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  1. Ahh!!!! You guys are picking some nice albums! Don't think I need to recommend anything this week! Hows aboutie you recommend something to me!!! (Must be in the prog vein). N.P J.P
  2. Totally stunning album that probably only a handful of people know about.
  3. "Unintended" is a suburb track and nothing like the sort of song one would expect from Muse.
  4. Thanks for the tip from last night. IT has sorted out all my music files perfectly. I'll keep an eye out for the other 2 programs as well if I find I need more flexibility. Cheers Prog
  5. Hi guys, I am in the process of updating my music collection and wish to get MS File Explorer to display a series of columns for every music title I have on file. I need: Artist Album Title Genre Date Of Release Bit Rate Length (I also wish to include whether a file is an MP3 or Flac file apart from the bit rate column which I assume is only applicable to MP3s) I know how to add columns for each album singularly but I don't have the time to do this manually for many thousands of files. Does any techie know how to get Microsoft to globally display all these details for each album title automatically. Thanks in advance for any suggestions Cheers Prog
  6. Keep playing your new Nils CD Geoff. Its got some great music on it and it just seems to flow together so well. One of my favourites from the last 10 years of new discoveries.
  7. That last clip sounded like my mates wedding vows........
  8. Superb album JJ but methinks the follow up is even betterer........ Huge Blackfield fan here. I find some of Steven Wilson's best work on these 2 excellent albums but methinks its the Israeli who has crafted so many of those songs. I may be wrong but it sure sounds like his influence is all over them. YMMV
  9. As with any new prog album that I put on to play, to give it justice, I usually insist on 5-6 spins before I decide. Although other people may have a different opinion and perspective, I am at a general loss to understand how ANYONE can play a progressive rock album or other style of complex music just once and decide if they like it or not. I'm not saying they are wrong. It's just that I find I need more spins to enable the complexity of the music to unfold before I become sufficiently familiar with it to form an opinion. I.E. If I can't "understand and absorb" an album after one or two listens, how do other people do it in only one??? How do you memorize the choruses and verses or even how the structure of the music was created in such a short space of time. I'm buggered if I know how anyone can make that decision so quickly. Having said that, however, I wish I could as I sure get frustrated with having to spend so much time listening to SOOO many new albums before I decide it's a keeper. After a total over 12 days of 2.5 spins (was distracted half way through today), it's too early to tell but from what I know about their previous albums I'd suggest it will be of an average rating. This is also borne out by its rating on RYM which is 3.42 / 5.00 I probably won't get time to play this one again for a while (although I should), I hope it is more rewarding long term.
  10. That's a great rekkid there Steve. I sold the original here on SNA a few years back to one lucky member.
  11. Sure have Lee but I've only ever seen the one copy decades ago.
  12. Guys, Although my bulk CD / LP buying days are now generally over, you are more than welcome to use my old contacts as below: I have used the first 3 extensively and can attest to their products (CD's only purchased from them), delivery and pricing. Syn-phonic Music. Probably your best bet as their prices are really good and the owner, Greg Walker has a really nice name so he will be very good to you. Their cattle-dog will leave you speechless and broke no less. Millenium - "The Web" is listed for only 16 bucks.......... http://synphonicmusic.com/country/poland.html KinesisCD http://www.kinesiscd.com/storeframe1.htm?east-euro.htm (Be aware that Kinesis seems to have had a bit of a trading halt recently and don't stock as much as they used to. Still a nice site and when they have specials, they have specials!!!! Doug Larsson Imports http://www.douglarsonimports.com/m/?sort=featured&page=3 Insideout Music - Germany http://www.insideoutshop.de/Artists#M You're welcome.
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