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  1. Try a site called progstreaming! It's run from Holland iirc and features a lot of great prog and prog metal new releases played in their entirety.
  2. Love Unitopia and Offshoots. BTW anyone wanting to discover some great Aussie prog can do no better than: Anubis - "A Tower of Silence" This is a stunningly good album that ticks a lot of boxes. It had a similar "wow" affect on me in the way that Opeth's :Damnation" did years ago.
  3. Another PROG ALERT for the progsters amongst you....... Gryphon return with another slice of excellence Here's a review: ************************************************* 0 out of 5 stars"Enjoy, as they say in American restaurants" -(Preskett) ByChuckon September 9, 2018 Quite simply, the best album by anyone at all since the golden age of the vinyl album. And I think my personal ear-bar is pretty high, what with 2 albums by the earlier incarnation of this group on my own all-time Top 20. The 'ReInvention' Gryphon spent a great deal of time prepping this for us, and it shows clearly from the very first moment of glorious pipes to the final, enigmatic disappearance of the organ to nothingness. Gryphon have done what it seemed that no one else from 'back in the day' could manage - refind their muse! And it has to be largely due to excellent chemistry between the old and new members, as the compositions are credited to four different members - 2 originals and 2 recents. As yet, I can't pick a favorite - each and every one is pure magicmusic to my ears! As ever, there are significant elements of "early music" obvious here, but, perhaps thanks to new blood (41 years on I guess we should say it's DNA) the musical palate is much broader, not only from song to song, but within each piece as well. The arrangements are just captivating, and had to be the work of endless comments, notes and retakes which, at least seemingly, have a synergistic building effect that complicates and adds interest to the presentations. Specifically, I denote large influences from both chamber music of multiple eras, and even jazz - especially from some of Graeme Taylor's guitar chords and underpinnings. I read on fb that an early fan (like myself) was playing _ReInvention_ in the car, when her son said "Who is this, they're great!". I think that speaks volumes. And that's really all you need to know. Except, if you're looking for that real, new-record-first-time-on-the-table experience, it IS coming, but will be a few months yet according to these, still immensely talented, quintessentially British blokes! ********************************************************* Plus an ed's review: Editorial Reviews 2018 release. Would you believe it? Gryphon are releasing an all-new studio album of especially written, previously unheard material - and this comes all of 41 years after their fifth album, way back in 1977. Now they really are the oldest and the newest thing - a legendary British band that's as exhilarating, energetic, unpredictable and addictive now as it ever was. After a one-off sell-out show in 2009 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London the band reformed in 2016 as a six-piece with three new members and since then have been back on the road wowing audiences all over again and rapidly gaining a new fanbase. ReInvention returns in part to their early connection with Lewis Carroll's Alice books, in which they found their name. Guitarist Graeme Taylor has set the White Knight's song 'A-Sitting on a Gate' into an epic 11 minute extravaganza which takes us on a musical journey from a reflective Brittenesque bassoon, clarinet and violin trio introduction, into a prog-rocky dialogue between the White Knight (Brian Gulland) and an 'aged, aged man' (Dave Oberlé), through a heavy-metal riff with a suddenly distorted and harmonized bassoon, and thence to a plaintively tragi-comic conclusion to bring us home with a rousing military march. Something for all the family! ***************************************************** Definitely got this one high up on my wants list. Anyone who has not yet heard this incredible band, could do no wrong in trying some of these, but particularly RQTG3:
  4. Thanks Dave, We all know we can rely on you for your veritable wisdom and knowledge about anything relating to music. Cheers man. Greg
  5. Talk to me about Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes I've heard about them and was told they played here live some 20 years ago but I know zip about them. Are they like the Cruel Sea? If so I would be all over them as I like what Tex Perkins does in a big way. Can you give me some similarities for a reference point? Thanks and cheers Greg
  6. Thanks for the book offer Pat but I can't read good and proper like but got learned how to only spuck back when spuck to! Dave @Zenmister might like this. Greg
  7. As good as the original version is, I still get goosebumps when I hear this better version, especially the keyboards.
  8. On such a great sunny day what better than to play heaps of prog and a little progressive new age. Here's what's on today's playlist Get some David Arkenstone into ya!
  9. Nice haul there Steve! I'm sure you're gonna enjoy that little pile..... Just scored myself the 2 disc set of Phideaux's new album
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