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  1. speedgod66


    to just see how good this guy is watch this tribute video posted sep 2018 and just think Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen thought this guy was the best
  2. wow that is a knockout deal -QLD run to this mans door my God just sensational
  3. Anybody who is into guitar will be sad to learn Roy Clark died of complications from pneumonia. Not just brilliant at guitar but an all round entertainer and if not familiar just look him up on Youtube https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/roy-clark-country-guitar-ambassador-and-icon-dies-85
  4. speedgod66

    FS: Richter Wizard MK1

    they sure look good -anybody with a Luxman lv 105 or 107 will be blown away by the synergy of the combo - I wish I had never sold mine both MK 1 and MK 11 just incredible speakers
  5. speedgod66

    SOLD: PRICE REDUCTION: B&W 802D in Rosenut

    biggest mistake is throwing the packaging away for a speaker like this easily drops $2000 in value just so risky shifting them -no way Pack and Send(destroy) could ship these safely -still for somebody down that way maybe worth it
  6. speedgod66

    Audio Research Reference 5 SE Preamp SILVER

    yeah for $1100 he would still have his gloves and balaclava on !
  7. speedgod66

    SOLD: FS: JBL 2240H 18" monster bass drivers

    I can see your neighbours will be balling there eyes out as they see those JBL move out the door! that must have been incredible with those Duntechs
  8. speedgod66

    SOLD: FS: Two Magnificent Turntables!

    My goodness look what a couple of naked turntable pics have done -more hits and drools than red tube !
  9. speedgod66

    EPSON TW9300 forum special

    please pm me a price as well
  10. speedgod66

    FS: JBL 4350B Studio Monitors

    I was not paying attention to the Jbl 2202h cone before I think it would be helpful if this was answered -such as i purchased it like that, or a speaker wiz measured the breakup modes in the cone and coated it to smooth or change response etc Assuming it is the proper driver but doped could not a JBL recone kit solve this? Remember these speakers are rare as and if you want better I think Kendrick sound want $40000+ now for one of there 4350
  11. speedgod66

    FS: JBL 4350B Studio Monitors

    yes they look as good a pair as you are ever going to find. I could see my neighbours loading there guns as i banged out Judas Priest live ! definitely JBL should do a reissue. Are they sold yet? won't be long
  12. thanks for the information I only have the Behringer and thought this would be a step up instead of paying for the Earthworks mic
  13. can this Microphone be used with a DEQX?
  14. i am in can do it can get there check pm cheers
  15. yes one of my all time favorite speakers -cursing my neighbour he needed a hand this afternoon and id say i have well and truly missed out 😭