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  1. Audionutz has had more ME Amps than Peter Stein ! He probably still has some stashed 😁
  2. Hi you have a really decent sound room . A lot of people I think underestimate what it can take to drive a big space 10mx7mx6m - the large Cerwin Vega 215 mentioned earlier would shine in that room and are quite sensitive not fake sensitive like several brands that overstate this parameter. They can take punishment as well and thrive at "party ,club levels " . They actually have that warm character that you desire . They are not badly priced neither
  3. Glorious amplifiers and a bargain at the asking price - amazing value
  4. Moral of this story - if you want to try NS1000M you might as well get a good pair and this has to be about as good as you could get these days in Australia
  5. 303's used to be used back in the good old days -worked a treat -saved on prison cost as well
  6. what a classic speaker - these are in amazing condition -people in Perth are very lucky.
  7. Acoustat 2+2 speakers are amazing anyone near there should consider this magnificent system -especially with spares you can't go wrong. in the sweet spot listening for these is just unbelievably good. The pre amp thrown in from the designer !! is more than this price. The Carver amps were this price insane bargain
  8. so is your friend still alive or with the fishes at the bottom of Lake burley Griffin? Great speakers at the asking price
  9. Another legend passes away -lucky my neighbours are away tonight - BBM ,Cream and Ginger solo etc are getting a hammering tonight. R.I.P GINGER!
  10. Wrong link -this is the one http://consoletronics.blogspot.com/2017/
  11. incredible speaker -i was totally skeptical until they sat me down to listen -many newer Procs i have heard lack the magic these have
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