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  1. the hottest thing in Audio -Melbourne Audiophiles will be having multiple AAhh Soundgasms right now ? great price for that package so new
  2. a pair of these non active on Audiogon for $29000 US -so anywhere near the sellers price has got to be serious value -especially with the massive "simultaneous price rises" in the Australian hifi market recently making speakers anywhere near this price just silly value in comparison https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9e171-atc-scm-100sl-atc-p6-stands-speakercable-monitors actually thought that the Melbournites would have snapped these up
  3. What a deal a pair of Kef LS50 or these VAF I66 -boy this is a lot of speaker for the money -great deal
  4. Wow that is a beautiful finish -the wife must be a supermodel to chose her over these gorgeous creations! damn bet these are sold already -This could be Yamaha Mans Spa tub setup!
  5. for those interested here is a link to a pair of Demo D9 from Audiogon US and they are $10k US on sale! so this really is a bargain https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9e6b1-spendor-d9-loudspeakers-premium-rosewood-home-theater good luck with sale someone is getting a great speaker
  6. Beautiful setup ! good luck with sale
  7. definitely one of the best speakers ever made for hi fi listening - the seller is not kidding setup correctly these recreate the music as intended and are very accurate -anybody getting these will be very happy
  8. So Ed just did the cabinet and you did the rest or Adelaide Speakers built the whole loudspeaker? They look sensational by the way
  9. The deal of the year PS(is this a divorce case and the wife is selling the hifi of the unfaithful husband?) wow
  10. that explains why this speaker looks better built and designed than just about any "Brand speaker" - and even Ivanka Trump would be proud of these in her stateroom ! Do you accept Serfdom as payment?
  11. my God and too think i was thinking of making my own speakers -this is awe inspiring ! I can honestly say they look just unbelievably gorgeous. This just is breathtaking I cannot believe the quality did you make the cabinets?
  12. Wow this truly is an incredible speaker and embarresses many overseas brands -there not even close in spite of the marketing claims to being this good -as you can see in the measurements -i would keep these
  13. Yes Pack & Send the dodgiest company I have ever dealt with- huge thumbs down get anybody else -of course if your a barrister they will compensate you for your loss otherwise - I lost $3 k plus never again great speakers -maybe Cope sensitive freight or similar
  14. with the correct amplifiers absolutely brilliant - can sound ordinary depending on amplifiers(This not only affects bass quality but the cleanness of mids and highs as the difficult impedance can make amps struggle ) . Careful tweaking of setup and positioning will reward with glorious music making. Really high quality spikes , Townsend speaker platforms etc can make a huge difference to bass quality and definition. Great speakers at a terrific price
  15. this will go quickly the price of the replacement model is just silly money
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