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  1. Too early to tell yet JJ. I tried to listen but had too many interruptions so put it off until time allows. I have so many projects on the go I often find I run out of time. Whoever said that retirement gets boring needs to live up here for a while to find out how easy it is to completely fill up your day / night. No opinions yet but I'm optimistic as I think IQ are a great UK band that deserves more attention.
  2. The album you would go mental over is called "200 Years After The Last War". I sold the original of this one years ago to a desperate collector but can highly recommend it. I have it on CD and digital however. The title song occupies all of side 1 and is an absolute cracker. Swirling organ, synths, drums, vocals, bass and guitar all integrate together in a semi Pink Floydish kind of way but with a slightly different edge. Really infectious melodies that repeat throughout its entire duration and which really drag you into the song. Highly recommended!!!
  3. Mine arrived last week so I will need to give it a few spins before I make an opinion...
  4. I think he must have bought the cheaper, muted limited edition edition.. If you want fancy stuff like titles, words, lyrics and music, you have to pay for the deluxe version......
  5. Here's a few more to try. See if you like any of these dudes. X-Panda is one hellova band from Estonia of all places. These guys totally blew me away with their incredible debut which I rate 5.00 / 5.00. I think their average age is about 15, well maybe 18-20 but man, they can play. The whole album is just stunning all the way through. Look 'em up on Spotify...
  6. @Luc @Full Range Looks like you have some serious competition for those highly desirable vinyls Lee as F.R. is on the hunt for more....... Sell the wife and kids? Your fishing gear? Your collection of Australian Durifs
  7. @Luc You are correct Sir! Our friend Lee, (Luc) goes weak at the knees every time he sees a picture of her and even has a mild aural orgasm when listening to her records, of which he has the largest collection in Australia I am told. His most highly prized album is entitled: "Mrs Mills Destroys Annaheim" This is a live bootleg of her opening for Led Zeppelin wherein she was invited to play a keyboard accompaniment for "Stairway To Heaven." Sadly, this was the last concert she performed at as she carcked it a short time later. A harbinger of things to come you might say. Just as well she didn't play that old Queen favourite, "Another One Bites The Dust", Roberta Flack's classic, "Killing Me Softly With That Piano", or Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." Who knows what might have happened. Rumour has it that Lee outbid a few thousand people to get his hands on the pink vinyl version of one of her albums called "Look Mum, No Hands!" which fetches big bucks at just about any record auction these days. The cover features her playing her favourite piano with an avid fan alongside her wielding a friendly looking chainsaw which is how they came up with the album title I believe. I have friends who would kill for that sacred piece of vinyl but then again I know some people who would kill other people with said piece of vinyl which is a sad indictment on humanity really. If you are serious about collecting Mrs Mills discography, be prepared for a lot of searching as she has released over 25 albums, 6 E.Ps, 6 45s, 7 compilations and 637 bootlegs which understandably are becoming serious collector's items. You might need to mortgage the house, wife and kids in order that you could afford such a luxurious collection but that would be your call. If you would like to collect her vast assortment of quality records, be sure to join www.rateyourmusic.com and be amongst the other lucky member to give the public your valuable rating so that there will become 2 of you who will have done so. Here's a part of her discography for your delectation These are some of the albums I will enjoy playing tonight and tomorrow! I know I have impeccable taste! Everyone tells me so!
  8. Stay on board the prog thread to discover even more aural delights. There are more titles being mentioned all the time so you can expect to discover a whole heap of new albums and bands you never knew existed. It's the most informative thread for fans of prog music on SNA
  9. Now you're talking! One of my all time favourite albums!!!
  10. Stir in one part Al Di Meola, one part Tommy Emmanuel and one part Paco De Lucia and you end up with this dude. I hate people like this! No one should be allowed to be that good unless it was me.....😁
  11. Not sure where these girls learned their craft but bugger me dead, some of them are extremely talented....
  12. Not sure how many of you Progsters managed to discover one of THE best prog bands from Italy but PFM were right at the top of their game back in the early 70's producing some truly sublime albums that actually found their way down-under. I snagged everything I could from this band and never looked back. Here's a live concert from 2010. They sound just as dynamic now as they did on vinyl. Enjoy! The first 7 albums are all you need really as their middle period dropped off as did most prog bands during that period.
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