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  1. I have a sub with a 12m run of RG6. It works very well.
  2. I would expect that an EVO1 would be a great centre speaker when used with a pair of i66's or i93's. Even better if the cabinet (as a centre) was similar to the i91 dimensions.
  3. Know the feeling! I'm waiting for my i66's. I thought the evo's were amazing for their size - a very similar sound to the i66's, and a little better than the i91 - although I'm not sure that all of the VAF staff agreed.
  4. Love mine. A point source is perfect for vocals.
  5. I thought they sounded even better than the i91 (which I also own & use as a centre).
  6. That's an important point. On Saturday afternoon, during the Atmos demo (the room where they played a portion from Oblivion), we were thanked for attending, so I naturally thanked them for putting on the demo. It was appreciated, noting it was the first thanks they'd received for the day. There was a lot of work put into that demo, with lined walls, etc.
  7. Great Day! Thanks to everyone involved. The quality of the audio tracks selected will always cause issues, and I'm sure that I dismissed some excellent gear based purely on the music selections that were playing at the time that I was there. The two cinema demonstration rooms were fun too. Really enjoyed the B&W's, Osborne's, Richter's, KEF's and especially the VAF room - their new EVO1 is an astonishing bookshelf speaker; which I was able to hear properly at the end of the day. However, the highlight was ordering a pair of the VAF i66's! :0) Dave.
  8. Anyone wanting to playback interlaced Mpeg2 video will want to purchase the license to unlock the hardware decoding capability, from Raspberry Pi. It makes a significant difference when playing recorded TV that has not already been de-interlaced: http://www.raspberrypi.com/mpeg-2-license-key/ Also worth considering adding the VC-1 codec, which is used on some Blu-rays.
  9. I am interested in the Denon AVR x4000 (I assume it is black). :0)
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