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  1. Gee, I always admire a guy with a six pack.......... Nice choice!!! 😁
  2. Just back from a picnic up in a state forest......... N.P. High Wheel - There. - I know you have prolly never heard of this band but you need this one for starters. Excellent prog from Germany......
  3. C is for Caravan - the thing wot I went around AWSTRAYLIA in......
  4. @hired goon Geoff, Have you heard their earlier album called A Tower of Silence? It's an absolute cracker. Greg
  5. Really surprised to see anyone else has even heard of this band let alone own any of their output. Great band BTW!!!! Onya brother!
  6. Here's another concert from earlier on in their career. So much talent from such young whipper snappers....... So jealous.........
  7. I've previously mentioned a great band I discovered when a copy of their disc was sent to me for review a few years ago. X-panda are from Estonia of all places and blew me out of the water with their excellent debut called Flight of Fancy. Just found a live clip from 2016. Who even knew Estonia had electricity........
  8. Another band I like from Estonia of all places. Who even knew they had electricity
  9. While not a real banger like some of you more enlightened brethren, allow me to introduce you to what floated my boat a few years ago. Had never heard of them before but was sent a copy for review;
  10. Such a great riff and a classic song from the white haired wonder....
  11. How long ago did Lawson's close down? I used to frequent them often when I lived in Sydney.
  12. U is for U.K. a British mega group of sorts featuring John Wetton on vocals, Bill Bruford on drums, Allan Holdsworth guitar, Eddie Jobson on violin and keys.
  13. S is for Sky who had a few decent albums out in the 70's / 80's
  14. Great album! Wish there were more of a similar quality.
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