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  1. Anyone had any experience with this one? https://www.customht.com.au/products/ysp-5600bmk2?utm_campaign=February Deals (MeMreA)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Combined Newsletter&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJyb25maXNoZXNAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJMOVlWeHEifQ%3D%3D
  2. So, after 4 years I have a problem. I turned on the receiver the other day and no sound. I thought maybe the kids have accidentally changed an input or something, so I tried to bring up setup menu. I could not get that to work, most other basic selections still work such as change input, mute etc. So now I'm stumped, cost to send to QualiFi is steep from up here, I have an electronic technician mate so he will have a look at some stage, when he gets time..
  3. You claimed all this time that you would die for me. Why then are you so surprised when you hear your own eulogy?
  4. alanpartridge got in first, hopefully he can get it up and running.
  5. Surely some geeky dude with a screwdriver can use this? I should have time to box it up late next week so if you can afford $50 + postage its yours.
  6. Come to think of it, there may be a copy of Monsters Vs Aliens in the player.. No idea why it shut down, I was thinking maybe a fuse or something but I just don't have the time to lift the lid or send it back to Interdyn. Next time I send it, it aint coming back. Open to offers.
  7. . Item: OPPO BDP - 83se Location: Gordonvale/ Cairns Price: $300? Item Condition: Good condition, low hours but not working. Reason for selling: About 12 months ago I sent it down to Melbourne to have the CD loader replaced. It came back and sat in the box for a further 6 months or so. When I eventually hooked it up I put in a Blu ray for the kids and it shut down after about an hour. Been unhooked and sitting in the office since. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank deposit Extra Info: Open to offers plus postage. Have original box but not sure about original power cord. Pictures:
  8. I have an old oregon which temp is reasonably accurate, can have up to 4 sensors but can't log data and humidity doesn't read above 98% (its Cairns here). But if you want to get real with weatherstations then: http://www.davisnet.com/weather/products/vantage-pro-professional-weather-stations.asp
  9. If you are used to using a (albeit older) quality phone, you will be dissapointed with budget phones in my opinion. I tend to be a little harsh on phones, in last 2yrs have been thru a HTC one XL, followed by sony Z1, then Huawei ascend Y520 and currently a HTC desire 510. After using the first two, the second two are ok for a short while, then there shortcomings and utter crappiness become more and more apparent. I just can't justify a good one until my plan is up..
  10. That's how my old 787 onkyo worked anyway.. Current Marantz sits on around -36 for general TV, bumps up to maybe -25 for a decent movie or music without the missus (she hates it above speaking level). Marantz blows away the Onyo btw even when I breifly tried with a rotel 1080, but had no room correction.
  11. mrpato is running at 45-50 absolute so when you to change relative it will equate to -81.5 + 45-50 ie around -36 to -31dB
  12. Watching. Will improve my 2.0.0 setup one day... :popcorn: Interested in speaker choices for sure. Would like to end up with a modest 5.2.4 eventually.
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