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  1. Have to laugh his public relations team have obviously had him polish his speil about MQA, now omitting cleaning windows and camera lense filters -however still incredibly thin on actual details other than moguls in the music industry can make lots of money selling us Lossy music instead of the High res files we should have benefitted from back in the year 2000. The masters they did for the original DVD audio and some SACD titles were stunning. Sony soon abandoned using the full sacd process due to it costing many multiples of pcm to record and produce music to fully realise the benefit
  2. I had this debate years ago and when pressing Mr Stuart on technical details and how MQA is better we got an analogy on how "Washing your windows removes the grime " thus improving the sound -oh camera lens filters were also thrown into the mix. I of course was immediately convinced and sold my ex into prostitution/slavery so I could purchase the worlds most expensive MQA playback chain. I wonder why she left me? 😂
  3. I can think of many metal tracks(number of the beast etc) - but for punchy mid bass and more main stream heard it live and it nearly blew my trousers off was Simply Red
  4. The large Focal drivers he was using at the time were just fabulous - I am not a small speaker person . To me there is something missing in many small speakers .We compromise on a speakers size so we don't upset neighbours or the wife etc then convince yourself your not missing anything. Have no delusions good big speakers sound brilliant . I am sure you will enjoy your speakers ,compared to anything else in the market at anywhere near the price point its not even close. The B&W 800 has 2 10 inch drivers and is near $50 k so you are definitely in the big league of speakers
  5. Your room will easily accommodate the Monuments -Unfortunately I have not heard a pair since the Focal drivers stopped being used. They sounded tremendous and were a huge step up from Epitome. The new drivers are well regarded -but do they have that sense of dynamic ease that the Focal drivers had ? To me that was one of the impressive points of those Monuments
  6. I heard the Village people , disco and Kiss amongst others on vinyl on a pair of these 35 + years ago the sound was fabulous - get out some of that 70's vinyl and see happy listening
  7. cant believe no one has grabbed this at $1500 ! A lot of effort went into this design
  8. That Denon AVR4810 is no slouch in the amplifier section -speakers will make the biggest bang for your buck improvement. If that was a budget receiver then different story. And both speakers you are thinking about will be driven well by it. The T2 is a piece of cake to drive with the 4810. And really the ESL is not going to challenge the 4810 too much either.
  9. Revel are just dreadful value in Australia -even though we are closer to there factories - go figure. Option C - Martin Logan ESL X new -this measures extremely well and sounds it too. The editor of Hi Fi World Noel Keywood uses them as his reference loudspeaker
  10. I hope so Dan curious to see if I can listen to a human voice on a modern Klipsch -they always demoed with drums or the like -Put some voice on ,put some voice on ! OK reluctantly they would put it on and half of the people would leave sale over 😁
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