looking at.