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  1. That Monsoon album is brilliant! Not one bad song on the whole disc
  2. I came across a heap of excellent Spanish prog CDs that I haven't play for ages so I thought these needed to be heard again. Not sure if time will allow me to hear all of them today / tonight but I'll give it a crack. You may not have heard of too many of these guys, but trust me, the music is phenomenal, almost as good as Italian prog..
  3. Well after a morning at the local Mens' Shed, I settled in for an afternoon and evening of yet a little more prog. The top disc features Roine Stolt (Flower Kings / Transatlantic / The Tangent / Karmakanic / Agents of Mercy. The 2nd disc is Anubis from Australia - A Tower Of Silence. One of THE best prog albums from OZ. Martin Orford is the keys man for IQ / Jadis / The Lens. Ironically, he quit the music scene altogether when illegal downloads started to take off and basically said,
  4. As Steve said, the original US pressing is miles ahead in clarity, definition and presence. The half speed master would be very disappointing if you have paid a lot for it. A very muddy and lack lustre pressing.
  5. Well Chez Prog is in ruins.......... My study that is....................... I have had to dismantle all my cupboards, CD shelves, stacks, racks and packs all in the name up a long overdue update seeing we moved here in 1993. I will be keeping my original custom desk, my music centre, most of my CD cupboards but will do a total repaint and the fitting of those wooden lookalike floor planks to match the rest of the house. This has been long overdue and one that has bugged the war office since 1854 B.C. So
  6. Although I never really got stuck into the Dead much, that has got to be one of THE best record covers of all time. N.P. Also one of my favourites from the 70s and with a cover that has plenty of shock value. I had a lot of fun scaring my young sister with this cover.
  7. Exactly my thoughts. The thought of trying to sell a collection of so few records for so much money is probably not likely to happen on SNA. For starters, people would in all likelihood be buying duplicates of what they already own. What if a person only likes half of what's in your collection and doesn't like / want / know the rest? GLWTS
  8. Probably my all time favourite male vocalist and song writer. I rarely hear an average song from this guy and never a bad one.
  9. Wow! 1st play of the clip "Gone" and I must admit to enjoying this. The keysman is awesome the guitarist is awesome that bass dude is killer the drummer knows his way around a kit really, really well (and thankfully not very much predictable double bass drum speed pedaling like so many wannabe metal bands do. The singer, man what a great range. Just as an aside, I'm not really into growl vocals and whilst I realise they have somehow dubbed her voice over a mans, it works well as it was not overdone. Do the rest of the songs have th
  10. Paul, maybe you should take this up with management and show them the source of the complaint about the dodgy pressing. They might then realise it's a serious issue. If they still won't budge, you could also leave some negative reviews about them selling a known faulty product.
  11. Such a great band JJ - One of the best doing the rounds these days. Huge fan right here!
  12. Having a bit of a prog session today. Here's whats been playing and still cued to go.
  13. They might be under lock-down but you'd think old Fripp could afford some heating wouldn't you?
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