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  1. Ok. once i have the microphone and the rew results. What is it i exactly do with them? can you tell what bass traps or acoustical treatments can be placed from the data extacted? This is all very good in theory but looking at the demonstrated analysis gives me a headache already ( and I have a science degree!) Thanks in advance Adrian
  2. Quick question again . I am predominantly an Apple user however I do have a older style laptop that's about eight years old and still works though. Would this still be effective in your opinion with the minidsp A
  3. Just out of interest can I use a av receiver microphone for the measurements?
  4. Thank you for all your responses. Steve. i will look into the Rew this week. Regard Adrian
  5. Hi there. I've had my home theatre room for few years now. It's was my first attempt and and now need to improve on what I've got. I'm seriously considering floor to ceiling bass traps on at least two side of the room. I originally put some wavewod at the back and has made a marked difference. I don't profess to know about low frequencies other than that after reading up on it I suspect my room needs them. Can I get polymax in Perth 100mm thick? How is easy is it to do diy for this type of job. Your thoughts are appreciated. Adrian
  6. Hi there, Just put deposit on 683 speaker package Due to radical design of my home theatre only a projector screen and speaker will be in front of me. All av stuff is chased to an alcove area to the side. I need to to mount centre B & W htm61 vertically. 1 because i hear it sounds better this way and 2 its goings to look better. Ive been told by my av dealer it would be possible to use wall brackets but would need to drill into speaker itself. Has anyone done this?, I'm willing to try or have them do it, if worse comes to worse i go with a shelf horizontally but would prefer not to. Anyone's thoughts? Regards Adrian
  7. HI, First thanks for your responses in this forum. It has clarified my reasons for opting for an integrated amp for 2 channel audio only. I have chosen a nad c315bee , usher s-520 , to improve sound and listen to music over the samsung plasma tv and a ps3. The wife now says she wants to listen to tv shows with the speakers on. But its a nightmare connecting a digital out cable from the plasma to dac then to amp currently. However we have the ps3 playtv module. Will tv shows play through either rca or optical from ps3 playtv to amp or dac to amp without hooking up second digital out cable from tv? Many Thanks Adrian
  8. HI, thanks for your responses. I have bought an nad c315bee and ushers s-520's. To go with ps3 and my samsung series 8 plasma. Can anyone answer this question. Will ps3 playtv play through amp without connect a digital out to the tv currently?. Its basically a nightware to connect a digital out from tv to a dac at the moment.
  9. Hi, making my first foray into home theatre and would appreciate some advice. I want to listen to movies and music via 2 bookshelf speakers left and right of tv. Not sure whether i need just an amplifier or a receiver to drive 2 channel stereo. If i have the amp will the bluray movies sound ok? ( I have a ps3 slim for bluray and music), or should i go with a receiver that carries these formats bearing in mind i only need 2 speakers left an right. Thanks Adrian
  10. Need help regarding home theatre. Hello, I have a series 8 samsung plasma mounted above a direct vent gas fireplase which has been in place for 8 months(haven't cooked it yet) which is surrounded on both sides by tassie oak cabinets. The video/audio compartment is on the left side which houses a ps3 slim, wii and basic dvd player. It still has room for a small receiver. I have also allowed room for 2 bookshelf speakers to sit on both cabinets. It's not intended to a true home theatre as i have a special room for that down the track. Do i need a reciever, or an amp. Most amp Ive looked at don't have optical and if they do are expensive. What i had in mind is a sherwood r-904 receiver because it is 278mm deep (small ) and some b & w 685s or Amber ls/5 speakers. My limit is $2000 Any further suggestions would be helpful
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