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  1. Used to own one of these. It's true, both amp and DAC are VERY good indeed. GLWS.
  2. Nice match for anyone with K701s (from distant memory).
  3. Item: NAD M51 Location: Mt Waverley, VIC Price: $730 (firm) Item Condition: Pretty good Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Direct deposit, Paypal or cash Extra Info: Excellent-sounding and very versatile DAC. Good condition, except for two small scratches on the top of the unit and some very small notches on the faceplate which are virtually invisible (but can be felt if you run your finger along the edges). Comes with remote and original box. Pickup preferred. Pictures:
  4. For goodness' sake, someone please buy this. It is too tempting. Great price for an endgame DAC.
  5. Doubles as a top class headphone amplifier.
  6. Gotta love the Hilo. High quality headphone amp too.
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