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  1. I heard the Village people , disco and Kiss amongst others on vinyl on a pair of these 35 + years ago the sound was fabulous - get out some of that 70's vinyl and see happy listening
  2. cant believe no one has grabbed this at $1500 ! A lot of effort went into this design
  3. That Denon AVR4810 is no slouch in the amplifier section -speakers will make the biggest bang for your buck improvement. If that was a budget receiver then different story. And both speakers you are thinking about will be driven well by it. The T2 is a piece of cake to drive with the 4810. And really the ESL is not going to challenge the 4810 too much either.
  4. Revel are just dreadful value in Australia -even though we are closer to there factories - go figure. Option C - Martin Logan ESL X new -this measures extremely well and sounds it too. The editor of Hi Fi World Noel Keywood uses them as his reference loudspeaker
  5. I hope so Dan curious to see if I can listen to a human voice on a modern Klipsch -they always demoed with drums or the like -Put some voice on ,put some voice on ! OK reluctantly they would put it on and half of the people would leave sale over 😁
  6. The focal speaker package listed before is not such a great deal now 2 tweeters are buggered from moving ouch! Boy are they expensive https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Focal-Bower-and-Wilkins-Speaker-Package/154289638981?hash=item23ec610e45:g:VXMAAOSw6qpf-POg
  7. Just wondering how the tweeter upgrades went ? Worth the money?
  8. Chris should deliver these to Bathurst and i will give him an extra $1000 serious!
  9. Scam Alert! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/speakers/kef-ls50-wireless-white/1265511521 Taken off https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649693420-kef-ls50-wireless-white/
  10. Hi what happened to the original Dali woofers ? Do you still have them ? What are these woofers? cheers This was a very good sounding speaker back in the day
  11. these were fabulous speakers very well reviewed back in the day ,for this money unbeatable
  12. This was musical heaven back in the day -a set of Richter Wizard Mk 1 or Mk 11 and this amp was an unbelievable combo - Luxman seriously hit it out of the park a classic !
  13. Audionutz has had more ME Amps than Peter Stein ! He probably still has some stashed 😁
  14. Hi you have a really decent sound room . A lot of people I think underestimate what it can take to drive a big space 10mx7mx6m - the large Cerwin Vega 215 mentioned earlier would shine in that room and are quite sensitive not fake sensitive like several brands that overstate this parameter. They can take punishment as well and thrive at "party ,club levels " . They actually have that warm character that you desire . They are not badly priced neither
  15. Moral of this story - if you want to try NS1000M you might as well get a good pair and this has to be about as good as you could get these days in Australia
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